Breast theft story

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And still a little drunk. August 12, Trilon15 0 Comments.

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I hauled my giant tits into a tight booth and rested their huge bulk with relief on the uneven wooden table in the dimly lit dive bar. Jenna sat there. I placed a couple of drinks down in front of us. August 9, Trilon15 0 Comments.

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I felt my shirt pulling against my large boobs as I skipped back across the street. I slid into an alley and facing away from the roaring traffic I slid the huge 32G bra across my bulbous breasts. I shivered with pleasure as my swollen[ August 5, Trilon15 0 Comments.

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I finished up the chalk circle, making sure there were no gaps, and I lit the thick candles. The heavy, animal smell that wafted up from them made me gag, but that was a good ; it meant were the real deal.

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I shut the[ March 19, Trilon15 0 Comments. Dana was the perfect college student. She was whip-smart, for a start, and had the looks to go along with it. Beautiful, raven hair, perfect blue eyes, a gorgeous, perky pair of 32Ds: Dana was beloved by pretty much everyone on campus.

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I say pretty [ January 29, Trilon15 0 Comments. Penny stopped at the door and looked into the gym. It was just a convenient place this time of year to do[ This website uses cookies and third party services to give you the best experience.

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Breast theft story

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