Caught jacking off stories

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You must be logged in Caught jacking off stories post wall comments or like a story. Please or up free. In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. The long boring school year had finally ended. No more getting up early and people telling me when to do this and how to do that. Summer vacation was finally here. The first few weeks went by very fast. We made a trail that led into the middle of a overgrown field.

The guys decided we were going to make a hut out of these green palm looking things that were growing wild. Bike riding all over the neighborhood was a daily thing. One of the neighbors that lived down the road was throwing away a tent. There was nothing wrong with this tent except for one little hole in one side. That gave us the idea to have a camp out.

Most of the guy's mom's said no to the camping out all night. There were three of us the next day setting up the tent in the vacant lot, near the woods at the end of the road. We dug a fire pit, gathered fire wood. All our sleeping bags were in place way before it got dark.

One of the guy's mom had made us some hamburger patties. There was an old grill placed on logs just above the fire. Someone put raw eggs on the grill.

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Early the next morning, even before daylight, the guy's woke up and left. I cracked a egg that was left on the grill. No difference from a boiled egg.

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Ate two eggs, went back into the tent and made a big soft bed out of all the sleeping bags. Was just about to dose off when, the zipper is being raised and the neighbor girl sits besides me. She is asking all sorts of question about guy's.

The next thing I know, I'm taking my belt loose and opening my cutoffs and my cock is out! Neighbor girl, looks at the top of my cock very closely. I wanna see the bottom, raise it up. Ok, go ahead and look all you want to, can you see ok?

Look it's growing, it's ten times bigger now! The tip of you're dick looks like a purple plum!

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That girl looked at the top, bottom and both sides of my cock closer than I had ever done. I wanna see you're butt now. Turned over, lowered cutoffs and put my ass in the air. The girl first put her little finger in my asshole, then the second. The third finger slowly was inserted up my hole. Very fast and with a force behind it her last finger went in! She had her finger way in and started feeling the insides.

The finger was rubbing in there feeling stuff, left, lower, bottom, other side lower, middle, top center!! Do That Again! Neighbor girl soon tired of this butt thing and said I wanna see you're dick again. I rolled over and was jerking my cock, the zipper on the tent was being opened and in steps my Mom!!! I am caught stroking my hard cock!!

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Trying to pull cutoffs up real quick, no way to hide the fact that my hand was moving up and down the cock, she had seen it all! You are too old for this, but it's for you're own good! Was pulled out of the tent, cutoffs still lowered on top of boots. I'm standing, naked from the hips down! Looked around, there were a few women doing yard work.

They all seemed to be watching as I was being scolded, shorts still down, cock and ass still exposed! In a quick effort of trying to get to our home, maybe the thought of myself being exposed never was a subject? There were, at least one grandmother, very many stay home moms, and a few other girls watching!

It was very hard keeping up with that fast walk home with the shorts above my boots. Copyright SMI-Help.

Caught jacking off stories

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