Auto closet tg story

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Jack, using a time machine, transfers to the future of someone's apartment and discovers an new machine. Curious, he starts to mess with it — only to find out it is an Automatic Closet used to dress the person, and in this case, a female. Part I 2. Part II 3.

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Part III 4. Part IV 5. Part V. Part V - Epilogue Janet returned to the master bedroom, hearing noises of her departed husband's Auto-Closet running. When she peered through the front opening, there was no one inside. Janet turned the machine off and called for Jackie, but there was no answer.

In another part of the city, a doctor named Steve was arrested by the police, charged with the abduction and disappearance of a girl discovered in one Linda Somer's apartment. He subsequently escaped, disguising himself as a woman using an Auto-Closet. Unknown to him, the model he used was an ultra-deluxe Auto-Closet model series F. He discovered, to his horror, that he was unable to change back into a man, even when using a male Auto-Closet model series M. He was subsequently recaptured and sent to a women's prison where he was repeatedly accousted by the inmates and eventually went mad.

Jack, back in his own time now, was just a few weeks away from finishing his latest project.

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He was making good time. Deep inside of the complex machine he inserted a circuit board and ran the diagnostics. The fifth segment of the machine was briefly active, then was shut down. Jack grinned. He wiped to sweat from his brow using the sleeve of his white lab coat. Tired, he looked up at the clock and decided to call it quits. He removed his labcoat and hung it on a rung. Then he noticed a snag in his pantyhose.

He shrugged, touching up his lips with coral pink lipstick and adjusting his dress. He turned all the lights out in his lab save one.

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The lone light illuminated a on the machine that Jack was working on. The read, "Auto-Closet model series M, male version. This story is a favorite of 38 members. Members who liked The Auto-Closet also liked other stories. Table of Contents. You must register to review. Help Contact About Terms Rules. TG Storytime uses the eFiction engine and Vanilla discussions. De by J6P.

Auto closet tg story

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