Braces fetish stories

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I wonder if anyone here know about long stories about braces or dental fetish that involve the treatment and other things. I've bought many of her writings no Braces fetish stories if you read them and their very well done, and can be very erotic.

As a 42 year old guy back inI decided to get my deep, severe overbite, TMJ issues, etc. I had had this problem for nearly 20 years at that point. During those years, several specialists told me that jaw breaking surgery was the only way to fix my problem. My wife is an RN who had plenty of ICU experience taking care of such patients who had their jaws broken with this surgery. Usually, you will have to spend several days in the hospital with your jaw wired shut. For the first few days, you will be in ICU, because someone usually a nurse will have to clip the wires of your locked jaw if you vomit This is a real possibility after this surgery.

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She told me she had clipped many wires in her career. I soon made an appointment with this guy. After a thorough examination with x-rays, impressions, etc.

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He said I was lucky because my upper teeth and jaw, although very much jetting forward, had plenty of room in the back where they could be moved because my wisdom teeth had been removed many years earlier. Then, I had two choices presented to me. He said most adults would do the extractions. I told him I did NOT want any extractions, if possible. He said headgear was the only other option.

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In a short time, I was fitted with separators between my back molars. A week later, I came back to have 8 heavy metal bands placed on my back molars, upper and lower. There were all kinds of hooks and tubes on these bands. I was told I would have rubber bands, powerchains and the headgear attached to these hooks and tubes at a future time. Glue-on brackets were placed on all the other teeth and a very small wire was installed through the brackets and bands. This process was painless, but a couple days later, my teeth were so sore, I found that a liquid diet worked best.

This caused immediate pressure in my upper molars. A couple days later, all my molars were rather sore, but tolerable. I already was experiencing positive changes in my bite. My lower teeth only had one wire change to this point. These teeth were having Braces fetish stories minor adjustments to straighten out individual teeth which were slightly rotated, etc. At month six, the fun really began. It was a LONG appointment. First, I had a new heavier wire place on the top teeth with the reverse curves, as usual. Then, a thin wire, metal powerchain was woven back and forth through all the upper brackets from the back molars across all the upper teeth.

And rubber bands, were placed from the back of my lower jaw to hooks on the incisors of my upper teeth helping to pull my upper jaw backwards. The headgear device was shown to me. I was told it could only come out when eating or showering. So, I walked out of the ortho office, through the filled, staring waiting room, with a whole new look as a 43 year old grown man.

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When I got back to my office job, I also got lots of stares. In fact, I got lots of stares everywhere I went. After a while, people asked me what was going on and I was happy to explain how it all was working.

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Moving forward two years, I continued having monthly adjustments and tweaking done with rubber bands and various powerchains. My bite was incredible and everything fit perfectly. On June 1,at the age of 43, my braces were removed. In the end, I can truly say that my personal experience with orthodontics and the similar orthodontic experiences of close friends, has probably caused my braces fetish.

I still enjoy seeing people with a mouthful of traditional metal braces, especially on women. I got braces when I was a teenager. I was so excited because I thought I'd get the Braces fetish stories but I was way wrong and I was so disappointed. Read here more information what is bonus group membership. Various features here might not work at all. List Browse List by tags. Dental fetish Medical Fetish. Views: Created: Post 1. Post 2.

Post 3. Im not into pedophilia as well! Post 4. For me it was a good experience and saved me from having my jaw broken Post 5. Sorry, Full sized images are viewable for bonus group members only. Save Cancel.

Braces fetish stories

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