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Celebrity Story Site. Note- I have no idea if Scarlett likes her bod spanked, I made it all up. At age thirty seven the SNL writer and performer had been with the striking blonde for three years now and had enjoyed a healthy and heavy sex life together. On a scale of one to ten, Scarlett Johansson would have to be an eleven with a simply superlative body. Though only a mere five feet three in bare feet she was perfection itself.

Voluptuous in every meaning of the word with heavy thirty six inch boobs, well shaped legs, and jutting ass cheeks.

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Even with her legs closed she had that classic gap where her mouth watering slit of a pussy enticed and bewitched him. Their sex life had been wild and frequent and he thought the world of her. I want to be spanked. Have you done something wrong? I want to try something new. She was naked apart from the tightly stretched white panties that barely covered her smooth cheeks and her shaven mound was tantalisingly outlined by the flimsy material which sank into the crevice.

Having kept in shape during her filming for the latest Black Widow movie Scarlett had a good muscle tone and her buttocks were wonderfully rounded and firm. Her enhanced C cup breasts sat high on her chest and her lustrous fair hair tumbled over her shoulders and back.

Colin had always been particularly drawn to her superb bottom and the idea of the bare flesh of those ripe cheeks made his cock stiff in his pants. She had become seriously Celebrity spanking stories and she rubbed her pussy for a half hour before giving herself one of the best orgasms of the year.

Colin was a little confused by this as she was obsessed with sex and loved nothing more than a hard cock. Now let me thank you. He had spent the best part of a week preparing and reading about corporal punishment online and now considered himself ready. She entered the living room stark naked with a sway of hips and with her hair down. His eyes went up and down the length of her form and got a semi hard on just looking at her spectacular figure and reached out to her with his hand.

What a beautiful young woman she was. Perfect in every aspect. He ran his hand through her thick waves of blonde hair as she settled and looked at the long limbs that kicked back behind her. He caressed her tight buns and warmed them with his right hand as he held her down firmly with his Celebrity spanking stories hand in the small of her back.

As she was momentarily distracted he brought his hand down quite hard and looked at the imprint of his palm on her light cheeks. Scarlett made a soft moan in surprise and he paused for a moment.

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He laid into her butt with two hard swats in close succession and nodded as her skin turned a bright pink dead center of each buttock. Do it harder. Several spanks on either cheek in alternate strikes with the flat of his right hand. Her entire body jerked up and then fell back onto his groin with loud exhalations.

As she gyrated on his lap in response he felt my cock throb in his pants. Her head dipped by his left thigh as he gave her four meaty smacks so fast that they sounded like only two.

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Colin was surprised at the loud crack of his hand on her nether cheeks and he wondered if she was as turned on as much as he. He rubbed her warmed up ass and bent down to kiss each crimson buttock. He put his hand directly down the apex of her thighs and she parted her legs a degree. Then he rubbed her inner thighs before slapping her there with direct and precise whacks. It was now obvious that Scarlett was loving it as she lifted her backside a bit higher so that he could probe her moist cunt.

Colin smacked each cheek alternatively and slipped his hand down her moist slit after every fifth spank. He could actually feel the heat from her loins as she bobbed up and down on his lap in an erotic bounce.

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As he went in deeper she virtually humped his hand as she presumably neared her climax. We're only warming up. His erect cock stood out at a jaunty angle and he sighed at having released it from the confines of his underpants. He took a bemused Scarlett to his mahogany work desk and laid her face down, ass up Celebrity spanking stories the top. Her big tits mashed to the surface of the desk as he quickly went to where her head rested and pulled both her arms straight out.

Colin then tied her wrists with silk scarves to the top of the desk legs and looping from one arm to the other. He tugged hard to make sure that she could not move them and satisfied he spoke. He could see her enticing bald pussy with the wet labia. He stood behind her, naked from the waist down, and brushed her right buttock with the lightest of contact and she begged him to touch her more firmly as she squirmed against the edge of the desk.

He took a bottle of baby lotion and proceeded to rub some onto his palms. He then smoothed them over Scarlett's nates and smeared the lotion onto her vulnerable ass cheeks. His erection was rock hard as he picked up Scarlett's detangling hairbrush with the boar bristles and oiled pearwood back. He patted her ass lightly with the smooth back and she immediately recognised what it was. When he made contact with the wood side of the brush Celebrity spanking stories jumped in surprise at the recoil of her buttocks.

He mixed things up with softer hits and then firmer, more harder contact that made her think hard about what might be coming next. Slow or fast, hard or shallow, whatever took his fancy. Her curved bottom was a ripe crimson now and she whimpered with delight and pain combined. The smacks of the brush on rippling flesh reverberated in the room and his cock ached from watching her pull on the scarves that secured her wrists. He laid into her well raised rump and she swayed and squealed as her tail glowed vividly.

Colin flexed his fingers and made a circle with his arm to alleviate the muscle ache. He considered her smooth buttocks, now quite flushed, and her vulva which looked back at him between her cheeks. Scarlett, expecting more wallops of the brush, gasped as Colin ran his erect cock up her crack and wet his bell end with her warm, flowing love juices.

Brush or cock? Then he moved his boner up her left inner thigh, just avoiding contact with her damp pussy, driving her to beg him to fuck her as he teased her. He found her clitoris and rubbed it with his swollen glans until she bucked back at him in search of his hard on. He pulled back as she strained to look over her shoulder just as he pushed her face down to the desk. Colin slowly pulled it back and saw she had moistened the hair of the brush with her vaginal juices. He ran the brush over her twin moons and then gave her four short, sharp cracks on each afflicted cheek.

Her squeals merged with the swoosh, swoosh of his wide swinging arm and her nates reverberated from the blows. Scarlett whipped her head up and her hair flew up and down her back. He could take no more and he was positive that Scarlett also needed sexual relief.

He lined up his dick and with one thrust he sank into her moist tunnel. As she groaned in gratification he pumped in and out, smacking her already thrashed behind. The contrast of his pale dick bisecting her reddened moons was quite the picture. On and on he slammed in and out, banging his hips against her raw backside with short and urgent strokes.

Their sweat merged at the groins and he welcomed that superlative tingling in his shaft as his cum coursed through it. He fell across her back and felt her burning bottom that he had tanned for the half hour. He backed up with his hose dribbling down his balls and untied Scarlett who rubbed her tender derriere with both hands.

A tear rolled out of the corner of her left eye and then she kissed him on the cheek. Later in the month they discussed her wish to elevate the bondage aspect and they both researched the type of thing she craved online. Colin did some shopping and purchased some rather special items. Scarlett bought some new erotic lingerie and they were all set to go. The lower section made a mouth watering frame for her exposed Mons.

Two garters met her black stockings that featured an embroidered de at the top of her succulent thigh. She wobbled slightly on her six inch corset style ankle boots. Celebrity spanking stories turned and displayed her kissable bottom that stuck out behind her with perfect separation. She willingly balanced on her forearms and hands with the weight of her upper body on her chest and tits. Her backside lifted right up with her vulva was prominently displayed.

Colin quickly brought her arms Celebrity spanking stories her sides and tied her wrists with thin cord to two of the vertical slats and her waist to the horizontal bar. Then he brought her legs together and secured them tightly at the knees and ankles to the slatted base.

The toes of her boots pointed straight down to the carpet as she quivered in her impossible position. Colin slipped off his robe and stood naked behind her and vigorously jerked his cock to attention. Then he rubbed his hands together to warm them and slapped her right buttock with a hearty smack.

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He brought the palm of his hand down hard on her left cheek and she struggled for a better purchase where there was none. As intended. He rained down a barrage of spanks and was rewarded with the immediate pinking of her toned nates. The gap between her thighs was negligible and he slapped the backs of them with several rapid strikes of his right hand.

Celebrity spanking stories

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