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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Sam Adams was one of the riches men in the South during the eighteen forties. His plantation wasn't nearly as large as others scattered up the banks of the Mississippi River. His home was larger and nicer than most but he only had a few hundred acres of land. While the other planters worried about the crops and keeping good slaves happy he only had enough planted to feed his own people.

He made his money buying and selling slaves. Most of the plantation owners looked down their noses at him and the way he made his money. At the same time it was Sam they went too when they needed slaves. He had come up with a way to turn over his money quicker than just buying and selling.

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He bred slaves. He purchased all young black women and he kept a black stud to breed them with. Once they had he could sell both the mother and child for a premium. He seldom kept a stud more than a year before he changed to a younger one that could last longer. It might seem like a nice life for a black slave to be the plantation stud, but he soon burned out trying to breed more than a hundred women each year.

Plus other owners often brought their female slaves to be bred to him. Sam was forty-five years old and never been married. He was a handsome man that had his share of other men's wives. Why some husband hadn't already killed him was a miracle. He also had all the black pussy he wanted. He had a keen eye when it came to picking the most productive women from among the slaves.

He liked them young and at eighteen they were at the perfect childbearing age. Seeing a pregnant woman at work meant it wouldn't be long before he would have another one to sale. He made a trip to New Orleans at least once a month to see what was for sale at the slave auctions. He took this time to party with the rich of New Orleans.

It was at one of the parties that he found what he had been looking for. She was young, eighteen, a small girl with silky blond hair and a perfect figure. He could tell that she would be the type that would always keep her looks. And most of all she must be a virgin since she was so young. Her father was once very rich but time and whiskey had taken it all away from him.

He knew that the only way back for him was for Molly to marry a wealthy plantation owner. He knew that he would have to find someone quick or it would be too late to help him. Molly was young but she understood that she must marry someone for his or her money. It was just the way things were done during that time. She only hoped that her father would find some one that wasn't old and ugly.

No one understood this better than Sam. One look at Molly and he searched out her father. Sam pulled him over to the side of the party and offered him a deal. Sam knew he had her then. I leave for home tomorrow and she will be with me. We can get a justice of the peace to marry us before we leave. You have one hour to make your decision. He knew that Molly would be leaving with him the next morning. Molly was shocked when her father told her that he had an offer he couldn't refuse.

Being only eighteen she had not thought it would happen so soon. Her father pointed Sam out to her across the room. At least he wasn't as old as some of them and he was quite handsome. She stared across at Sam and he raised his drink glass as thought to toast the deal. Her father came back over to see Sam. He tried to get him to raise his offer but Sam refused.

He knew that no one else could beat his offer. I will have the papers ready to then. At seven Molly was waiting for him in front Breeding farm sex stories the hotel. The luggage she had wasn't very big, as times were really bad then. Sam had the papers ready for her father and a justice of peace that he had bribed to marry them.

Just that quick they were married and on their way to the boat. Sam and Molly hadn't spoken a work to each other except for the marriage vows. The vows really meant nothing since Sam could divorce her anytime he wanted. The trip back up the river took most of the morning. Molly stood by the rail and watched as New Orleans Breeding farm sex stories her old life slowly passed into the distance.

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She only hoped that the man that was now her husband would not beat her like some husbands did their wives. As the boat docked Sam lead her by the hand off the boat and over to a seat next to the dock. She watched as Sam met the captain and they went back aboard the boat only to appear a moment later.

Behind them were several slaves still tied together. She counted them and saw that there were eight young women and no men.

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She thought that was strange since most owners wanted strong males to work in the fields. Sam had them loaded in a wagon that was waiting and then came for Molly. He helped her in his carriage, pulled by two of the nicest horses Molly had ever seen. The first glimpse of the house that was to be her home was just as shocking.

She had never dreamed of living in such splendor. The insides were even more splendid. Sam had the maid take her to the master suit. Later came sooner than she expected. She had barely unpacked when Sam entered the room without knocking. This is my house and I don't knock before Breeding farm sex stories any room. You are my wife and you will have everything you need. All you have to do is see that the house is kept clean, food on the table, and fill my bed when I want you.

Molly was shocked that he was so plain spoken. Even as young as she was she knew that she wasn't much different from the other slaves he had. She was just going to be treated better. She was already missing her friend's back home. She had not had time to even tell Shun bye. He was her cousin and a couple of years older than she was but they had always been close. She was going to miss him more than she knew. The slaves brought dinner to them in the huge dinning room. Sam told them she was his wife and that they were to do as she told them.

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They just nodded as they left the two of them alone. Sam finished first and pushed back his chair and lit up his pipe. We don't raise crops here. We raise slaves. He told her about the stud that he kept to breed the women with.

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What he said made her sick to her stomach.

Breeding farm sex stories

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