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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 16th of March Report. Introduction: Kathy's dad was hot and I couldn't get him out of my mind. I lay on my stomach next to my best friend, she was lying beside me on my bed while we surfed with my laptop. We were watching short free porn videos of girls giving blow jobs and letting the guy cum all over their face and even in their mouths. How can they do that! Do you think they are drunk or fucking high or something?

Kathy and I spent the next hour reading articles from Cosmopolitan, Bust, and even Ms on how suck a cock and make it pleasurable for both him and her. There were a lot of pictures and we even some YouTube like videos that were hotter than the crappy porn we'd been watching. I mean you fuck him and you let him get off in you, could you let him fuck your mouth too?

I like it when he puts his mouth on my pussy but I still haven't felt wild enough to give him head. Are you thinking of somebody else!? Got he is hot! Every time I go to Kathy's house and see her father my knees get all tingly and weak, I could fall down and roll over like a bitch dog in heat for him. I knew for sure that I would suck his cock if he asked me to. Do I know him and did you let him do it with you? He was well hung and filled every hole those two had, even in their butts. When he finally came they licked the discharge from his cock like they were enjoying a fine delicacy.

While that was on screen Kathy and I talked about the two of us with one guy. Kurt is cuter but Alan has a more appealing body. Later that night I woke up to feel bed jostling and heard mewling like a kitten for looking mommas milk so I rolled over to see what was going on. Kathy was lying on her side of the bed with one hand between her open thighs and the other pulling on a nipple. Her eyes were closed so she didn't see me turn over to watch her. She had taken her night gown off so my best friend was naked and so involved in enjoying her own fingers she was oblivious that I was awake and watching her.

A light scent of her musk wafted across the small space between us, the heady fragrance flipped a switch in my groin and a strong sexual urge blossomed between my legs. My pussy got warm and squishy in seconds, my heart started to thud heavily as I watched Kathy finger herself. My entire body began to shake as I put a hand over hers then slid two fingers down the contour of her hot puffy pussy lips Best friends dad sex stories jammed them into her. Kathy's eyes flew open then she focused on me when she felt the invasion between her legs.

I rocked my hand against her cunt which caused her hips to buck. Any surprise or reluctance Kathy may have felt at first quickly faded, she smiled into my eyes, arched her back and spread her legs for me. I rose up until I was propped on an elbow beside her then started finger fucking my best friend in earnest. I'd never had any sexual thoughts about any girl in my life but at that moment I was getting so turned on I wanted nothing more than to make love to Kathy and have her do the same for me.

I leaned down far enough to kiss her on the lips. She didn't reject me, she pressed on my mouth with hers and in moments she slipped her tongue through my teeth. I rolled my fingers into her as far as they would go then set into a rhythmic pace of fingering her to higher levels of lust and need.

She was building to a climax, I could feel it inside her, the tenseness of her muscles straining for release but my fingers weren't enough to trigger the orgasm so I slid down the bed, rolled over between her legs then licked the top of her cunt, my wet tongue licked over the skin hiding her clit, exposing the pink swollen knob. Kathy gulped a deep breath then went completely still while I kissed and suckled her tender hot button. It took only a few moments of mouthing until she arched off the bed and started to gasp as her body cramped and convulsed. She went limp. The only part of her moving Best friends dad sex stories her chest as she panted for fresh air.

I moved from between her legs, wiped her flavor off my lips with a finger then put it into her half open mouth. Kathy formed a vacuum on my finger and sucked off her cunt juice. I was hot and horny and secretly hoping she would do something for me just like I did with her but I wasn't going to ask. I sat up then pulled the shift off my body and threw it in her face.

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She laughed then launched herself at me and threw me down again. In seconds Kathy was sitting on my groin smiling down on me. She leaned over and kissed my left nipple while pinning my arms to the bed. I felt her pussy hair rubbing on the skin just over my own bush of curls while she licked and sucked on my nipples.

They both grew longer and hard while the sensation of her cunt on my stomach created a hot spot on my skin, my heart quickened. Kathy worked on me with her mouth and hands, making me hotter, turning me on in a way that I'd never felt before. Kurt could get me hot, I could fuck him and get off but what I was feeling with Kathy was so much more sensual.

I was beginning to realize that a girl knows how make another girl feel like she would want to; Kathy was seducing me like she wanted to be seduced.

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When she put her head between my thighs and started eating me, she didn't attack, she didn't weigh me down with her own needs, she mouthed me tenderly, slowly, her hot wet tongue was driving me crazy. I reached the tipping point, my climax started where Kathy had her lips on me and began to grow exquisitely in my loins. When I arched off the bed to push my pussy on her face she pulled away then sat up, I was left hanging a single thread, the final tether that when broken would release my orgasm. Finish it bitch!

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What are you talking about? Who's cock would you suck until he came in your mouth? Your dad, I want to fuck him Best friends dad sex stories bad Kathy! I would do anything he wanted! Kathy jammed her fingers deep searching for my G spot as I melted into the mattress. Kurt had never brought me so high, so thrillingly. I couldn't say anything, I could only lie stunned on my back trying to get oxygen into my lungs. Kathy was on her back beside me breathing almost as hard. I rolled my head to look at her profile and felt a wave of shame wash through me.

I had told her my secret, she forced me to call out for her father, what the hell would she think of me! That would be like awesome! Kathy couldn't let it go. The following week, even in the halls at school she was trying to make plans on getting me into bed with her single parent. It could have been sexual harassment but what she was suggesting and my own thoughts kept me kind of turned on all week. The next weekend we had a double date with Kurt and Alan who were best friends but on Friday Kurt told me he had to go with his parents to some kind of conference.

Kathy took pity on me and said I could go with her and Alan anyway. We started out at the theater watching Jurassic World in 3D. Watching that big dinosaur rushing at me from the screen scared the shit out of me so I spent half the movie hanging on to Alan just as tight as Kathy was on the other side of him. Kathy saw me clinging to her boyfriend but she didn't seem to disapprove so I held his arm until the credits ended.

As we walked out of the movie house Alan was holding Kathy's had then he took mine in the other.

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In moments the three of us were walking across the parking lot swinging our arms in unison, animated with energy, laughing and talking about the show. We went to a cafe that was a favorite hang-out for teens and got a late burger while talking with some of our other friends.

You wouldn't be mad or jealous? I mean you're dating him. We can go to my house, my dad is out and won't be back until really late he told me. Alan is about to get very lucky but he doesn't know it yet. In the house we didn't hesitate. No words were spoken, none were needed. Kathy and I had decided on seducing Alan so there was no need to be crafty or sneaky.

She held his right hand, I had his left and we towed him directly to her bedroom. I was watching him as we undressed to panties and bras. His eyes were huge, taking us both in at the same time, his crotch went from a small bulge to a long swelling as his cock got hard.

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I was kind of embarrassed because he was only the second boy I ever let see me in my underwear but when he was dropping his pants my shyness transformed to lust. Seeing how his erection pushed out from his boxers caused my entire body to shiver. When the three of us were dressed in only the thin veneer of underclothing, Kathy grabbed his hand and leaped onto the bed, pulling him with her. I followed and in moments he was on his back with a hot teen girl on each side of him.

Since I was the new adventure in his life his eyes were playing freely all over me. I started on the left side, Kathy on the right. We kissed, licked and fondled Alan from head to stomach, turning him on even harder for us.

Best friends dad sex stories

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