Caught wearing diapers stories

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I love to wear diapers. I don't need them, I just enjoy it. The only way I get off is in wet diapers. The last time I had sex was 4 years ago, and I prefer diapers to sex. I wanna be dominated by a woman. I want her to sit on my face and smother me till I can't breathe. Want her to treat me like a baby, diaper me and breastfeed me while she also fingers me. I have cross dressed most of my life, Now years later I realized I am a sissy cock sucker which I do enjoy being.

I am allowed sex once or twice a year with my wife. Once I have bread with her I am diapered for the rest of the week.

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That is because I have a baby cock and I am baby when it comes to having to wear my diapers and plastic pants for the next week. Male, I fantasize about wearing diapers. I was once in the hospital with a bad injury, and the nurse gave me a room right that was right beside the nursery.

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When the nurse left I looked inside and saw a box of diapers. At first I didn't plan on doing anything because I was nervous about getting caught, but I noticed that the nurse was gone for a long time and there was nobody else around.

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Eventually I was overcome with temptation and I snuck into the room and grabbed a diaper and ran back into my room. My heart was beating so hard. I wore it for the rest of the stay there and nobody realized anything.

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Embarrassment abdl diapers bedwetter. Fetish Fetish Diapers. You're on 1 2 .

Caught wearing diapers stories

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