Boy to girl makeover stories

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I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too Hope you'll like it! User Name. Remember Me. Gallery's Feed. Dear Diary's Feed. Story's Feed. Danny Pierce, not quite twenty-two years old, sat in the office of Rita Carson, with his Aunt Cheryl who smiling smugly. Danny was an ideal candidate and knew full well what was in store for him. Rita began her usual lecture. Two years at the detention center or the same amount of time being sissified and feminized by my special Triple M curriculum.

Danny shivered. It was true. First he had been taken to a dressing and shower room by two female officers. They had roughly stripped him, shaved his body with cream and a razor. Then they had coated him with depilatory and threw him in a shower. A hair stylist had set and styled his hair into a cute and put peach nail polish and lipstick on him. Hey sissy fag, be my girlfriend? You, with your pretty, long hair, would become the girlfriend of the biggest, toughest hood in the place.

They would fight over you. Looking at the young man, she thought with his dark hair and smoldering eyes, he resembled Denise Sands, that gorgeous, new, teen rock star. Rita had already mentioned this to Cheryl, and they both considered it a cute girls name for whenever Danny begged to be dressed as a girl and not as a sissy boy. All of Ms. They soon tired of the public humiliations they suffered as sissies.

It was much less stressful learning to pass as a pretty girl and have people perceive and accept them as such. He had recently asked his mother, Helene, about what dress size he was. Danny cringed as he realized Barbara knew of the plan of discipline being enforced upon him.

In fact she was all for it. Pansy Pierce. Carson said laughingly. Pansy cringed at the new name and also at going to Dr. His cousin Sharon worked as the head nurse there and was exited about helping with the hormone therapy. Cane had several sissy patients in various stages of transformation. Pansy knew the doctor enjoyed her work and was good at it. His mother, Helene pulled into the parking lot of the local strip mall and walked with her sissy son to the Cosmetic Center. Chrissy, just past his twent-third birthday, had on tight, red, Capri slacks, a white halter Boy to girl makeover stories, black, three-inch spike heeled sandals, and jangling charm bracelets.

Underneath his pink hair net he wore his coppery red, shoulder length hair in large, baby blue curlers. His flame red nail polish was the only concession to make-up, as he would be having it applied at the Cosmetic Center, by his girlfriend Sadie. Actually, Sadie had a new boyfriend for the time being, Billy King, a college baseball player. The sight of the sissy boy entering the store sent many ladies into hysterical laughter.

Boy to girl makeover stories let me help you up on the high makeup stool honey. There we go. Ups a daisy! Good girl! Sadie stepped back so the boy could see, and she and his mother had a good chuckle. Sadie especially liked the Magic Mocha lipstick her ex-boyfriend now wore. The young man took on a look of shock and dismay. By the time Chrissy was at the register paying for the makeover, and all the cosmetics his mother had made him purchase, he was presentable. He looked at all the feminine items in his basket, including the Burnt Crimson hair color, by Loreal, and wanted to burst into tears.

I just came from Dr. Oh excuse me.

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How rude. Yes, this is my son. No, there is no initiation. Possibly the boy at the office has the same probation officer as Chrissy.

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You see, Ms. Carson, the officer, disciplines her male charges by dressing them as sissy boys, or as girls. She makes them all dress this garishly and ridiculous? Helene, and Sadie, who had come to the front of the store, to spray Chrissy with perfume.

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Chrissy could only limp his wrist and giggle at his sorry plight. His cousin Sharon had been discreet when she came for him and had left the exam room while he changed into the smock he was given. Cane had the gift of making all her sissy clients feel comfortable and normal. She had this effect on Pansy. Cheryl had used this as her first salon, before beginning her chain. Both she and Ronda had spent much of the morning getting rid of his male clothes. They had redecorated his now feminine room, stocking that room with sissy and girl clothing, accessories, cosmetics, etc. Tina would now have her hair done by Aunt Cheryl and Pansy would get a wash, cut and set by cousin Ronda.

She left his hair just to his shoulders, blunt cut, with a cute fringe of bangs across the top of his plucked eyebrows. She then used a pink jell and big plastic rollers to set his hair. Covering his rolled hair with a hair net she helped him out of the chair. By the way, expect to set your hair frequently, here, and at the salon. There was one thing Pansy was wondering about, not that it was any of his business.

Tina was quite receptive, giggled and tongued Aunt Cheryl back. The two had smiled at each other as only lovers do. Forgot your username? Poor Best.

Boy to girl makeover stories

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