Accidental ejaculation stories

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Discussion in ' The Orgasmic Experience ' started by euroladyJul 7, Hip Forums. Have you ever had an accidental orgasm?

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Mine's a bit bizarre. Lol I was on vacation in the Caribbean a while back, and I had this whole stretch of empty beach to myself. Out of the blue, I decided to climb on one of the coconut trees, as there are none where I'm from. Well, I've shimmied about halfway up the relatively smooth trunk until I reach a rough spot which snaps the string of my bikini bottom.

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So I have no other option than to continue climbing bottomless. The constant rubbing of my now bare pussy against the hot and somewhat smooth palm trunk had caused me to orgasm. I must say, I liked this feeling. I stuck around straddling the trunk. I even pretended the tree was a guy; the trunk being the long hard penis, the fronds the pubes, and the coconuts obviously the testicals. Anyway, I put my shorts on before I left that beach.

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As a guy my last accidental orgasm was the second time I had sex, I say accident because it literally came out of nowhere just bam and it was there I was 17 she was 37 she had no problem with it because it was hard again in literally 2 minutes ItalyJul 16, Rider43JetDriver and bigredinmass like this. Seanjohn and Italy like this. ItalyJul 17, Had been making a long trip and suddenly felt it coming. I tried sitting more upright to prevent it but there was no stopping anymore.

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CircularJul 29, Andy Schumer and zorro69 like this. I had a wet dream the other night. Woulda' had another, but I fell asleep. Alice in SC likes this. I totally have. I unknownly had been grinding on it. Deleted memberSep 1, I just have been doing it for minutes and then again all of a sudden I just had this amazing sensation and could feel my cock pulsing and my cum was oozing and sliding down my legs.

There was so much cum. It was amazing. Funone17Sep 1, Had to slow my horse down and fall behind my friends for a while for a bit of privacy. Andy Schumerzorro69BrotherB66 and 2 others like this. My chemistry prof was reading something totally unrelated to chemistry which eventually got him fired for not teaching the materialso my mind was focused on what I would do with Lynn when we got together.

Suddenly, I started having an orgasm in class. I excused myself to finish and clean up. Accidental ejaculation stories apologized to the prof and told him I was throwing up in the bathroom. Oh sure. Several years ago, I was walking in a local park. I stopped behind a tree to relieve my bladder, but I was really really nervous about someone seeing me and being offended. So nervous in fact that I ended up cumming instead of peeing. That was so embarrassing. MichaelNov 15, My ex bf has a motorcycle and if he hit certain speeds the vibration was just right.

First time it happened I almost fell off. Deejay88Nov 25, NightmareNoah likes this. Show Ignored Content. Share This Tweet.

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Accidental ejaculation stories

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Have you ever had an accidental orgasm?