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I am in no way suggesting that the events of this story would be safe or appropriate. This story is in no way based on real events or people. The night it began I was babysitting or at least I was home with Alice, my little sister, and our mother was out. I took the video player up to my room and hooked it up to the TV. Then I settled down to an hour of private pleasure. The video left nothing to the imagination. A pretty young girl, about the same age as Allie with a boy about young who was trying to persuade her to take off her panties. She appeared reluctant, shaking her head and retreating away from his reaching hands.

Then he grabbed her and she was left with no choice as he tore her flimsy panties from her slim body and pushed her to the floor. She shook her head as he forced her slim legs apart and positioned his large, erect cock between her thighs.

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I could see her naked, hairless pussy, and it got me excited. My own five-inch prick was rigid with excitement and I was stroking it through the material of my jeans.

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I turned quickly to see my little sister, my sweet, innocent baby sister, three years younger than me, staring entranced at the action on the screen. I grabbed for the remote and stopped the tape but it was too late. Or that you play with yourself. She was pretty and petite, a cute kid with enormous eyes that captivated everyone. They were still only little mounds but they looked bigger because she was so tiny-the top of her head only came up to my chest.

Although she still pretty much looked like a little girl, she suddenly looked very sexy. She was more attractive than the girl in the video. I had never thought of my sister in a sexual way before, but I suddenly realized that she was almost a woman now that her body was starting to take shape and the idea of jerking off while she was in the same room suddenly excited me. She wriggled excitedly as she wrapped her slim arms round my neck. The pressure of her firm little bottom on my still hard penis was immediate.

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I was sure that she must be able to feel my rigid prick pressing into her tight ass but she gave no of noticing. If anything she squirmed herself a little deeper into my lap and my prick pushed harder against her. I reluctantly pushed her off and told her to get a move on. She was back in minutes. I could also see the bottom of her panties and I realized that she was just as excited about watching the movie together as I was.

I started the video and sat next to her. She had stretched herself out face down on the bed. Her legs were slightly apart and bent up at the knees. Lying on her stomach with her feet in the air, her nightie was short enough that I could see the smooth white of her thighs and her pink panties. Her ass was firm and round, and it was clearly visible through the outline of her thin cotton underpants. My dick grew a little harder at the sight. I rested my hand casually on her slim leg, just below her knee. She glanced at me but she said nothing. Her eyes were glued to the television screen though occasionally she flicked her eyes to my face to see if I was watching.

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I tried to remind myself that this was my little sister but all I could think of was doing to her what the guy was doing to the girl in the video. I moved Brother fucks little sister stories hand to rest lightly on the soft flesh above her knee but she was too lost in the video to notice. My hand trembled slightly as I began to slowly stroke the soft flesh of her inner thigh, just above her dimpled knee. She was clearly excited by what she was seeing on the video.

Her innocent young eyes were open wide and her breathing was shorter and faster. I moved my hand a little higher until I was stroking the silky smooth skin halfway up the inside of her thigh. She jumped a little as my hand brushed against her slit. Play with myself or with you?

Was she saying that she wanted to play with me? She paused the video to study a scene that had an adult man with a girl that looked about her own age. The man had his cock half inside her hairless cunt. The young girl had her eyes closed and a look of ecstasy on her pretty face. How does he get it in there without hurting her? I decided not to push it. Allie blushed an even deeper scarlet. She nodded eagerly. Her eyes were glued to my crotch.

Slowly and teasingly, I showed her bulge of my hard dick pressed against the thin material of my jeans. When I looked up at Allie, I was surprised to see a thin film of sweat on her upper lip. Her eyes were protruding as she stared at the quivering outline of my member. She lost no time, quickly using both hands to pull aside my pants to release my pulsing ramrod.

I want you to let me feel it and make it squirt its stuff. At first it was easy to tell that she had never seen one in person before; she was petting it like you would a dog. She got behind me and we both stood up. My pants were at my ankles, and I had peeled my shirt off. I was almost naked in front of my sweet little sister, and that realization made my cock grow another half inch.

Her warm little hand stroked my dick, and within a minute she had gotten me almost to the point of no return. My sticky white cum shot out all over her hand. She gasped in surprise at first, then giggled as I spasmed in her hands. I watched as her warm little mouth slipped over the head of my penis, slowly cleaning it up. No sooner had Brother fucks little sister stories finished that statement than I came again, this time in her mouth.

She gagged on it at first, and I thought she was going to puke. But she kept it down, and this time she smiled a little. Inwardly I smiled. I knew I would have the time of my life teaching her everything about sex. After she came back up to me, I kissed her all over her neck. Quickly I pulled up my briefs and zipped up my jeans. But not before teasing me by pulling up her shirt and pulling down her panties to give me a glimpse of that sweet little ass of hers.

I desperately wanted to shove my dick up that ass and make her scream in ecstasy. But I knew that I would have to wait for another opportunity. That opportunity ended up coming sooner than I was expecting it.

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That next morning, Saturday, I woke up early and went downstairs. As I walked into the kitchen to fix a bowl of cereal, I passed Allie in the living room. She was laying on her stomach, and I could see her panties and her ass just below the thin material of her nightie. This time, I was braver.

I bent over, kissed her on the cheek, and proceeded to rub her back. She sighed and relaxed her neck muscles. Immediately my young cock was hard again. Then she got up and followed me into the kitchen. As I poured the cereal, I noticed that she was staring at me intently. I blushed. Even though having a pretty little girl like Allie ask me a question like that was my biggest fantasy, I was still nervous.

I pulled down my thin pajama pants and boxers and let her see my trembling member. She touched my dick for awhile longer, and then I told her that she would have to stop. I pulled up my pants and went back to fixing myself breakfast. I turned around, becoming a little bit exasperated. At times like this she just about melted my heart. The only difference in this one from Brother fucks little sister stories was that I could do what I wanted to do, which was squeeze her buttcheeks with my free hand.

I felt the warm flesh roll between my fingers. I dug my fingers a little deeper, and just as I was squeezing her ass for all it was worth, she giggled and pushed me away a little. I was more than a little hungry and I just wanted some breakfast. Quickly I glanced around the kitchen. Thinking quickly, I handed her the first thing I grabbed — a large glass pitcher. Allie set the pitcher on the floor and pulled down her panties. I heard the tinkling sound of her urine hitting the pitcher, and her relieved sigh.

I glanced down between her legs and I could see her golden-yellow stream splashing into the bottom of the receptacle.

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My cock grew two inches in a split second. More than an inch of hot yellow fluid was resting in the bottom of the glass, and Allie showed no s of stopping. She looked up at me and giggled. Finally her stream slowed to drops and she started squirmed. She farted softly, daintily, and then giggled some more.

I grabbed the pitcher from her and dumped it down the sink as she pulled her panties up. Rinsing out the pitcher, I caught the pungency of her waste as it wafted up to my nose. I breathed it in, delighting in the spicy aroma.

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