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Sharleen is a professional kick-boxer, but no amount of success ever seems good enough for her coach. Sharleen is tired of the way he treats her, and during a training session she stands up for herself, by punching him square in the stomach. Pleased with herself, she goes to take a shower — but little does she know that her stepdad plans on punishing her or her actions.

This story involves rough, reluctant sex and a first time anal sex encounter. He moved behind the punch bag and held it there, increasing the resistance and making me work even harder than before. I gritted my teeth and tried to dig deep, pushing myself harder than I thought possible. I was due to compete in a few short weeks, and I knew that my stepdad was far more concerned with whether or not I won the fight than I was.

I had been competing in junior kickboxing since I was eleven years old, and now eight years later, I was starting to get tired of the whole thing. I never went out partying with friends, and had grown up without having any sort of social life. He was never satisfied with my performance, no matter how many competitions I won. As far as he was concerned, I was still just a weak and poorly-disciplined little girl. He coached me in the only fashion he knew how to, which was to scream in my face until I got it right.

That method may have worked when I was a timid young teenager, but now that I was eighteen I was starting to grow tired of his ways. I felt anger bubbling inside me, and tried to direct it through my movements. My stepdad was enraging me, and all I could do was carry on and hope that he got off my back. Our relationship had always been strained, ever since I could remember. But it seemed to have gotten a little more tense as of late. Since I turned eighteen, Anal sex punishment stories stepdad had changed both his attitude and his behaviour towards me.

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Instead of giving me more freedom and respect, he treated me worse than. He had begun treating me a whole lot differently since I had turned eighteen. He would make comments about the things I was wearing — giving backhanded compliments and suchlike, so that I felt confused and uncomfortable. But it also kind of excited me, in a strange way. It made me feel special, like I was more than just his kickboxing stepdaughter. In some ways he had started treating me more like a person, and I enjoyed that part.

But it was a double edged sword. His newfound interest in me bordered on obsession. He wanted to know where I was at every waking moment, who I was with and what time I would be home. He would always make the excuse that he needed to make sure I would be home in time for training, or something else remotely related to kickboxing. In truth, he was just controlling. And this was never more apparent than when he was shouting in my face, desperately trying to force me to push my body harder.

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His words cut through me and sent me over the edge. My anger erupted, and overflowed — at that moment I saw red. I snapped my gaze away from the punch bag and glared at my stepdad. I stepped forwards and dropped into an uppercut, sinking it into his gut with such a force that I could literally hear the air being forced from his lungs. All my power and aggression had gone into the punch, and I watched him drop to the floor just a second later, gasping for air. I felt an overwhelming excitement, coupled with an odd sense of fear as I watched him clutching his torso and rolling on the floor.

I had crossed a line, and I knew it — but it had been totally worth it. I turned on my heel and marched out of the gym, making my way towards the showers.

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I knew that I would probably feel his wrath at some point anyway, but that was a price I was willing to pay. I was still smiling as I peeled my sweat-drenched clothes from my body and stepped into the shower. The hot water was invigorating and soothing to my sore, aching muscles. I sighed as I let the hot water cascade over me, and closed my eyes. It was only when I heard the sound of a zipper that I opened my eyes suddenly. Water streamed into them, blurring my vision, and I felt completely disorientated as a pair of hands grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me, face first, against the wall.

I squealed, trying to push myself away from the wall, and failing. I squealed again, and felt something being roughly shoved into my mouth. It felt like a sponge of some sort, and I tried to spit it out, but it was no use. I turned my head to look at whoever it was that had their hands on me, but all I could make out was a watery blur.

But deep inside, I already knew. It was almost like this came naturally to him — like this whole terrifying scenario was somehow normal. I squealed into my gag, and tried to push myself back off the wall so that I could at least turn and face him. But he was just so strong. Another hard strike landed against my ass, making a loud, wet slapping noise that echoed Anal sex punishment stories the room.

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I felt so dirty and humiliated, unable to quite comprehend what was happening to me. It was so surreal and there was only one logical explanation for what was unfolding — my stepdad must have lost Anal sex punishment stories mind. I mean, I was his daughter! I was as good as his own flesh and blood — and here he was, man handling me and spanking my wet, naked body. It was disgusting. It was exciting! I felt so ashamed at how my body was reacting to his touch. My pussy swelled and throbbed when I felt his hand against my soft skin, and the sharp jolts of pain seemed to send my senses into overdrive.

To teach you some respect… to teach you to submit! As he spoke, his hand slid across my skin, and his fingers gently began to work their way between my ass cheeks. I squirmed and let out a few inaudible cries of disbelief as I felt him beginning to violate me. I wanted to feel his rough touch — and I wanted him to punish me!

It was then that I realised he was completely naked too, and I could feel his bulging erection pressing up against me. I squirmed against him, but offered no sounds of protest as he roughly rammed yet another finger up inside me. It was true. Something inside me had snapped, and I lost all sense of who I was. It was like I was trapped inside some sort of filthy, lucid dream. But his words were absolutely true. I wanted him. He shifted his position, forcing his knee between my thighs and widening my legs. Then he grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back, making me wince with pain.

He kissed me, hard, next to my mouth, and then kept his cheek resting against mine. We were both soaking wet, our slippery bodies sliding against each other.

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My skin felt like it was literally on fire as my daddy spread my ass cheeks apart and dipped the tip of his prick into my tight hole. I squealed, more out of shock than anything else, and then moaned loudly as he pushed forwards and slid his entire length up inside me. I was panting and squirming against the wall now, feeling every inch of him as he forced his way up inside me. He kept my head yanked back, and then spanked me hard on my ass before quickening his pace. It was so filthy and erotic that I completely lost all sense of who I was!

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I nodded my head, unable to speak, but desperate to let him know how badly I wanted it; how good it was making me feel. My stepdad grinned, a wide and sinister grin. So I have no choice but to fuck you in your tight little ass until you beg me to stop. With those words he thrust his fingers into my tight asshole, causing me to scream out in pain. He began to spread his fingers apart, stretching me out cruelly until I felt tears spring to my eyes.

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The pain was so strange and intense that it took my breath away, but that was nothing compared to what came after he quickly removed his fingers.

Anal sex punishment stories

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