Abdl messy diaper story

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As he stood in the corner of the daycare preparing to push his poopy load into his diaper, he knew the other kids in the day care were watching. After all, he was just there to help her at the day care for the day. He was sure she has put something in his breakfast.

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He had never felt so desperate to poop. Dillon stood in the corner of the daycare room and looked over his shoulder again, his face red and sweaty. Despite his deep sense of dread and humiliation, Dillon squatted down and pushed his poopy load into his disposable diapers. It felt like nothing he had ever felt before. He felt the poopy mess hit the seat of his pants and immediately spread out on his bottom, making him feel little and small.

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He took a deep breath and pushed again. The poppy load pushed down gathering around his balls and dick. Then the floodgates of his bladder opened, and he felt his warm piss flow out into the front of his poopy diaper and make his already messy diapers soggy and wet.

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Finally, with one last grunt, little dylan finished pooping and peeing his pants like a toddler. He tried to wipe the sweat from his brow as he immediately felt waves of humiliation and shame wash over him. Dylan reluctantly waddled back over to the carpet and kneeled down, trying to avoid sitting and spreading his mess. There was no way he was going to explain to his aunt to what happened.

He was just going to try and play with his blocks and try not to move too much in his diaper. He looked up and saw his aunt to begin to sniff loudly. There was no way he could admit what happened. Dylan continued to stay silent as his cheeks burned red. Finally his aunt was standing above him, he felt her staring down over him as his face burned crimson.

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Dillon slowly got his feet, his head hung low. He felt his auntie turn him around, place her hand on his poopy bottom, and pull back the top of his diaper to look inside. And with that, she pushed Dillon down and sat him on the seat of his diaper, making him spread the poopy mess around his bottom and balls. Dillon frowned as she walked away. I wonder if it has anything to do with the way I dress?

I suppose I could dress a little more conservatively. And him doing it in the diapers I put him in is probably the safest way. Have a seat if you like. Of course, I have some rules. Little boys must wear diapers if they are going to be sitting on the furniture. Auntie will put you in diapers and it will be our little secret.

So what are we waiting for?

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Chasing girls and using the potty were never in the cards. You can admit it. No need to worry. Your diaper will take care of it all. All you have to do is relax and give in to your urges. Such a good diaper boy for Mommy. The little boy has finally been completely regressed to nothing more than a baby, and not surprisingly it only took a matter of days.

In truth, Auntie was just a family friend, but she had known you since you were in diapers, so you had an extra special bond.

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But Auntie had a surprise for you when bedtime arrived. If you can stay dry all night long, then you get to wear big boy underwear to bed again. Lots of boys struggle to keep the bed dry. They just need a little extra time in thick, thirsty diapers. Is that A-OK?

After Auntie helped you into your Goodnite, she tucked you into bed. You waited until she had gone to bed before getting out of your own, crinkling your way ot the kitchen, and downing several large glasses of water. You were determined not just to soak your Goodnites, but to make them overflow so much that your sheets would be soaked too. The thought of Auntie taking care of you, nurturing you in diapers, was just too much to pass up on. You waddled off to bed, already feeling pressure in your bladder.

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You fell asleep dreaming of the many diaper changes to come. Little did you know, Auntie knew exactly what was going through your mind. After all, she had helped raise you. She closed her eyes and smiled, drifting off to sleep with images of diapered bottoms prancing through the house. Soon enough, both of your dreams would come true. Seems like somebody was too busy filling his diapers to fill up the strawberry basket. Mommy will feed you some of her strawberries, just like Mommy feeds you from her breasts. I know what kind of messes boys like you make - big ones!

Does that sound nice? I know it does. Who knows? Mommy will diaper and powder your tushie and take good care of you. We both know this is what you want anyway! Probably the first time I ever messed. I was so turned in when I pushed that first mess into my thick diapers. I had to hump right there. I have so many! SHe takes me home and lovingly shows me so many wonderful things about love and diapers. Guess what I stumbled upon?!

A profile that you have where you state how much you love wearing diapers and being treated like a little subby baby. Nervous about having a hot cheerleader put you in diapers?! Now lay back, suck on this pacifier and let me get those yucky big boy panties off of you….

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Abdl messy diaper story

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