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She Likes Big Cocks - Hello again, I have posted a couple of my wife's adventures and am happy to tell you about another. She has fucked many other men since we have been together but there are several that stand out above the rest.

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One of the first times she was with another man while I was away turned into a regular lover for her. She had meet him at her work and told me he was very hot and that they flirted when he came in to see her. I encouraged her to take it to the next level so she invited him to come by our house for lunch while I was away at work. I told her she should only give him a blow job and Asian wife cuckold stories to send him away until I was there to watch.

She called to let me know he was on the way over and I went on with my work day. I could barely think knowing my wife had a Hot guy that she was wanting to fuck on the way to my house for lunch. As she tells it he came by and they made out on my couch, then she went to the bathroom and came out in some hot little lingerie, he apparently almost came on himself.

He was a married man that almost never got it from his wife so he came almost immediately. She let him cum deep in her pussy, one of very few lovers that have been allowed to do that.

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I know if she lets a guy cum in her she really likes them and loves the feeling of thier cum shooting deep in her pussy. She tells me to this day she loved it when he would cum in her pussy. She said he had a big load and it would fill her pussy I should know I cleaned it up.

They took it into my bedroom where she told me how he fucked her missionary then flipped her over and fucked her from behind. He was very physical with her and had what she described and a rock hard cock. After several hours of fucking my wife he left her pussy full of his cum and went back to his work. I could barely wait to get home to hear her tell the story.

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When I got home I licked her pussy while she told me how they fucked. I told her she was on suppose to give him head. She did not care and only told me she was horny and wanted to fuck him. I understood and told her how happy I was that she was able to have her friends cock cum deep in her pussy. Over the next several years they fucked on a regular basis. Sometimes I was able to watch and other times it was just them in his car or at her work in the back room or wherever they could find. On one occasion we were all out of town he Fucked her in our room and came in her pussy before leaving to his room.

I was sleeping while they fucked. She woke me after he was gone and she told me about the pounding he gave her while I licked his cum from her wet and freshly fucked pussy. Another time he came by her work and they went into a back room.

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They play around and she went down on him and let him suck her tits. She is very small and he is a big body builder type. With him standing she wrapped her legs around him and lowered herself onto his cock. He grabbed her ass and slam fucked her. She said they were pretty loud and that one of her fellow emplyees knew she was in the room with him. They fucked in the room for half an hour then came out. He left and my wife told me her coworker knew what she was up to and told her her friend was cute.

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The next time I was at her work I could tell the lady had a secret about my wife. She would never guess I knew all about it and liked it. She has always liked Big cocks and told me about on that was 10" and that she was able to take it all.

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I would love to hear from readers and if your a guy out there with a 10" cock let us know, I would like to have your cock filling my wife's pussy and she would love it too.

Asian wife cuckold stories

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