Babysitter tickling stories

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Forum Rules. The TMF is sponsored by:. Register Help. Remember Me? What's New? 1 to 8 of 8. The Captive Babysitter by Ramos As the fall evening grew cooler, Julie wished she had brought a sweater as she stepped up to Lucy Jensen's front door. All she wore was a floral sleeveless dress and flats, and she was feeling the chill in the air.

It had been years since Julie had done any babysitting, not since high school, and as she now rang Lucy's doorbell, unfounded memories of the brats she had been asked to watch on those occasions flashed through her mind. It was no wonder that when Lucy, a single mother whom she had gotten to know this semester at community college, had asked Julie between classes this morning if she could watch her daughter tonight, Julie had hesitated. I don't know Babysitter tickling stories else I can ask at this short notice. Julie had liked the feel of Lucy's hand around hers, and couldn't help but be a little jealous of Lucy's date.

I just get worried leaving her alone in the house. Besides," she had smiled, giving Julie's hand a gentle squeeze, "I think she'll really like you. I know I do. Are you Julie? Come on in.

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Babysitter tickling stories already left," Karen explained, closing the door behind them. As they walked into the living room, another girl with somewhat darker, shoulder length hair, dressed in a sweatshirt, shorts and white socks, walked in from the kitchen. Julie raised one eyebrow. At one point Karen set down the remote to grab a fistful of popcorn, and a scene from an old film appeared on the screen. In it, an escape artist was hanging upside down in a tank full of water, endeavoring to free himself from the confines of a straight jacket.

Keri began to giggle. She couldn't get loose. She started to really get scared, even though she was laughing. The other kids would tie me up, but I always got loose. Always managed to wriggle out. Keri spoke up now. Double dare you. She thought for a moment. Karen turned the television set off and stood up.

As Julie sat forward on the sofa with her wrists together, Karen took one stocking and wrapped it tightly around Julie's wrists, ending up by tying what she thought was her best knot.

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Julie wriggled her arms around and around and back and forth for several minutes and managed to free herself. She took the stocking from Julie, who, smirking knowingly, again offered her wrists for bondage. Keri looped the nylon around and between Julie's wrists, finished with a knot and stepped back.

It took Julie several minutes longer, but just as a satisfied grin began to form on Keri's face, Julie again freed herself. That was too easy. But this time, you sit in the recliner, okay Julie? As she did this, she looked at her friend and nodded at Julie's legs.

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Karen caught on immediately and grabbed another stocking. Julie's weight against the back of the recliner forced it to open up, and the footrest brought her legs up. Karen quickly bound Julies ankles together, brought the loose end of the stocking down beneath the footrest and, stretching the nylon tautly, fastened it to the connecting rods.

When both girls were done they stepped back to admire their handiwork. Julie was indeed struggling against her bonds, yanking at her wrists and wiggling her feet. She tried this for several minutes before finally realizing that she wasn't going anywhere. Julie relaxed. I can't get loose. You can let me go, now. Karen looked Julie over and noticed that Julie's flats had slipped off her heels and were dangling on her toes from her constant wriggling. She reached down, placed her index finger behind the heel of Julie's left shoe and flicked her finger up quickly, sending the shoe flying off of Julies bare foot.

Keri Babysitter tickling stories back, and the two knelt on the floor on either side of the footrest. Karen studied Julie's bare soles. The balls and heels of her feet were flushed pink, and the skin on her arches and beneath her toes was pale.

There was no Babysitter tickling stories odor, but rather the very slight fragrance of perfumed soap. The men would torture the male prisoners, and the women would torture the female prisoners. Let me go. But you know how the women tortured their female captives? They tickled their feet.

Julie bucked, yanking frantically at the nylons binding her wrists and ankles. She wasn't giggling yet, but she clamped her eyes shut, shaking her head from side to side, burying her face into her stretched biceps, trying with all the will power she could muster to cope with the terrible tickling sensations on the soles of her feet. Stop it! It tickles! A smile finally grew on Julie's face. Stop it. It tickles.

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Karen ran the fingertips of her right hand up and down the top of Julie's right foot several more times before gliding them up over the tips of the toes and back down to the sole, stopping just at the top of the arch. She then began to wiggle her fingertips there, slowly, lightly teasing the skin.

Julie began to laugh out loud now. Two women, or maybe even three or four, tickling and tickling all over your bare feet? They would just tickle and tickle your feet. Julie was in hysterics now, guffawing and thrashing as wildly as her bonds would allow, pleading and begging the girls to stop tickling her feet between insane shrieks of laughter.

It ti-hi-hi-hi-hicles! You're tickling my fe-hee-hee-hee-heet! The lightness of their touch never wavered. Both girls had very short nails, and they never scratched, never allowed their fingertips to do any more than flick teasingly on the skin. They were oblivious to Julie's screams of laughter, and hardly more than a grin appeared on their faces.

They were immersed, totally fascinated with the sensations they knew their fingertips were producing on the skin of Julie's feet. They tickled and tickled. Ultimately, all Julie could do was laugh and laugh. Her mind could not even form the words she needed to plead for mercy. All that existed in her universe was helpless laughter and the awful constant tickling from the ten dancing fingertips that felt like Babysitter tickling stories crawling all over her bare feet. Just as Julie thought she was about to lose her mind and consciousness seemed to begin to cloud over, the tickling stopped abruptly.

Julie's laughter ceased just as suddenly, and as she fought to regain her breath, she opened her eyes and saw what had interrupted her torment.

Babysitter tickling stories

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