Balloon popping stories

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Her terror worked outward from her rampaging heart right down into her fingertips and into her toes. Her feet felt glued to the carpet. Her gaze refused to leave the ceiling even when Bianca came scuttling up with a stranger in tow. She could hear screaming from the back garden. Oh please, stop looking at me like that, whoever you are. Were they all going to be popped later? She hurtled towards the open patio doors, colliding with two five-year-olds charging back in.

All they can do is go… Bang!

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She wondered where six and seven year old Toby and Hanna had charged off to. They were both as fearless as mountain goats. Chrissie glanced through the patio doors. She could just see the bulge of all those balloons waiting on the ceiling.

She studied him.

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He was tall, blue-eyed, with a closely trimmed ghost of a beard that made him look raffish. She was staring.

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She was babbling ever so slightly. Maybe she ought to leave and come back later — her usual tactic. He was staring now. She lofted her hand to and fro. Look, a wedding ring. A big fat wedding ring. My adorable husband… Dan. He lacks self-confidence, Bianca had told her. That and a bit of dress sense. I think he lost himself somewhere in the middle of all the wrangling and the bitterness. You can lose all sense of who you are.

Yes, yes, I suppose you can, Chrissie thought now. What you really needed during and after one of those was a loyal friend. Then she frowned, jogging to catch up with herself — and with Bianca. Chrissie nodded. When the terrified meet the terrified, things are bound to go awry.

It seemed Bianca and Michael had been tangling themselves up like the strings of Balloon popping stories aimless balloons. His eyes widened.

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Maybe only his mother was ever that forthright with him, or maybe it was the closeness of all those balloons making her so blunt. Go ahead. I was six when it all started.

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Balloons fell from the ceiling at midnight. I screamed the place down. He started laughing again. So did she. It was the snowball-down-a-mountain kind of laughter. On and on it rolled, slowly gathering pace until suddenly they sounded like the two biggest kids at the party. Bianca reappeared later, much later, after Chrissie and Michael had worked their way through two glasses of cordial and a pile of sandwiches.

She expected it to go Bang! Only the silly thing made a half-hearted wet flopping noise instead. Good luck. Why was Bianca grinning and winking at him like that?

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Balloon popping stories

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