Cdd marriage stories

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When I started writing on Scribophile. It would be easy enough to deduce what some of our life would be like Cdd marriage stories from reading my posts on Scib or the excerpts I post here. In that story, I used a bit of autobiographical material to enhance the authenticity of the story. That material was a statement that my wife made after sharing with the wife of a couple we were counseling on Domestic Discipline training recently.

Margie and I have been actively practicing CDD for over 17 of our 26 years of marriage. We have two kids who know what our marriage is about and are also brought up with loving Christian Discipline that is all we will share on the that part of the family life. If you would like to talk specifically about CDD, child discipline, and how to find harmony with them, send us an and I will answer your questions. Ironically, just as the passion and sex of a romance can be hyperbolic, so too can the trappings of a marital spanking.

Let me share the example I wrote into the story. Every three months or so we check our journals in a family meeting. Here is where we can tell how Margie and the kids are doing; if they are learning the lesson intended or if a stronger discipline is needed. All punishments are included besides spankings: corner time, writing lines, chores, being grounded, etc.

Well, at the end of last year, Margie tabulated all of her spankings in a year including how much time was actually devoted to the punishments.

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Margie was spanked times in Now, on the surface that would sound like all we do is spank, spank, spank; and that an enormous amount of time gets devoted to it. In fact, that averages out to a hair over two spankings a week. The worst spanking event in our home takes less than ten minutes to administer. So, of the days that Margie lived last year, just over one and one quarter days were spent being spanked.

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As her character did in my story, Margie felt like this might be important for all the couples who were simply exploring what life was life. That is just life.

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Cdd marriage stories

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A Peek Inside Our CDD Marriage