Accidental cuckold stories

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This story is a cuckold story. If you do not like those stories or all of the "faggy" things they entail, do yourself the favor and stop reading now. You have a fair warning. Any negative comments about the subject matter will be ignored and deleted. You were already told what the story is. I don't care if you like cuckold stories or not.

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I just want to know if the people who DO like them, like this one. When I masturbated, I didn't fantasize about other women like many guys do, I fantasized about my hot little wife I recalled the naughty nurse costume and the sexy cop outfit with the fuzzy handcuffs, the strip teases on the living room couch and the box of toys that now collected dust under our bed. After about 5 minutes of beating my meat I just gave up.

I wasn't going to cum. I was too depressed. I sat up in our bed and watched her sleep for a moment, feeling disgusted at the sight of her flannel pajamas.

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I remembered when she'd come to bed in stockings Accidental cuckold stories garters, see through negligee's, or nothing at all. But this is what it had come to. What made it worse was knowing what a hot little body she still had under there. A body I seldom saw, and even more seldom got to touch.

She hadn't let herself go like many wives do, not one little bit. Sure she had an extra 10, maybe 15 pounds on her, but that had always been there. She carried it well, with no loose skin, flab, or love handles to speak of. Somehow those little fist-sized tits were still incredibly perky, her tiny apple bottom nice and tight. My 32 year-old wife of almost three years just rolled over and turned her back on me. I was very disappointed to say the least. Usually Anastasia was game for sex on special occasions like Holidays, so I'd had high hopes in spite of how plain and dull she'd become.

Our sex life had gone to shit after the second year of marriage. I was seriously questioning if I had made a huge mistake in marrying her. I probably deserved this; Karma is a bitch as they say. I 'd been married once before. My first wife was a great woman. She wasn't nearly as hot as Anastasia, and she was painfully boring. But she was loving, affectionate, faithful, trustworthy, and she even put out for me whenever I asked. Although the sex was very vanilla and monotonous I'd thrown that all away because I craved excitement.

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The first time I'd laid eyes on Anastasia, her shirt was pulled up to her neck and she was flashing her tiny boobs and hardened little pink nipples in a crowded bar. That night I watched her get shit hammered to the Accidental cuckold stories where she could barely walk, and she was about to end up in some serious trouble with a group of seedy looking guys who were intent on taking advantage of her condition. I intervened and told them she was my wife, acting very upset that she was so drunk and ranting about how she'd just disappeared on me.

She looked shocked but was so drunk she just stood there looking confused. The guys totally bought the story and apologized and left her alone. My wife was away visiting her sick mother in Chicago, so I took Anastasia home with me with no objections from her. To be fair, she had drunk herself way past the point of resisting anything. I would never have had the nerve to approach a woman that hot otherwise. I screwed her brains out all night long. I knew it was shallow. I'd done exactly what that group of guys had intended to do, but I figured she was better off with me than them.

At least she was safe. I half expected for her to wake up the next morning with a huge hangover, look at the strange man next to her, and run out of the room screaming. Quite the opposite, it was I who woke up with Anastasia's lips around my cock, a hangover and the realization that I was cheating on my wife in our own bed.

None-the-less, we fucked all day long, in ways that I could never before have imagined. I would learn Accidental cuckold stories situations like this were nothing new to her, but there was something special about the chemistry we had when we were both finally sober. To say we hit it off would be an understatement. We fucked almost everyday for the next three months. Thousands of dollars spent on hotel rooms and spoiling my new lover rotten, and a never-ending supply of excuses for the wife.

Anastasia wasn't the brightest or most ambitious girl I'd ever met. She was 29 going on 30 at the time, two years older than me, but she had nothing. She was a high school drop out who still lived with her widowed mother in a trailer, unemployed, no goals except for her pipe dream of being an actress, a bad drinking habit, and no future.

She wanted to be taken care of, and I saw her as a damsel in distress who needed a white knight to come and save her from her miserable life.

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Everything she lacked, she made up for with her beautiful white smile, sparkling blue eyes, bubbly personality and what I craved most - pure excitement. So I rented a temporary apartment, packed my clothes one day while my wife was at work, changed my cell phoneand vanished from my wife's life with nothing but a note that read, "Sorry, it's over.

I'll always care about you. The divorce was easy. I never even showed up to any of the meetings, I let my lawyer handle it. My ex-wife didn't have to fight me for anything, I told the lawyer to give her everything. I knew what I douche bag I was for leaving like that, and what a coward I was for not facing her with the truth. I wanted to make it as easy as I could for her. I put in for relocation at my job, took Anastasia to Los Angeles, married her, Accidental cuckold stories a new home, and started a new life. It was a fantasy for the first two years, never a dull moment.

My shallow lust blossomed into pure adoration for this woman who made me feel like a king and fulfilled my every desire. But now here I was, back to square one. Actually it was more like square zero, because I had even less than I had before. The beautiful smile and sparkling blue eyes were still present, but the bubbly personality wasn't so endearing any more.

It just made me recall every dumb-blonde joke I'd ever heard.

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And the excitement, the sex, was gone. But as shallow as our beginnings were, I did love her. I felt I'd done a good thing by getting her sober and saving her from her dead-end life, and I truly felt she appreciated and adored me for it, which made me feel wonderful. Only now she expressed it with affectionate hugs and gentle kisses, not the steamy passion and kinky sex from before. I feared she had become too domesticated for my liking.

But I was determined to stick it out for the long haul. There would be no third wife. Not after what I'd done to the first wife. It was still hard for me to live down what I'd done to my ex.

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There were times I'd break down and cry about it because I felt so bad. I knew I could never do that to Anastasia under any circumstances. Whenever I got frustrated with Anastasia, as I was that Christmas morning, I reminded myself of what that same frustration had made me do to my first wife.

I pictured Anastasia's pretty blue eyes reddened with sadness, her tears pouring onto a dear-Jane letter in her trembling hands while she stared into my empty closet. I pulled forcefully on her shoulder and forced her onto her back, then climbed on top of her.

Accidental cuckold stories

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