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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 1. Beautiful Destruction by Accidental-Ducky Taylor hates ghost stories now, hates that whole dark and stormy night schtick that Hollywood won't let die.

More than that, she really fucking hates that Michael is the Antichrist and they find this out on a dark and stormy night.

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He's never going to let that drop. Right now, though, firmly in the present as he bites into a fresh heart, it's…. Lofty Timbers by Accidental-Ducky reviews The house is starting to decay, filled with sweet rot and peeling wallpaper. Descensum by zuxxa reviews She was lowered into the ground, and then kept falling. She has been a friend of Cordelia's for as long as she remembers, but her world is turned upside-down when the Supreme, Fiona Goode, returns to the academy with some unexpected information: She's dying, and it is imperative that the coven finds the next Supreme before she bites the dust.

Demonic Devotions by Death's Angel yrs At the Outpost, Michael meets a stranger, who might not be such a stranger to his heart. The Siren and the Spectre by Ki-Sa-Lin reviews Ripped from the world of the ordinary and thrust into a new world, the world of freaks, Siren begins her new, empty life of show-biz.

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After the events of Briarcliff, Wendy convinces Lana to keep the son Bloody Face fathered and raise him together as a family. Mythology by DarkPheonix Fiona knew the history of the coven, of every generation of witch that had come before the current witches.

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After doing some snooping, she tells Zoe of the demonic succubi that resemble her own black window power. Helping her gain confidence in her inherited power from her grandmother. Crystal by Tarja Holopainen " Through the crystal like and clear water fountain Also she needs to touch her face, because she can't see her. Sweet tooth by Shieroell Maive A series of Millory ficlets that may rot your teeth from the fluff. Not quite canon. The only thing he had done to deserve such neglect was take that first breath. Thredson, Lana W.

Starting with Asylum, the five befriend major characters while trying to escape. Tusk by unfinishedthought Continuation of Rumours - what if they had known each other before Coven? I know I should write it in bio, but I'd like to catch attention of more people like this and I don't know if you check my bio since I'm once there and second while I'm not, but I will put it there after deleting this one. I still suck at summaries, but it's a slow burn eventual Foxxay with a lot of fluff and a lot of angst.

Trigger warning for self harm, mentions of abuse and rape, as well as mental disorders. Linnea by LisaDouglas reviews She didn't know what her name was, or if she should even have one. But Lana observed, watching the newborn as she sighed, that she went about life as though there was life to live.

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She would learn. Lana keeps her newborn daughter and runs. You Brought Me Back by Cris. C reviews Queenie looked at Kyle. There's something not 'all right' with her. Zoe was leaning against the railings. She turned around with a nostalgic smile. You sense dehydration. She loved, she cared and has powers that were beyond extraordinary.

But long ago, she sealed most of it away so that no evil can discover her abilities. But things change when Micheal Langdon enters her life. Terms of Service.

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