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Well not really at Band Camp, just normal camping. On this occasion my Sweetie and I were headed to the woods for a quiet weekend of reading and disengaging from the real world. She seemed a little grumpy on the short one hour drive to a nice lake with a small, no frills campground.

Me being me, I was mentally winding down for the weekend and running through the various scenarios with the highest probabilities for getting naked with my Sweetie. I think wives have a built-in radar for that sort of thing, because I think she was just thinking about just relaxing and not looking ahead or planning anything for the immediate future and that may or may not have been the reason for her mood that evening. We have been married thirty some years and as I reach back into my memories of her I realize several things. Synchronizing your sexual appetites with those of your wife is a lifelong project.

Sometimes well, most of the time you are watching your lovely wife come to bed naked and if you look too longingly at the smooth contours of those gently rocking breasts she sees the mizzen mast rising and realizes that you look a lot like Edward Teach and she is about to be boarded. Soon my dick is leaking and her resolve to repel boarders dissipates as I slide my member between her legs and make contact with the warm shores. On those times when she is mildly interested, but too tired to Band camp sex stories fully invested in a proper boarding party she will just quietly purr while I hold my cock and gently rub it over her ever loving soft skin until I blast it all on her backside.

Paying my respects to her warm buns I always get up grab a towel and warm cloth before things cool. Sometimes the winds blow fair sometimes they do not. But not always. This for a quiet, introverted person, like myself can be challenging to figure out when that is or is not the case. On this particular sojourn to the woods of relaxation my wife seemed to be in a mood to repel all boarders. When we arrived we were the only people occupying one of about 20 campsites.

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By dark there were a few more fellow campers on this warm southern summer evening. On this particular day after our tent was setup I still had one pole that I had not found a proper place for. For a small campground the facilities were extremely large and well taken care of. As I had business to attend to I followed her to the ading facilities. Once I had taken care of at least one necessary bodily function I began to dwell on my still erect pole. The ache in my dick was heavy and I wanted that warm wet pussy in that shower.

I walked quietly in the door and quickly checked the other stalls to be sure the coast was clear and stripped off my tee shirt and shorts. I walked wordlessly into that shower and into the hot stream of water. Sweetie looked at me and before she could say anything I took the soap from her hands and soaped my chest and throbbing shaft. Taking her hands and placing them high on the shower wall I came at her from behind and rubbed my cock against her soaking pussy.

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Stroking the soft outer lips a few times I paused briefly before thrusting up and into her. Home at last. Neither one of us spoke as I just held her against the wall and fucked her. No other words for it. I fucked her and she liked it. She moaned quietly as I repeatedly drove into her swollen lips and reached around to rub her aroused clit. Having fired a full broide I quietly released her and handed her back her soap and then left.

Back at the tent I was laying naked inside marveling at my unusually direct approach to solving the tent pole problem. I heard the tent zipper and my wife poked her head in and looked at me with a determined look. Click on a heart to thank the author of this story! Vote count:. No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. We are sorry that this post was not one of your favorites! What no flute in the pussy? Just kidding! Loved the story. Getting back to nature sure can be fun! God bless and stay horny! My wife and I also love to camp, as well as camping sex.

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Never done it in the shower house. Heather and I just had an incredible morning in a tent on the beach in California. A few days before that, we were also in a campground with a shower cabin. Very sexy in there together, soaping each other up. Camping sex has always been a fave for me. Thanks for bringing back great memories. You must be logged in to post a comment. Jump to your favorite category. One time at band camp…. Help us understand why. Submit Feedback. Log in to Reply. Loved it! Keep it up Log in to Reply.

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Band camp sex stories

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