Bachelorette party sex story

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He meets vulnerable Chloe who's having trouble finding entertainment for her friend's bachelorette party. Kent was a jerk. He had ma It was bachelorette night at the House of Pleasure. On party nights, when it's a packed house, there are easily over one hundred chicks for the roller coaster event. But not tonight. We were a group of five good friends celebrating the upcoming wedding of my brother John.

His best friend Mike was his best man, and he is also the brother of Samantha, John's w Another one of the erotic stories my wife Linda told me about. He bachelorette Party when she was 19 and getting married for the first time. Linda as you may recall is a sexy blonde with large breasts that has that certain "je ne c'est pas quoi" that just makes you hard looking at her. Linda was engaged to be married the next morning.

Her friends decided t Chapter 1 I was looking forward to the weekend. I had plans to go to Myrtle Beach for a three-day golf trip with a group of my buddies.

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I hadn't seen some of them in several years. We used to get together for a guy's weekend annually, but lately, I've been too busy to make them. The only reason I could attend this time was that my wife of twenty years, Magg Allison Well, let's see Who to include who not to? The surprise was when the governor's daughter said she would be attending the one at Lucy's. Seems her daddy, the Governor, owes Lucy big time for his last reelection. Seems Silver is a d pre Here I was in the middle of a Bachelorette Party dancing naked in front of and among dozens of young and middle aged women.

All were trying to grab my erect cock or my bare ass. When they did they stroked me up and down or proceeded to slide their lips around it and suck on it or run their hands all over my body.

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Between the two Viagra I had taken and the ma I looked at the computer screen; it was populated with the site addresses of bachelorette party organizers. I was looking for a bachelorette party organizer to arrange a bachelorette party for my childhood friend Cherry. Claire awoke just before She rolled over in her bed to find David had not come home from his bachelor party.

Rays of sunlight were shinning through the window giving a preview to a beautiful day. She smiled to her self before deciding to force herself out of the bed and take a shower. Claire rose from the bed and began to walk across the bedroom to the The SS Amazon Excelsior has been at sea for nearly a week straight now and the people on board are getting restless.

It's an inevitability of life on a cruise ship, of course. People get tired of the same-old Bachelorette party sex story and want to branch out. That's why there are people from all walks of life aboard the Excelsior, trying to find new things to do with their da Hi, my name is Brooke and I'm getting married in just over two weeks. I've been with my Fiance Noah for just over two and a half years and it's been wonderful for the most part.

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I graduated medical school a few years ago and have been bouncing between jobs. I am currently working full time as a dental hygienist in pediatrics. It's not the greatest paying job SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Bachelorette Party Stories 98. Sort by: Best match Most recent.

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Bachelorette party sex story

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