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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Mon 2nd of November Report. Always practice safe sex, protection isn't used in this story because it's fiction. I don't own anything of Avatar the Last Airbender, Nickelodeon does. All Characters are completely fiction.

Sokka woke from a deep sleep. He had been sleeping a lot better since he had returned home, and since he was able to sleep naked again. He lazily looked around his small, icy room. His eyes found his way to his morning wood. Sokka removed the covers from his body, revealing his brown, 6. He saw his reflection in the ice walls, and he liked what he saw.

His small frame made his cock seem larger than what it was. His pecs had only formed recently, as well as his toned abs. The only hairs growing on his body was a bit of armpit hair, a decent bush around his dick and low hanging balls and a light covering on his arms and legs. Sokka played with his balls, making his cock grow harder. Come on already, your breakfast is already cold! Sokka quickly put on some pants and a jacket and entered the common room of the house. There, Katara was bent over cooking a stew on the fireplace. Sokka eyed her arse with a look of hunger in his eyes, but he snapped out of it when Katara turned around.

They're sleepier than you these days! Sokka just nodded, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He passed his and Katara's rooms and headed to the third, which was his dad's. Hakoda woke easily and shuffled to the common room. Finally Sokka came to Aangs room.

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Before he entered, he marvelled at the size of their house, which would never have been possible, or reasonable, if Katara hadn't been a waterbender. Sokka entered Aangs room an started to say, "Aang, get up breakfa-". Sokka stopped what he was saying immediately as he saw Aang. He was lying naked on his stomach. Though Sokka couldn't see anything in the front, he got a good look at his cute arse.

Sokka's cock stirred as he watched the naked avatar. He quickly stepped out of the room, shutting the door. Get up! He heard a quiet agreement, so he went back for breakfast, new ideas running through his head. For the next few days, Sokka went about as usual, but plans were forming in his mind. As soon as he had seen Aang's arse, he knew he had to have him. He hadn't had actual sex since Suki had broken up with him since she couldn't handle a long distance relationship, and all the wanking in the world couldn't beat releasing in another person. Five days after seeing Aang asleep, he was sitting down having dinner with Hakoda, Katara and Aang when he proposed an idea.

Hakoda frowned but shook his head, "A few days won't hurt". Hakoda saved Sokka by saying, "Definitely not, we can't lose two of our best waterbenders, you need to stay here and help with the building efforts". Katara scowled, but did not argue. Sokka remained expressionless, but on the inside he was grinning like a mad man.

His plan was coming together. Aang finished tying their packs to Appa, before air ending himself onto his hairy friend's back. Avatar the last airbender sex stories was they're waiting for him. Let's go" Aang replied. They waved to Hakoda and Katara as they took off into the air. Sokka sat back relaxing. Aang got Appa sorted, then sat in the main part of the saddle to take a short nap.

Sokka decided this was a good time to drop the first of many subtle hints that he had planned. Aang opened his eyes as he replied. Things went on like Avatar the last airbender sex stories for a while, Sokka dropping hints to his final question, and Aang not having a clue. After a few hours of chatting, Sokka decided it was time.

Do you and Katara ever, you know Do it? Aang turned bright red, "Sokka, we shouldn't talk about this" "Aang were both men here, it's just talking" Sokka reassured. Aang sighed, reing in defeat, "Yeah, we have, I mean do. We do it almost every night". Sokka knew about this, as he heard them through the walls easily, luckily Hakoda was a much heavier sleeper. Still, Sokka acted surprised.

It just feels Good" Aang yelled. Sokka started to laugh, "Aang! It's fine, it's just a part of growing up". Aang visibly relaxed, and started to engage in conversation like this with Sokka until Appa needed to rest. They landed in a small clearing with a creek that flowed through the middle. Appa immediately rolled to the edge of the clearing, falling heavily asleep.

Aang and Sokka laid down in the sun, chatting. Horny" Sokka finished. Aang turned red, but laughed along anyway. Time for phase 2, Sokka thought. He began to rub his groin, slowly at first but getting harder and faster. Aang noticed and was shocked. What are you doing?! I said I was horny, and we're both guys, right? What harm can it do? Aang nodded, but was obviously uncomfortable. Sokka took it to the next level by flopping his cock out into the air. Being in front of someone made him instantly grow to his full 6. Aang stared at it in awe. Aang twiddled his thumbs, "And Katara never finds out?

Aang pulled his pants off, like Sokka, to reveal his clean shaven, white, uncut 4 inch cock. Small, but not to common for a 13 year old boy, Sokka thought. A lot bigger" Aang stuttered. Aang visibly relaxed again. The boys shed the rest of their clothing and began to wank with more enthusiasm.

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Aang watched Sokka's foreskin slide over his knob, which was wet with his precum. Sokka saw Aang watching him, here goes nothing, he thought. Sokka rolled over quickly and took Aang into his mouth. Aang yelled, beginning to object, but when Sokka's lips touched his cock, all objection melted away, only to be filled with pure ecstasy. Mmmmm, what about, uhhhh, Katara? Sokka stopped sucking his dick, and looked him in the eye.

He started to suck on Aang's balls, going lower and lower until he eventually found his goal, Aang's virgin pucker. Sokka gave Aang's arse a slap before he rammed he thick cock into him ferociously. Aang screamed at the top of his lungs in pain, but before long started to moan as Sokka thrusted in and out. Please go faster!

He rolled over onto his stomach, buried his bald head into the grass and lifted his arse so Sokka could get deeper. Sokka closed his eyes in pleasure. He kept pumping his cock into Aang's tight hole while listening to his moans. Sokka's balls were slapping against Aang's body, making a sound that he could only describe as hot sex. Aang's moans increased in volume and regularity until he was just screaming at Sokka. But he went quiet suddenly, his whole body shaking.

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Aang let out a low, animal groan of pleasure as a white, murky liquid leaked from his cock. Aang replied, "No, but it feels Just as good". Sokka renewed his onslaught of Aang's arse thrusting as deep and hard as he could, until his balls tightened. His orgasm hit hard, and he screamed as his cum shot straight up Aang's hole.

Sokka fell to the ground, his deflated cock limp against his thigh. But Aang wasn't finished yet. He rolled over and began to lick Sokka's groin all over. Ohh your going to make me hard again" Sokka groaned. Sokka's cock grew back to its full size, and Aang began to deep throat his member. His right hand found its way back to the young avatars own cock, and his left started to play with Sokka's big balls.

Sokka felt pure joy at the young hands playing with him. He felt the urge to cum welling up again, and as Aang bobbed up and down on his cock, his second orgasm hit just as hard as the first.

Avatar the last airbender sex stories

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