Boot licking stories

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Dame Caro June 20, June 7, Fiction. I put the address that Mistress sent me on the internet to see where we were going to meet. I was hoping it was again in a public place but on my search, I found out it was a residential address.

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I went to work but obviously, I could not concentrate all day, I went home to get ready for my second date with her. I took a long shower, shaved perfectly well and wore my favorite cologne. I chose a white long sleeve shirt, gray pants, and black shoes. I was really trying to make a very good impression for Mistress.

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I drove to the place I was going to meet her but all of a sudden while I parked in front of the gate, I completely froze. What was I doing?

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What was going to happen in there? What if she was not alone? Should I stay or should I go? Is this what I really want?

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I had so many questions and unfortunately, I had no answer for either of them. I started breathing and I knew I had only 2 options: Or I do it and find out or else I leave and I might regret it all my life?

I jumped out of the car and without hesitation, I rang the bell. A man completely naked but wearing pink panties opened the door and invited me in.

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I kept staring at him without moving and he said, follow me, Mistress is waiting. So I did. He took me to the leaving room and left closing the doors behind him. Mistress was there sitting on a red leather couch, she was sipping white wine and barely looked at me.

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As in the restaurant, she was radiant but this time she was wearing black latex pantsa very tight corset and incredible tall boots to match. Do you like what you see boy, she asked? Omg she caught me staring at her and I felt so ashamed. Yes Mistress I do! Ok come and sit by my side but on the floor, I need someone to lick my boots cause I see little spots all over. Nervously I walked to her, sat on the floor and started doing my job of boots licking. It felt so good, I even liked the taste. When I was done I stopped and she looked at me and in a demanding voice said… Who told you you could stop?

I said but Mistress I Boot licking stories I cleaned them well. She pushed me with her foot and I felt on my back. She looked at me straight in the eyes and said: You do not think! Yes, Mistress, I said………. No, thanks! Related posts:. Change Of Femdom Goddess Ownership. Poem For My Submissive Man. What did I get my Cock into?! Bound to a Leather Clad Bench. My First Dominant Mistress.

Whatever It Takes : the story of a Dominant Woman. Do you need discipline?

Boot licking stories

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