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If you are using a proxy or an archive this is probably what you want so just continue although some functions and formatting may be inoperative. The following story is fiction about three girls dominating their brothers. The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and bondage.

If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor i. This is an illustrated story. Nocti Raven and I worked together to produce this. You can find his work on animeotk. To download and show the miniatures thumbnails of the drawings within the story approximately 50kB click the button to the right. Clicking the thumbnails will open the full size drawings in new tabs or windows. This work is copyright by the author and artist and commercial use is prohibited without permission. The author would appreciate your comments — pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

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YLeeCoyote juno. Raven gmail. It was Wednesday and as usual Tracy and Pete's parents were at their weekly card game with their friends. For almost a year now they have not hired a babysitter because they decided that thirteen-year-old Tracy not only didn't need a babysitter but that she was old enough to 'watch' her eleven-year-old brother.

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Pete was not over joyed that his big bossy sister was in charge however since she was not called a 'babysitter' that improved his status with his friends. Pete even agreed that he would listen to Tracy and she promised to be reasonable. In the perpetual fight against parents, even siblings can be allies, following the old adage "My enemy's enemy is my friend.

Allies are not always trustworthy as Pete found out the second week when he made a tactical error and started to play with a ball in the house rather than tend to his homework. Tracy pounced like a cat does on a mouse. His big sister continued: "I'll bet that Dad will really roast your cute little butt after I give him a report. Pete made a faithful decision then for he begged his sister not to tell for he feared that not only would he get a spanking but he would get a babysitter again.

Tracy was quick on the response and once again sounded like their mother. He started to object but she quickly cut him off.

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Pete slowly climbed the stairs and even more slowly stripped before getting into the corner with his hands on his head as his father required except this time he was waiting for his big sister instead. She did not keep him waiting long before entering the room and sitting on his bed to admire his cute little body.

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Then she called him over and quickly made him put his hands at his side so that they would not cover his privates. He was blushing all over. She insisted that there was not any reason to blush for she had seen it all before when she helped change his diaper years earlier and since than had seen other boys — even older boys with pubic hair. She had him lie over her lap and spanked him with her hand. She found it thrilling to see her hand prints on his cute little butt and then watch the pink spread with each additional spank so his bottom was red all over.

She had an agenda so she did not spank him very hard hoping that he would prefer a spanking from her rather then from their dad. After a couple more spankings she stepped up the level and even switched to using a ping-pong paddle to increase her spanking effectiveness. She also became stricter so that she would have more opportunities to spank him.

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After four months, she had her brother well trained to obey her even faster then he obeyed their parents. She had also increased her supervision so that he got used to her seeing him naked even when she was not spanking him as she did not think that boys should be modest especially little boys with their sisters.

It was a few months after she first spanked Pete, that one Wednesday, she told him to strip for a spanking. Pete was not happy about that and complained, saying: "But I didn't even do anything. It was only after she had whacked his butt with the paddle repeatedly so that it was glowing red that she explained: "I'm teaching Nita to spank her brother tomorrow Brother sister spanking stories I need to make sure I'm not rusty. He couldn't imagine that his sister would ever get rusty in regard to spanking — especially spanking him. It was only later that he remembered that Nita's brother was older than all of them.

It would be even worse for Norman than for him as he would be spanked by his younger sister. Tracy had planned carefully with her friend. Nita was definitely jealous of Tracy's power over her brother getting him naked and especially that she spanked him. Several times she had the great joy of witnessing it so she knew for a fact that it was true.

Pete was not happy that Nita not only knew but had watched. Adding insult to injury, she had even given him a few spanks herself. Further since he had frequently been naked in her presence she knew precisely how small his penis was and that he had not yet gotten any hair down there. He could not do anything about it, however.

Pete was grateful for one thing — the two girls kept everything to themselves so that he was not embarrassed outside the house. Occasionally, Nita would even "molest" him and that felt good. Although he wished he hadn't, he developed a sense of respect and deference to Nita just like he had to Brother sister spanking stories own sister. Pete was glad that she was a year older so she was not in his classes. Acting in accordance with their plan, Nita was out of the house when Tracy came by to visit her. That gave her time alone with Norman, Nita's thirteen and a half-year-old brother.

Like many boys of his age, he was desperate to get some first hand knowledge of girls' anatomy especially as the other guys claimed that they had. As Tracy expected he tried with her and she was friendlier than usual as planned. Gradually, leading him down the primrose path, Tracy was able to undress the budding Romeo and soon had him in just his tightie-whites while she still was dressed.

It was then that Nita made her presence known, phone in hand having gotten several pictures of her big brother being undressed by Tracy while she was still fully clothed.

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By now Norman was flat on his back on the floor, his tightie-whites tented. He wanted to get up but Tracy leaned on his shoulders while Nita sat on his legs keeping him down. The girls discussed the best way to distribute the pictures on the Brother sister spanking stories and to parents. Norman was soon fully aware that his kid sister and her friend had the upper hand. Norman quickly learnt Nita's price for not destroying his life. Norman was required to raise up his legs after she got off them. She then yanked his briefs off and tossed them away. She prevented his legs from going down with an arm block.

He was not prepared for the hard spank she delivered while he was in the diaper position. Not only did he howl but he jerked about. The next spank was not any different so the response was the same. Seeing this Tracy shifted position and got her knees on Norman's shoulders and wrapped her arm about his legs to assure that they stayed up so that Nita Brother sister spanking stories spank him thoroughly.

Of course, that was useless for Nita was not to be deterred from her quest. Nita quickly discovered that hitting with her bare hand really hurt so she switched to the ping pong paddle, as Tracy had advised, to tan her big brother's butt. Tracy made an interesting discovery and could not help but to mention it: "Hey, your big brother's not so big where it counts! If anything, the younger Pete was larger although both were hairless as babies, unlike Nita and herself who were well on the path to womanhood. Then Nita began to use the paddle methodically alternating between the left check and the right check until each one was glowing uniformly red like a pair of stop lights.

Norman yelled and finally broke down and cried. All three knew that things were now different. Nita was most joyful about that. Norman just gave an extra sob at the thought and that his friends and enemies might learn of his shameful plight. All three well knew that he would be the laughing stock in school if others knew that his younger sister had spanked him to tears. Understand, little brother? Niki had been totally transfixed by what had happened at Nita's slumber party a few days before.

The five girls ranging in age from eleven to almost fourteen mostly did their usual things. What was different was what happened to Norman, Nita's thirteen and half-year old brother. He was stripped and spanked in front of all the girls. It was totally awesome. Nita had ly told her friends how she and Tracy had subdued her older brother and now spanked him regularly. Niki was, to say the least, skeptical about this for it seemed like a fairy tail.

Brother sister spanking stories

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