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My lovely wife is Cassie and I loved her very much. I say I loved her because I am not so sure now after what happened when we were returning from our beach holiday recently! I work in a law office as a junior partner and am very happy working there but sometimes things happen which change our lives and that was what happened on our way back. Altogether there were 18 of us at this Back seat sex stories holiday and it would be fair to say we were all good friends. Each of us had our wife with us and although I had warned Cassie about these other fellows I assumed they would be kept in order by their wives!

How wrong could I be? Anyway, knowing these chaps can get a bit off the rails at times I warned Cassie to be wary of them and not to allow them to get too close to her without me being present! Cassie is aged 28 and although she is usually very quiet, she can also become the life of a party if she gets in the right mood and this can cause trouble — not only between us but also with other people. She has the cutest smile and it is this smile which has got her into trouble on a few occasions.

She had told me about several of her boyfriends who had fucked her many times when she was going with them. We all enjoyed our weekend at the beach house — it was owned by the senior partner of the Back seat sex stories and although he was the same age as myself — 30 — he was very rich and came from a wealthy family. He was also the leader where there was any misbehavior and he was one person I had warned Cassie about.

The accommodation was quite cramped because there were only 5 bedrooms but we were able to have enough beds by having some in the dining room and the main entertainment room. We had double beds in the 5 bedrooms and the dining room and there were 3 double beds in the entertainment room. It was a well known fact that some of the couples were into swapping wives and so it was carefully arranged that these should be the people who slept in the dining and entertainment rooms.

We romped about on the beach and although a couple of the wives ran around the beach topless, the rest of us were suitably clad and tried to not take much notice of the topless girls.

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All of the men kept their bathing suits on so it was really not too bad. I kept Cassie in my sight most of the time making sure none of the men tried anything with her. At one stage during the stay she told me I was suffocating her and she should be allowed to do her own thing!

Our meals were taken around the very large table in the dining room and it was big enough to just move the bed to the side and we could all fit in. The men noticed I was very protective of Cassie and chided me about this. At the evening meal on the Saturday night they made Cassie sit between two of the real wild boys well away from me. I watched her intently and although I am sure they were feeling up her legs under the table I had no proof and also, if they were, Cassie was remaining very calm.

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Once the meal was finished I moved over to Cassie and asked if the men had played with her but she just grinned and told me to keep my dirty thoughts to myself. Once the cleaning up was finished we all moved to the large room and ed in some games.

Lots of wine and beer was flowing and everyone seemed to be having a good time. I again stayed close to Cassie but we both noticed that occasionally a couple would pair off and move to one of the bedrooms.

These, of course, were not married to each other. It was obvious what they were doing because the girls would come back into the room looking flushed and obviously fucked!

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One of the men came over to Cassie and asked her if she would like to go for a walk with him! I grabbed her hand and held her tightly much to the amusement of the other men! A lot of the games and entertainment allowed us to sit together and some of the men commented they would be out to get Cassie as soon as I let go! Apart from the flirting she behaved herself and when it was time to go to bed we retired to our bedroom which, Back seat sex stories, was near the entertainment room. I should also add there were no doors on these bedrooms and so anyone passing the door could look in.

Cassie and I both sleep naked and I was a bit concerned at her behavior and so I suggested she wear her jeans to bed! She laughed at me and told me I was stupid and climbed into bed naked as usual. Then her behavior worsened because she refused to cover her breasts with the sheet which, because of the warm temperature, was all the covering needed, and thus she was exposed to anyone who could look into the room. I took a long while to go to sleep and I kept hold of her somewhere all the time. Mostly I held her hand but occasionally I held her leg or even her breast when I had a chance.

We listened to the creaking floorboards when one of the men would sneak out of his bed and into another bed! After we had all packed up and we had Back seat sex stories the gear into our cars it became time to leave. I had been watching Cassie getting herself ready to leave and I saw she was dressed in a very flimsy bra and a very see-through pair of knickers and a cotton blouse and skirt as well as her shoes.

She was certainly covered adequately and I thought we would have no trouble on the way home although the men had been threatening, in a playful way, to get Cassie soon! Then the conspiracy emerged! The three men who were the main causes of my discomfort suddenly converged on our car and told us they were coming home with us. Their wives were going along with their plans and everyone was distributed amongst the cars so that everyone got a ride home but I had to take the dangerous three and Cassie.

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Most of the cars were leaving before we climbed into our car. Instead of Cassie getting into the front seat with me as she usually does, she climbed into the back seat with two of the men — one on either side of her! Now I was beginning to worry. It was a 2 hour drive home and they would be with her all the time. Off we moved and apart from a bit of silly singing we were all behaving ourselves fairly well. At the first opportunity I moved the interior mirror so that I could see Cassie in the back.

Now the trouble started! More watching the road and then glancing back to see the other chap, Kevin, kissing her while Paul was feeling her breasts. Next glance told me I was in Back seat sex stories Paul had undone her blouse and she was shrugging it down off her shoulders and eventually took it right off! Now I would say something but the road was very winding and when I looked again Kevin was undoing her bra and taking it off!

The next thing Chad, who was sitting in the front with me turned around on the seat and looked into the backseat. She looked up at me in the Back seat sex stories and smiled at me! I had to adjust the mirror to be able to see what they were doing but now there were two hands, one each, under her dress and obviously feeling her cunt! This went on for about 10 minutes before I saw Cassie again lift herself up and they took her skirt off!

Now she was naked on the backseat with two men and a third kneeling over the back of the front seat and feeling her legs! I hope you enjoy this as much as I am enjoying it! There was more rustling of clothes and soon the two men were naked in the back too. I must admit I was getting aroused but I hated what they were doing to her! My darling Cassie was being fucked right here in the car with me knowing all about it! Cassie screamed out loud as she reached her orgasm and Chad was cheering them on from the front seat! She was getting herself fucked for the second time in only minutes. Again I could hear them grunting and groaning as they fucked but this time, because he was close to her, Chad was reaching over and playing with her breasts and nipples and at the same time he was kissing her!

When Kevin had cum in her cunt and she was gasping and telling them she had to rest, she flopped back down onto the seat between them and, although they continued to play with her breasts and nipples, I could see she was quite exhausted. Amazingly, Cassie made the effort and was soon climbing naked to be with Chad on the front seat. He then maneuvered himself so that she was kneeling on the seat facing the back of the car.

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Then he lifted her up until she was bent over the back of the front bucket seat and the two men in the back grabbed her arms and her breasts and held her in place. Chad then pulled down his pants and underwear and exposed his hard, long cock.

He moved behind Cassie and eventually found her cunt and shoved his cock into her! She responded with a yelp but soon became aroused as he was fucking her and the two in the back were feeling her up! This time I could actually see another man fucking my Cassie! She was screaming loudly and telling Chad to hurry up and fuck her! Chad soon deposited his load deep into her cunt and I could again tell from her scream that she had orgasmed as well.

Now I watched as my well fucked Cassie disentangled herself from Chad and climbed back into the back seat of the car. Please fuck me in the asshole — I need it now!

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