Amputee love story

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At Georgia Prosthetics, we see extraordinary people every day who overcome the odds and go on to live a productive, fulfilling life with their new prosthesis.

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While we do not want to reveal information about our own patients and respect their privacythere are plenty of stories online about how amputees have overcome the odds. While it can be a difficult issue to deal with, hopefully this article will share with you a little bit of the other side of it. You may not be looking to make headlines yourself, but you can use these stories as inspiration to live your life to the fullest. Her story is truly inspiring. Eight-five-year old Ruth Casto lost her leg after a horrific fall in At that age, shattering a hip and losing a leg can be a virtual death sentence, but not for Ruth.

With support from her family, friends, and doctors she learned to walk again.

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This is a story of triumph and finding a greater purpose in life. InCarmen Feris went through the wringer in every sense of the word. In a three-month span she lost her leg due to a car accident, was diagnosed with cancer, and lost her husband in the September 11, terrorist attacks. If you would like to about her incredible story, click the link below:. Oftentimes, firefighters, police officers, and other first responders who just want to get back to work after an amputation have difficulty doing so because of the bureaucratic process Amputee love story liability issues.

This story chronicles how several firefighters are fighting to ensure that as long as they are capable, they should be allowed to return to the work they love:. All of these people have taken circumstances outside of their control and used those circumstances to be a positive influence to those around them. You have a lot of living left to do! The Art of Georgia Prosthetics.

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Amputee love story

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