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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Burke about her newest book, Spindrift. A contemporary romance, Spindrift is definitely a departure from her work, but I found it to be equally delightful! Landice: Thank you so much for agreeing to speak with me, Anna! Would you like to introduce yourself to readers not yet familiar with you or your work? Anna Burke: Sure! I am predominately a speculative fiction writer.

My first book, Compass Roseis a dystopian high-seas lesbian pirate novel, and my next two books, Thorn Butch femme stories Nottinghamare retold fairytales Beauty and the Beast and the legend of Robin Hood, respectively. Is Kraken a German Shepherd based off of your own pup? These are the sort of hard-hitting questions Lesbrary readers are here for, obviously.

Anna: Kraken is absolutely based on my GSD, and another dog, who will appear in later books, is inspired by my Cocker Spaniel. I love writing animals into my work—and not just because I love animals, though that admittedly might have a lot to do with it. From a craft perspective, how characters interact with their pets can reveal a great deal about them, and they can also serve as a humanizing influence on characters who might otherwise be irredeemable. Landice: Very true! But her interactions with Nell and with other animals in the first part of the novel really help us glimpse past the emotional walls she puts up!

What, if any, were some of the challenges you faced in writing that aspect of the novel? Anna: This is a great question. Mental health is a topic that is close to my heart, and is something that I—as well as most of the people I know—struggle with. Not only is it a major issue in the veterinary profession, but it also is something that the queer community faces disproportionately.

Sometimes surviving is the bravest thing we can do. Landice: And what excellent boat scenes they are! Spindrift reminds me of that. And, you know. Some good flannel ripping. Landice: Flannel ripper! Oh, my god. That is the best Butch femme stories way to describe this novel, honestly. Can we make them a thing? Honestly, I love hopping genres. I did enjoy not having to create entire worlds and societies, and there was less research involved though again, being married to a vet made the veterinary research component easy.

But characterization and world-building are the same regardless of genre. Anyone who follows me on social media knows this is a big departure from the norm! I love the others, but they definitely hurt. But to wrap up, how would you describe Spindrift to a potential reader in a couple sentences or so? And, while Morgan still has the job and friends, her heart is broken into a million tiny pieces. Emilia Russo is a burned-out shelter vet. When the unexpected death of her father triggers a mental breakdown that hastens the end of her relationship, she retreats to his house in Seal Cove, Maine.

She plans on spending the summer renovating it while she figures out how to pull the pieces of her life back together. You can find her as Butch femme stories on PatreonInstagramTwitteror on her website, annahburke. Landice is an autistic lesbian graphic de student who lives on a tiny farm outside of a tiny town in rural Texas. Her personal book blog is Manic Femme Reviews. Remember Me, Synthetica by K. Aten is a fun new lesfic novel with sci-fi elements, available now from Regal Crest!

Alexandra Turing is a roboticist whose intellect is unrivaled in the field of artificial intelligence. While science has always come easy, Alexandra struggles to understand emotional cues and responses. Her life is rebooted when she wakes from a coma six months after being struck by a car. Despite the changes, she feels reborn as she navigates her way back into her old life. What she discovers changes more than her life, it will change the world around her. Even with context, where to begin? Synthetica is unique in that it truly toes the line between romance and genre fiction without ever fully leaning in to one of the other.

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In the spirit of transparency, I have to admit that I had a lot of mixed feelings about Synthetica at first. My worry completely evaporated not long after, when she served up a plot twist of truly epic proportions! All of that is to say, if you pick up Syntheticakeep an open mind, and read it Butch femme stories to the end! If you enjoy romance novels that are plot driven and thought provoking, Remember Me, Synthetica might be Butch femme stories book for you! Aten for sending me an advance copy to review! All opinions are my own.

I decided to just keep reading from where I had got to because I could mostly remember what had ly happened and so I sped through the last two thirds and finished the book in about 5 days, crying pretty regularly through it. Stone Butch Blues is an iconic piece of lesbian and trans fiction. The novel follows her growing more and less into herself, in a lyrical and winding narrative. Jess is by no means perfect, but following her through her life is such a gritty and precious experience. What shines through the novel is love and solidarity; a love for butchness, for femmes, for people who dont make sense or fit in, for people who are not women and are not men, for working class people, and by the end even maybe for communists!

Charming the Vicar is the sequel to Courting the Countess and tells the story of the ultra femme and sexy af Bridget Claremont, the vicar of Axedale. Bridget is used to having to guide lost sheep to their flock, but this one might just be out of her reach. I really loved both characters and their stories. She may be almost widely accepted and loved in Axedale, barring a few, but is haunted by her life, even more so as her need to help Finn open up and cope with her grief becomes a lot more than just her day job.

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I hope we get a book of her falling in love with a cute sweet femme soon. This story was especially awesome for this poor lesbian looking for Butch femme stories dashing knight to save her. Babusha is a 23 year old ace lesbian who loves queer love stories in every form- especially fantasy lesbian assassins who can kill her with one look. I am constantly searching for that mythical POC bookish lesbian nerd and will at some point actually start writing out of sheer desperation and boredom.

You can find her gushing about her fave gay novels and movies on Twitter redqueensparta. This is such a pleasant romance! In this sweet novel, chef and single mom Darcy meets adorable soft butch artist Emerson at a wedding and the pair begin casually dating. Ever since the death of her parents while she was in med school, Emerson has been all about living in the moment. Darcy on the other hand has spent her entire post-college life as a devoted and responsible parent. That is, until he and Emerson meet by accident and hit it off.

What happens when a little summer fling starts turning into something more? I really liked this novel. The obstacles seemed realistic and conflicts hinged on differing worldviews and experiences, not simple misunderstandings.

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Darcy might come across as a bit guarded, but as a mom I thought that was relatable. Liam came across as a real, nerdy eight year old, which I especially enjoyed. His scenes with Emerson were very cute. This book has a nice balance of sweet and believable as well as having some pretty hot love scenes.

The whole thing was very satisfying and fun. I liked the resolution, though I thought the last few s seemed to rush the story along a little bit and I would have preferred them as an epilogue set a few months down the road. Still, it was a delightful romance and I highly recommend it.

It might be worth reading the series in order but if you, like me, are only interested in books with lesbian moms right now, skip straight to this one. Five stars. Elinor Zimmerman is the author of Certain Requirementswhich will be released by Bold Strokes Books in Spring and is a contributor to the anthology Unspeakably Eroticedited by D.

King, and out now. Her website is ElinorZimmerman. Knowledge is power. Sofie, however, has always felt pretty powerless, at least when it comes to academics. She enjoys school—playing soccer and hanging out with her cute, popular boyfriend Paul. But now, close to graduation, she realizes that her world is changing. Until she realizes something else. A road trip with Clea to scout potential universities kicks off an avalanche of self-discovery, one which sweeps away her old life and just about everyone in it. Unfortunately, Femme is just that.

Everything happens too quickly, too easily. Time zooms along. Character development seems limited to a few ifiers: Clea is a good student! Sofie is a foodie who never really talks about food or cooks anything after declaring herself a foodie! Paul is handsome and popular! Along we cruise towards the predictable end of the story. Coming Butch femme stories stories still have their place in LGBT lit, but it is not unfair to expect more from them these days than mere self-discovery. It seems like Sofie comes out because the author decided to write a story about a girl coming out.

No stress, no struggle, just another plot point and on we go. The world needs stories. We especially need lesbian stories, lesbian stories of butch women, women of color and size and age, stories of self-discovery and Butch femme stories love. We need all of this, and while Femme tries hard to deliver, ultimately I believe we can do better. Their chance meeting le to high-flying intimacy, and—perhaps—love. A butch lesbian stood near the exit, browsing the New Titles display.

Each cell in my body instantaneously comes alive and urgent messages from my femme brain race through my entire nervous system. However, I enjoyed the story immensely and will definitely read anything else that Macdougal produces. It absolutely delivered. It contains a huge array of different kind of butches and femmes and a futch, and some switches, and…embodied by many different genders and sexualities. Some are incredibly personal, and some are political declarations. There are opinions all over the spectrum in this collection, and there is a lot to be debated.

For example: do butch and femme constitute each other, or can you be a butch without a femme and vice versa?

Butch femme stories

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