Black breeding wife stories

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Log in. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Black breeders club. Thread starter Ukcuckwanabe Start date Aug 11, Tags breeding cuckold stories fantasy interracial cuckold. If it were real how many people would take their wives and daughters here Yes Votes: No Votes: 12 6.

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Total voters Ukcuckwanabe Couple Gold Member. From UK. Black Breeders Club - a cuckold story if only was true and not fantasy Story about a cuckold wimp husband who has his parents introduce his new wife to a club where their wives are black man fucked and the husbands have to eat the cum from their cunts. It was my dad who first told me about the club.

I was 22 at the time, fresh out of college, and had just married my sweetheart of six years, Trish. I met her personally three days later, as she was walking home from school, and I was jogging. We hit it off immediately, and were boyfriend-girlfriend almost from that very first day we first spoke to Black breeding wife stories another. We weren't sexually intimate though until our honeymoon, some six years later, believe it or not.

Trish wanted to wait, so she always pointed out to me repeatedly when I became overheated as she put it and tried to do a little more than petting, kissing and a little harmless dry humping. I was so madly in love with her, and still am, I should add, that I always stopped when she told me to, fearful that if I didn't, she might break off with me, and I certainly did not wish to chance THAT possibly happening.

Besides, I deeply respected her, and I knew one day we would marry and I would at last get into those sweet panties of hers that I sometimes managed to get a glimpse of when we were making out. So, when the big day arrived and we were married at old St. Anne's church, nobody was more pleased and proud as I was that day! No one was hornier either, I felt sure! I couldn't wait for our honeymoon to begin, and we had two glorious weeks to look forward to in sunny Hawaii. But in all candor, the honeymoon turned out to be a disaster sex-wise. It wasn't Trish's fault, I knew, but mine!

The whole problemyou see, was my cock. I am not all that well endowed, I have to admit, and I just wasn't able to get Trish off, so to speak, when we made love. Us having sexual intercourse was not much of a thrill for my new beautiful blond blue eyed petite 5' 1' bride, I soon found out. Oh, I could manage to make her orgasm with my tongue, I quickly learned, but not even close with my small 5" dick. I don't recall now just how many times we fucked on our honeymoon, but I do remember that none of those fucks produced anything but boredom for my pretty and sexy young 20 year old new wife.

Trish even had names picked out for them. Finally, knowing that my fucking her was so tedious and unrewarding for Trish, by the second week of our Hawaiian honeymoon, I wasn't even trying to put my small cock inside her any longer. I just used my tongue on her plush blond haired covered pussy, let her climax as much as she was able to with me servicing her that way, and let it go at that.

Later on, I would sneak into the bathroom and jerk myself off. Like I said, it proved to be a disastrous honeymoon Black breeding wife stories us both. So, when my dad telephoned me about a week after Trish and I had returned from our honeymoon, and told me he needed to talk with me, I wondered if just maybe it had something to Black breeding wife stories with my failure to please Trish sexually. You see, my dad - well, both my parents actually - had always been very close to Trish since she and I started going together as teenagers.

Trish and my folks spent a lot of time together, especially when I was gone away out of state to attend college for four years, and I knew Trish's parents and mine were close also. In addition, what made me think that perhaps dad wanted to discuss my shortcomings in the marital bed was because she and my parents had spent almost the entire day together the day before while I was at work. The day dad called was a Saturday, and I was off, so when dad called, I told him I'd be right over. Trish was shopping at the mall, and I left a note for her informing her of where I would be, in case she returned before I did.

When I arrived at my parents house that Saturday morning, dad was waiting for me, sipping a cup of coffee, at their kitchen table. He invited me to have some coffee with him, then told me my mother was out back, working in her garden. I sat across from dad, and he began, almost reluctantly, to spill forth a story that had my head spinning. First off, it took him quite some time to get to the heart of it. My dad has never been known as a great spokesman, and in fact, like myself, has always been an introvert, and somewhat quiet, passive and subdued. My dad was nervous, I could tell, so I just let him take his good old time, and waited it out patiently until he got to where he was going.

It finally came. He began by telling me that my pretty blond wife Trish had indeed discussed sexual matters when she visited them the Black breeding wife stories, and more to the point, she had discussed in detail my failures to satisfy her in bed. I blushed somewhat when dad told me that, but he seemed not to notice, and went on. He informed me that he wasn't at all too surprised by Trish's revelations concerning my inadequacies sexually because, as he quickly indicated to me, he too was the same way, and said he had been for some years now.

Maybe HIS failures occurred after that, I pondered? Dad then went on and told me that Trish had complained to him and my mom yesterday that my dick was way too small to be anything of worth to her, and also that I didn't know how to use it anyway. Again, my face reddened, but dad just continued on. It was about at this point that my mom came in from the back yard, poured herself a cup of coffee, gave me an affectionate hug around the neck, and sat down at the table with me and dad.

I felt rather embarrassed, having mom there, in light of the subject matter being discussed by dad, but didn't know how to ask that she leave, so I said nothing about her presence as dad continued to talk. We knew, even back then, that you would probably never be able to please any woman with it.

Right, lovey? I was now really turning red! Doesn't sound like it from what your poor little wife told us yesterday, Robert. I wasn't sure what to say, so I said nothing, and took another sip pf my coffee. Stand up and let's see just what we're dealing with here. I had never ever won an argument with my mother, and I wasn't going to win this one either.

She threatened me with a "good sound spanking" if I didn't get up from my chair by the time she counted to three, and I knew she meant it, so I was up at the count of two, and standing before her like a schoolboy instead of her 22 year married son. I fumbled awkwardly with the zipper on the fly of my jeans, and finally got it down. Then, I extracted my small cock, which now, due to my embarrassing situation, was shriveled up more than usual. Mom pushed my hand away from my dick and took hold of it with her own hand.

She peered very closely at it, and dad was looking at it now closely also. That sissy cock of your is worthless, son," she added, "and I am sure no reproduction seed of value will ever come from it either. He too was shaking his head, as if ashamed at what he'd seen.

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Mom gave my small dick a good squeeze, then told me to put it away. I did so quickly, re-zipped my fly, and sat back down at the table. Don't you agree, Donald?

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WHAT club? What on earth were they referring to?

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I didn't have to wait long to find out. Both mom and dad began telling me, almost at once, about a special club, as they called it, about 20 miles out of town on old highway 17, that took care of women, mostly married women like Trish, whose husbands were less endowed than average. Mom pointed out that all the men there were "very virile" and quite "well hung" she smiled. I was speechless! Was mom, and dad too, actually suggesting that MY sweet Black breeding wife stories wonderful wife, who I loved more than life itself, go to this They were indeed!

And they made no bones about it. Just when the shock of this had started to settle in my brain a little, they then gave me another stunner! Such a shame too. He's such a nice young man. At any rate, when she told us about two months ago that she and Phil were having sexual problems, and that she had been unable to get pregnant by him, we sat them both down, right here in this kitchen, in fact, and had a long talk with them. Carolyn really loves Phil, but she was bent on leaving him, Robert, if she didn't get some sexual satisfaction soon, and a baby in her belly. I couldn't believe what I was hearing!

But she will be ovulating again this weekend, she says, so we'll take her back, just to be sure. With Carolyn trying to.

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And of course he felt humiliated. But he soon got over it. Quite nicely too, I should point out. Now Phil can't wait for those nights that Carolyn goes and gets herself black sexed. Heat first, couldn't bring himself to go with us, but that all changed once he realized how wonderfully Carolyn was getting fucked at the club, and now he goes with us, and is usually right up against the glass watching, along with the other wimpy cuckold husbands, isn't he, dear? I then asked about what on earth "cuckold" meant, and dad explained it to me in full detail.

I just sat there in sheer shock as dad went on and on. Your marriage is at stake here, son, and neither your mother or me want to see it severed, especially when it can be saved so easily. It isn't easy being as frank and candid as we are being with you now, Bobby, but we felt we just had to if you and Trish are going to survive this marriage.

Robert," my mother said.

Black breeding wife stories

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