Bikini wedgie story

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Which is weird, right? I hate snorkelling for all of those things and more. I snorkelled in Phang Nga Bay and ended up surrounded by fish — for most people, the goal of snorkelling; for me, the scariest outcome. I snorkelled in the Maldives and, in an attempt to prevent water from seeping into my mask, secured it too tightly and ended up with a migraine for the next three days. This year, I decided to give it one more shot.

I was in Aitutaki, the Cook Islands, where the snorkelling is supposed to be some of the best in the world. In other words, I had no excuse.

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Cruises are popular, and every Bikini wedgie story, a handful of boats ferry tourists out onto the water, all of them focusing on the underwater world. My lagoon cruise included Bikini wedgie story snorkelling spots on a full-day tour. As the engine shuddered to life, I busied myself with focusing on the islands on the horizon to try to keep myself from throwing up. After dropping anchor, we sat and listened to our captain as he ran through a list of things to know.

They were like underwater magpies — attracted by shiny things — so we had to remove our jewellery. All of it. Unless we wanted to be followed by dozens of them for the next hour. I definitely did not. I snapped my mask over my head and positioned my mouthpiece next to my face. I wobbled my way over to the side of the boat, watching as everyone either jumped or slid overboard.

Following the father of a French family, I clambered up onto the wooden bench and balanced on the hot edge of the boat. Next, I swung my feet over the side so that they were dangling over the water, having made the executive decision to leave my flippers on the boat for now — I was clumsy enough as it was. I watched the ocean swell beneath me as I contemplated the circling giant trevallies and how they looked just like piranhas in my overly-anxious mind. Something yanked at my crotch and I paused mid-fall.

I was submerged up to my knees but the rest of me was somehow managing to dangle in the air. She let out a gasp. The pain in my ass crack shook me out of my confusion and I flung my arms behind me to secure myself on the side of the boat with my elbows. A jarring pain shot through my right arm when I smashed it into the side. Only then did it become clear what had just happened. I kicked my legs back and forth as I contemplated whether it would be best to let go and hope my bikini ripped in half in a way that could be easily repaired, or force myself upwards and back on board.

At one point I tried kicking my legs like a frog, accidentally pausing with them spread wide open, bikini pulled to one side. And there was my vagina. His entire family was in front of me and I was showing them everything I had.

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Knowing that I had mere moments before the captain spotted me flailing like a moron filled me with a sudden burst of energy. With one final push, I managed to hoist myself up from elbows to my hands, then slide back onto the boat.

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I let out a squeak in return and nodded, staring back at my entire tour group who had just seen my vagina. I had a similar situation happen when I was scuba diving, but it was a hose that had gotten caught in the boat, not my bikini bottoms! Mine resulted in a huge, long lasting bruise on my arm and far less embarrassment. I really am sorry you go through these things and thank you for sharing them for our entertainment! Oh my gosh, Lauren!

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How did you manage to play that one off the rest of the trip?? Bikini wedgie story, well, I think everyone was more embarrassed than I was! I also skipped the final snorkelling stop — a decision that nobody questioned, haha :-D. I spent most of the tour from that point on mentally composing this blog post and giggling to myself! Oh, Lauren! You crack me up! And, you make me feel so normal. Material for your next book? I had tears in my eyes when I read this. From laughing mainly but also from feeling embarrassed and feeling the anxiety fill up my head — Bikini wedgie story think i would have been mortified!!!!

You are so very unique Lauren. I looooved this post!! Ohmigoodness, what an experience! Way to take what is clearly a mortifying experience and make it a great story! Ha, thanks so much, Kate! As you have a love of beach, coast, islands, you know you will have to get back in the water, for some more fine storieswhat else could go wrong? I am literally crying right now! After hubby almost died on an advanced snorkelling trip in the Dominican Republic, I almost drowned jumping off a boat in the Maldives and I hated every minute every snorkelling with turtles in Mexico Apart from when i actually saw turtles — that was pretty coolI too have turned my back on snorkelling.

Yikes that is embarrassing! The joys of life. Thanks for your bare honesty and sharing this story!! Omg this is so mortifying and funny at the same time Lauren! Really gotta give it to you for the most absurd things that happen while travelling! I had a few more incidents in store for me after this writing about them soon! LOL this post was hilarious! Man imagine that time going to the next destination it would be so awkward!

I would have cried if everyone saw my junk. Thank you! Thanks for sharing your amazingly unfortunate story! Oh wow, I totally just visualized that whole experience in my head. Great story. Sorry all this crazy stuff happens to you, but keep it coming! Hahaha this cracked me up! It just reminds me of the times my brother would give me wedgies as a. I can only imagine putting all your weight sharply against such a sensitive area would make you sore for a few days. Wow the Cook Islands are awesome! The pictures caught me and the writing makes me want to. Oh my god, this was seriously laugh-out-loud funny.

I probably would have just hid on the boat the rest of the day hahah. I actually really used to hate snorkeling too, but eventually it ended up growing on me! However, had I had an experience like this one…. So happy you enjoyed the read, Kelly!

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Anyway, I really love your photos of Cook Islands! The views must have been unforgettable not only for a bikini malfunction! Maybe you need a professional space for them? Thanks, Piotr! A professional space for my photos? Totally crazy situation!! Had something similar… tried to hop on a little boat in the Mentawai islands, and let me say that is a no-no if your bottom bikini is a bit loose…?

Yikes Lauren, you always seem to get yourself into quite funky situations. Cheers from Vietnam! My whole Bikini wedgie story Pacific trip actually ended up being one big disaster from start to finish. More on that soon! Just when I think you have the travel horror story of all travel horror stories, you come up with more. But also- OUCH!!! I read your comments about how you hate snorkelling and I may have a solution. This is a fairly new concept in which there is no snorkel. The entire face fits in the mask. My wife and children who had a similar problem to you with regards to snorkeling absolutely love this mask.

It has absolutely transformed how we snorkel. It has eliminated water getting into the mask, fogging etc. The mask is more expensive than normal but I already have it from many friends and family members that it is transformative. I suggest that you give it one more shot. I saw somebody snorkelling with one of those last year and it seemed to work well. It looks ridiculous but I definitely plan to try it out at some point!

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How to Start a Travel Blog. My Monthly Travel Summaries. How I Fund My Travels. Facebook Twitter. I don't think I'll ever visit anywhere as beautiful as Aitutaki I hate snorkelling. Related Posts. My 13 Most Ridiculous Hostel Experiences. Hospitalised in Tonga. I Was Abandoned at the Burmese Border. Suggested Posts. I also skipped the final snorkelling stop — a decision that nobody questioned, haha :-D I spent most of the tour from that point on mentally composing this blog post and giggling to myself!

Whitney Anderson. Maybe 20 or 30 seconds Oh my gosh, what a nightmare! Sorry for laughing so hard at your misfortune. I also hate snorkeling, for all the reasons you listed, minus the wedgie. High five for hating snorkelling! Serendipity Tess. Stan Giles. Oh no!

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That all sounds terrifying and awful and definitely a reason to never snorkel again! Thanks so much, Alyssa! Happy I could make you laugh so hard :-D. Keir Briscoe.

Bikini wedgie story

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