Bi husband stories

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I have been surfing on the internet all morning and I finally found you. I am so grateful to find at last something that I can relate to. I am on "the wife"-side of this kind of life stories. I have lived 18 years with the man I love, the father of my two sons.

Two days ago, he told me that he is bisexual, and that he has been in a lucky relationship with a homosexual man since June.

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My personal life story has taught me the fundamental importance of one's identity, of knowing who you are. I am painfully happy for him that he has finally found himself. He says that he feels whole. I do understand that.

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I admire his courage to finally be honest with himself. I am also painfully happy that he told me who he is and where he is in his life. I love him even more for that honesty. For me it is a declaration of love, of friendship, of respect. I would have been more devastated if I found out that he did not have enough confidence in me to be able to tell me about so fundamental things in his life. I am painfully happy that he had the chance to find a man who seems to have been extremely kind, gentle, respectful of me and at the same time intelligent and articulate enough to challenge my husband's fears, cowardice, and at times stupidity.

We talk a lot, we cry a lot, we are mentally and physically closer than ever, at least for now. Where am I right now? I concentrate all my efforts in giving him the security and the "space" that he needs to continue his work on himself. I assure him that I will never challenge who he is.

It Bi husband stories for me extremely clear that I would lose him immediately if I asked him to choose. Not necessarily because he is more in love with this man, but because he could not live with my denying who he is. His newly won true identity is too important, too precious. So the only option for me at this point is to let him both be at home and live his other love.

My conditions: simplicity and honesty. Simplicity: no stupid excuses for coming home late or not coming home.

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Just say: I am with K. Honesty: by that I mean honesty and respect both with me and that man. My needs are at the moment limited to being at all times confident that my husband is with me because he loves me, because he wants to, not because he feels that he should.

I also want him to take his lover's needs seriously. I need to be sure that he is honorable and responsible with his other love and I do need to see him honest with who he is. I cannot see that it is fair that he keeps his lover as a secret lover. It is unfair for the lover's feelings. And it would be Bi husband stories expression of guilt. I love my husband. I am confused because I cannot feel many limits for my love.

I know that we have to take one day at a time.

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I am extremely frightened to lose him. He is my lover of course, but even more he is my best friend. I feel that I will bear very much of the responsibility for whether we will grow or destroy precious feelings. I have concentrated my energy so much on him that I have not started much work on myself yet. I imagine that I kid myself on several points, but I don't know where yet. I don't know how much I can trust myself. Life is really not for amateurs! I don't expect a response to this .

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But if you do respond, be kind. I am a little shaky right now.

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Bi husband stories

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A wife tells of discovering that her husband is bisexual