Alien impregnation stories

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Bred by the Alien Tentacles. By Luna Loupe.

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Jasmine snuggled down into the familiar, comfortable sheets of her bed with a happy sigh. After a long day there were few things that could compare with a good night of rest and relaxation between the sheets. Well, there were a few things. With her eyes closed and her mind wandering she couldn't help but think wistfully of another use for her cozy bed.

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It'd been ages now since she'd had a boyfriend, and Jasmine was feeling seriously sex-deprived. Maybe that was why her dreams took such a raunchy tone once she drifted off. She dreamt that she was in her familiar, lived-in room, just as she had been when she was awake - but instead of being alone there was some sort of presence there with her.

She couldn't quite make out who or what it was, but she felt their touches all over her body, caressing and teasing her. Her body arched into each touch, eager and receptive, and soon there was a questing presence at the cleft between her thighs. She squirmed away. It wasn't unpleasant, but there was something nagging her through the warm fog of sleep.

It turned out not to matter; whatever it was penetrated her anyway, twisting and turning within her in impossible ways.

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If Jasmine had been lucid instead of sleeping and lust-addled she might have thought the motion was odd, as if it were searching for someone - but in her state she could only moan and press closer to the thing that filled her. All too soon it was over: just as she was beginning to rock her hips against the presence it withdrew, and suddenly she felt as if she were cradled in some warm, unseen cocoon. In her dream Jasmine watched herself from above as she drifted slowly upward and through the ceiling.

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Alien Impregnation Stories