Asstr wife stories

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He then discussed the various options […]. Tomorrow we were going to embark […]. The emotions racing through my mind and many and varied. Among them are fear, jealousy, excitement, disbelief and surprise… but most of all… arousal. Fear that we have stepped headfirst into a fantasy that […].

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That was about to change as I was heading out of town for a four-day conference […]. Before we start, a little about me. Normal that is apart from I like to fantasize about being my wife. The doorbell rang and Sheila answered it. Come on back to the kitchen. What a coincidence. And here you are!

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Amber stood at the top of the stairs, she d done this many times in her twenty year marriage. It had become a part of there fantasy world.

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It had started about five years after they were married, Don had asked her to wear sexy outfits for him when they made love. Over the years […]. In the two years since obtaining her doctorate degree, her research and studies had brought about new insight into an aged old theory. Thus, Nora a short English sounding version of […].

Asstr wife stories

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