Barium enema stories

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This is a fictionalized of you young woman who gets a barium enema. I've taken a couple liberties to make the story more Barium enema stories. For example, the prep for a BE no longer involvescleansing enemas, but rather a laxative prep the night before. Also, the double contrast BE as described here doesn't require ml, but usually only about A single contrast study will use up to ml, however. The double balloon enema catheters aren't used that much either anymore, but rather one made by EZ-M that is easier on the patient.

Other than that, the procedure is pretty accurate as I've described it. I'm posting this as a tribute to Fritz Elf who has graced us with some wonderful jpeg's lately. I know there are a lot of people with something to contribute to this group besides the SPAM people. My story is copyrightedand is strictly for the entertainment of YOU.

Please don't copy or repost it. It had been a particularly hectic day once again and towards the afternoon I felt the cramp in my intestines grip me. I took in a deep breath, knowing that it would go away in a few minutes.

A few minutes passed, but instead of the pain going away, it got worse and then I felt the need to go to the bathroom. I went down the hallway, closed the door and lifted my skirt above my hips and quickly lowered my panties before sitting down on the toilet. Only when I emptied the contents of my colon did the cramping stop, but I felt weak and drained. I cleaned up, knowing that as much as I dreaded it, I was going to have to call Dr. Branden in the morning an d make an appointment.

I wouldn't have Barium enema stories too concerned except that this had happened three times in as many weeks. I attributed it to stress, because I'm a junior in college and a lot is demanded of me. I was only 22 years old and alone for the first time. But still, I couldn't help wonder if anything was wrong and that alone was making me even more worried.

I went back to my room and studied until about 10 PM when I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. The next morning I dressed and went down the dorm hallway to the payphone and found Dr. Branden's in the book. I deposited a nickel and dialed hiswishing that I had the courage to hang up and forget the whole thing. There was a few moments of silence and the lady said, "Well, we have a cancellation this afternoon at 2PM.

Would you like that time? I wasn't expecting to get in so soon, but I didn't have classes that afternoon and I guess it was better to get it overwith and find out what was going on. I hung up, dreading the drip downtown to the hospital where Dr. Branden's office was. I'd been going to him for as long as I can remember.

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In fact, my mother told me that he delivered me and my brother. He was nice enough, but like most people, I still dreaded the thought of going to the doctor. I went back to my room, gathered my books and went off to class and the philosophy final that I hoped I was prepared for. After lunch I stashed my books in my room and went out to the front of the campus and caught the bus downtown.

It was a warm humid day and I had dressed in a light yellow print dress that went down below my knees as was the fashion. Underneath I wore little; white cotton ankle socks, black loafers, white cotton panties and a white bra. The breeze felt kind of good as it blew under my skirt and cooled my legs. I was shy about my body as most girls were then. A few years later all that would change, but one of the reasons why I didn't like to go to the doctor was that I knew I was going to be showing part of my body that a man didn't normally get to Barium enema stories.

It didn't bother me showering in front of the girls in the dorm and I knew Dr. Branden saw lots of people without their clothes on, but it still was an unpleasant thought that it was going to happen to me.

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Branden's office was across the street from the main hospital and I walked in with trepidation. His office was among many in the building and I had to go to the second floor. Through a glass door I was people waiting in his waiting room. It wasn't too crowded since the cold and flu season were about over. I entered and ed in, telling the receptionist that I was there.

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She smiled and told me to have a seat. I thumbed through a few magazines, dreading the moment when the nurse would open the door and call my name just as she had for several patients before. Finally the door opened again and a middle age woman who I recognized from visits announced, "Rachel Miller?

I clearly remembered a time five years ago when I had a bad case of strep throat and she had given me a shot of penicillin in my bottom. No wonder I was nervous, I thought. I stood up and she held the door open for me and asked me how I was. I need to get some history from you. I pushed myself up and sat on the paper covering that seemed to crinkle under my weight. Nervously I kicked me feet back and forth and she stood with a clipboard and asked me various questions about why I had come.

I told her about my cramping and diarrhea. She silently wrote down the information and finally put down the clipboard. She took my wrist and felt for my radial artery, counting pulses as she watched the second hand of her watch go around. After writing down the information she took a thermometer from a jar and told me to open my mouth. In the meantime she took my blood pressure. Finally she opened one of the cabinets and took out a hospital gown and said, "Rachel, I need you Barium enema stories undress completely and put on the gown. Slip in on so that the opening is in the back.

I'll be back in with Dr. Branden in a few moments. This was the part that I was dreading. As she left the room and closed the door, I slipped off the table and reached back and lowered the zipper. I slipped it off my shoulders and stepped out of it, folding it neatly before placing it on the counter. I felt strange standing there in my underwear and shoes so I kicked them off and then unfastened my bra.

I hid it under my dress and then put on the gown, finally figuring out how to tie it in the back and side. I knew that I was supposed to take off my panties, but I've always been shy and I just couldn't bring myself to put my hands under the gown and take them off. I decided to leave them on in the hope that Dr. Branden wouldn't need to look down there. Reluctantly Barium enema stories pushed myself up on the table and sat down to wait.

The stiff paper covering felt cold under the thin material of my panties. It seemed like I had to wait forever, listening to sounds coming from the rooms adjacent to mine.

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I couldn't understand what was being said, but in the room next to me a small girl started crying and I wondered what was happening. Finally the door opened and Dr. Branden and Nurse Sheets entered.

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He always seemed in a hurry but friendly at the same time. I knew he had a very busy schedule. He reviewed my chart and asked me a few questions about my general health and how things were going for me. He acted like he knew me will even though I rarely saw him.

It was kind of flattering, I thought.

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I thought for a moment and kind of pointed to my lower right abdomen and said, "Sometimes it hurts here, but now all the time. He took his stethoscope from his pocket and stepped close to me. He slipped his hand down the front of the gown and placed the cold surface against my chest and listened to my heart.

After moving it in different spots he removed it and placed it against my back and told me to breath in and out. Next he looked into my eyes, mouth, and ears. Satisfied he said, "Do you have any problems with your breasts? Pain, discharge I reached behind be neck and undid the tie that I had so much trouble tying and let the gown drop in front. My breasts weren't big at all. In fact they would be described as petite.

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I just kind of stared at the wall as he put his hand over my left one and felt it. I tried to think of something else as he moved to the other side. I felt almost completely naked with hardly anything covering me except the gown draped around my waist. I was glad that I'd at least kept my panties on. I stretched out, hoping that the short gown would cover myself down there, but he pulled it up saying, "I'm going to feel your tummy. He pressed and thumped on my abdomen asking me if any place hurt.

Barium enema stories

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