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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Rebels butt smells sour around his tail, I always clean under his tail after he poops, is this normal or should I take him in? Manydogs Well-known member. Community Veteran.

May 2, 13, Tennessee Country U. Rebel may need his anal glands expressed. Some dogs need it done more often than others. It is not very pleasant to smell. You can do it yourself or have the vet do it. JeannieCO Queenie. Does it smell sour or fishy or like a stink bug? His bum shouldn't really have a sour smell to it. Check his tail pocket to make sure he doesn't have something else going on. You can clean the tail pocket too with witch hazel and a cotton ball.

Sour like feet. Staff member. How old are they usually when they first need this done. Trust Me on This! There has been two occasions when Rocco smelled fishy but luckily it went away after a day or two. All dogs are different. Some hardly ever need it. I had one dog who needed his expressed about every two months, and some once a year. It is hard to say-but little pups don't usually have problems. I'm guessing maybe from 8 months or so-could need it, but as I said, some have more problems with it than others.

Sometimes, even though their butt looks clean-if they are scooting, it's usually a that they may need it done. Chumley New member. Wouldn't they be dragging their butt in the ground if it was needed? Chums never had it done. Not all dogs scoot when they need it done. Most dogs need it done-but some not very often. I have always done my own dogs, but have had the vet check them-usually when I take them in for their yearly shots. It's alot easier to do dogs with Butt smelling thread Dogs who have more anal gland troubles could wind up with abcess, if they don't drain well on their own like when they poop.

Last edited: Jan 27, Ok next question for some time now when I while his butt there is a brown substance and no its not pooh when they need their anal glands expressed do they ever have nasty stuff coming from their bum and what would it look like? Should I take him to the vet? Libra Pistol Packing Bullyagrapher Staff member. If it's anal glands It's more than likely is a yeast infection inside the pocket. If it was anal glands it would be a horrendous fish smell.

Usually they express themselves while pooping Orion has a malfunctioning gland that goes off when ever. It's gross. It's a liquid, not clear And you can smell it from across the room. The term we use here is "Ewwww! Orion fish butted on me again!

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One of my dogs, though-it was like clear water, and the first time I expressed it-it shot across the room!! Most of the time, it is not that liquid. Some dogs will release that smell when they get upset, or very excited, or need cleaning, as Cheryl stated. I'd be afraid to sit with Orion! But you ARE beautiful. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Butt smelling thread

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