Caught in diapers story

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Anybody have good stories of them being caught wearing diapers. Thread starter Abdl25 Start date May 8, Abdl25 Contributor.

I mean I never got "caught" wearing diapers, just my dad found my paci about a decade ago. I guess he technically "caught" me in diapers when he noticed crinkling after I got bold enough to wear around him. Messages Role Private. I was at a rest stop in the way to Dallas. And I was carrying a diaper in my hand walking to the restroom to go change. No one was there except and older lady and her husband getting out of their truck.

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I saw the older lady walk from her truck Amd she was behind me and I took a glimpse back and she was staring at me. So while standing, I pull my running shorts down mid thigh and untape my diaper and roll it up into a ball and place it on the toilet paper holder. I take the fresh new diaper and open it up and slide it between my legs and tape it. So I finish up and walked to the sinks and dispose of my wet diaper in the trash on the side. Then I washed my hands and Caught in diapers story out and you can hear the crinkling sounds. And I see the older lady which might be the wife standing near the walkway and I walk right past her.

She probably heard the crinkling too. Umbreediaper Contributor. I've loved diapers as long as my earliest memories. When I was around 6 I had stolen my baby sister's diaper and was wearing it but little did I know my mom wanted to bathe me that night. Yea I was caught when my mom and I were in the bathroom and I was refusing to take off my pants. I was running around the bathroom with her trying to catch me. Lyric Est. Messages 1, Role Diaper Lover. Years ago I used to go to bars and clubs and always wore diapers and rubber pants. I was usually single looking to meet girls.

A few times when I did, she discovered I was wearing diapers and wanted to know why. When I explained just my enjoyed wearing them, some took offense. Landro Contributor. Picked camping option, but got no tent. So I went to the local sporting goods store D4 for those in the know to buy one of their quick set up model.

Those open easily, but can be a pain folding back into their carry pouch. So I'm at the store, looking into that model, and coming up next to me is a lady and her daughter, looking at the the same model.

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Store employee walks up to us and explain how to set up the thing, all the features etc, and then suggests me I try to fold it back close. So I oblige, trying my best. But at some point, you need to reach down to get hold of a strap that you need to pull up around the tent to keep it folded. So I bend over, my t-shirt rides up, and then the lady and her daughter suddenly stop chatting to each other, then I hear the daughter whispers something to her mom. And so I knew my t-shirt rode up just to high, and everyone behind me got to see a Tena Maxi Last edited: May 9, Messages Role Diaper Lover Incontinent.

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My housemate and I were driving to international falls MN A long ride. I had to say what and he sees your diaper. So you know? He sees yes. It's kind of obvious. ZMicah Contributor. Messages 16 Role Diaper Lover. I was once wearing multiple diapers on a solo cross country drive when.

I was pulled over for a faulty headlight. I took a long time to pull over because I was putting pants on. Long story short I had get out in front of 2 cops and fix connection w them standing right behind me. Im guessing I was wearing four and pants didn't cover the top.

When questioned I just owned it and said I get a kick out of wearing and road trips seem like a perfect place. LittleScotty Est. Messages Role Diaper Lover. I was working nights last year, went to bed in a nappy and overslept and my wife caught me. After getting home, I'll get into bed and after about an hour or so my wife will get up and go to work. When she does I'll get up, go to my hidden stash of nappies, put one on and go to bed sleeping for several hours.

If I wake and need to pee then I'll obviously wet the nappy and go back to sleep I've never been able to wake Caught in diapers story wet. When I get up I'll either change into a fresh nappy or continue wearing the existing one for several more hours around the house.

I will always however change back into normal underwear before my wife gets home. So I finished work late morning not getting home until 8.

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My wife had already left for work so I went straight to my stash and put on a Tykables Galactic and climbed into bed. I set my alarm on my phone for 2. I went to sleep but woke about am needing to pee, so I went, looked at the clock then rolled over and went back to sleep. The next thing I remember was hearing the key in the front door, and then the door open. I looked at the clock My phone was dead as although I'd plugged it in to charge I hadn't switched the socket on! My wife then came up the stairs and peered into the bedroom to see if I was awake.

Seeing that I was she came in and sat on the end of the bed and asked how my night was.

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We had a chat about what I'd been up to at work followed by a chat about her day and then she asked if I was getting up. As she was getting changed I just lay there, knowing that all I was wearing was a wet Tykables. After she changed she asked again if I was getting up and probably seeing the look on my face she said "Are you wearing a nappy under there? Now the ideal situation here and certainly in my fantasies would be she offered to change me however I knew this would never be the case. After a pause, and an "Ok" said she said she'd go and make us a coffee and let me sort myself out, before leaving the room quickly clearly not wanting to see me wearing it.

I got up and showered, got dressed and went downstairs putting the wet nappy in the outside bin. We sat in silence for a bit neither of us wanting to mention what just happened until I then apologised. I have no idea why I did or even what for really, she said it was OK and it was just a surprise as it was the first time I was actually wearing one whist she was at home. She didn't kick up a fuss or anything she just again reiterated she didn't want to see me wearing and she still finds it odd that I enjoy it and can't see how it helps with stress, and anxiety etc.

I secretly bought girls goodnites when I was around 13 to 14 years of age. To counteract my bedwetting and because I thought the des are cute. So one night my grandmother came in to check on me and wanted to hug me. I should also mention that this was in the middle of the summer and I don't wear any clothes to bed when its hot. So I was naked wearing nothing but a very much so Caught in diapers story wet butterfly girl's goodnite. So my grandmother wants to hug me so I try my best to hug her through my thin covers but also I feel in between my legs and I feel a very big bulge.

Thankfully it was dark in my room.

Caught in diapers story

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