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Excerpt shared below. Storytelling has to be the oldest art form we have, dating back to the birth of language when oral histories took shape and tales of ancestral deeds and mythic explanations for the world as humans knew it were passed on from one generation to the next.

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Centuries later, the practice persists, from an author reading their work off the printed for an appreciative audience to parents sending children off to dreamland with a tale out of a favourite, dog-eared volume. The experience can be heightened with gestures, characters and whatever acting skills the storyteller has at their command.

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Ellershouse high school student Kaylee Harding is a youth ambassador with Digitally Litwhich promotes literary practices with digital tools among Atlantic Canadian youth. An ASL user who learned the language to communicate with her uncle who is deaf, Harding proposed ASL Storytime as a way to provide children who are deaf or hard of hearing with enjoyable tales at a time when they may not have been able to access school or public libraries. She immediately saw the value in the ASL Story Time concept as both educational and entertaining, and with Harding she provides expressive language narration that brings the stories to life for viewers of all ages.

Dalhousie University.

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