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for Free! Jill - Chapter 5 and 6 2 Votes 2. Score 5 5. Published 10 years ago. Chapter 5 — On the Couch With my help Jill made herself comfortable on the couch. I propped her casted leg on a stool, stole a glance at her toes and handed her the remote control.

You decide how to do that.

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What do you want to eat? I bent over and kissed her cheek, then walked out, leaving her alone. Making the necessary purchases took no more than half an hour. After buying some Chinese food, I hurried to get back. Jill had been crying. Turning aside, she tried to hide her tears from me, but I saw them. Is the pain bad? Can I do something for you?

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Then I noticed that she had tried to put on a pair of panties over the cast. They were stuck at the top of her casted thigh. She threw her pump at me. I manage to catch it. She put her hand around my shoulder, then pulled me towards her. I want that someone to be me. Give a kiss to your broken girl now! I think I can help you. Jill looked much calmer than an hour ago. She seemed to be lost in thought, but I could tell she was trying to hide it from me. She avoided looking at the cast, as if she wanted to ignore it, and to forget the accident.

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But the cast was there, huge and white, mercilessly immobilizing her entire left leg and hip, and rendering her vulnerable and dependent. I carried the dishes to the kitchen and washed them. When I returned, I saw her trying to stand up. Balancing on her good leg and swaying precariously, she tucked the crutches under her arms. I nodded, watching her unsteady movements.

Her graceful gait was completely wiped out by the hip spica cast. She looked nice though, my little broken doll. So painfully fragile, and so mouthy. Then, she wagged her forefinger at me which she accompanied with a broad smile. Her smile evaporated as she realized that the crutches were about to slip down.

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She managed to grasp them just in time to prevent the fall. I noticed I had jumped to my feet. I ran to the door and open it for her. A minute later, she flushed the water. I waited for her to come out. Instead, I heard empty vessels rattling.

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Then, I could hear water pouring into the tube. I said loudly. Then, I choose a light blue t-shirt and got back to the bathroom. Her hand was groping blindly in the slot between the partially opened door and the door frame. Five minutes later, she appeared, leaning on her crutches, and dressed only with a t-shirt and a cast.

I followed her. Fetish cast fetish.

Cast fetish stories

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Cast Fetish Stories