Centaur transformation stories

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Then, as quickly as it had started, it stopped. Robert put down the loaf of bread he was eating and lay back on the floor. He could tell without looking that it had been a success. He moved each of his four legs in turn. Walking with four legs was going to take some getting used to, he realized. He had to stand up and see what it was like, but how did you get up Centaur transformation stories a massive horse's body under you?

His arms weren't strong enough for the task, but Robert found that he could scramble into an upright position using his new legs. He was anything but graceful doing it, but he was glad to make it at all. Robert stood on his four new legs, they quivered a bit, but managed to hold up his new bulk. His hooves felt like strange, sensitive shoes. He turned around and looked back at his new lower half.

His new equine half had a healthy looking brown coat. He ran his hand over it and was surprised when he could feel his hand resting on it. This is all me, he thought to himself. He Centaur transformation stories his tail resting over his hindquarters and tried to flick it. It took him a few moments to find the new muscle that controlled it, but he was soon rewarded by the tail swishing from side to side. Robert turned back and looked down between his own legs.

The horse hair started just below his own navel and quickly became a thick horse's pelt. Robert was a little perturbed by the lack of genitals in their usual place. Where he had been used to seeing his penis all his life was now just muscle. His genitals were now well out of reach behind his rear legs. That wasn't important right now, though. What did matter was working out how you walked with four legs rather and two. He tried to walk forward, concentrating on all four legs, and nearly fell over.

He steadied himself and tried again. It took him the better part of half an hour before he could move fairly confidently. He found that the best way to walk was not to concentrate on what he was doing. The DNA viruses had probably encoded some basic information in his brain, so that he wouldn't have to learn how to walk from scratch. Even so, he was going to have to practice. Centaur transformation stories walked slowly over to a window, hearing his hooves clicking on the concrete floor, and looked at his reflection in a pane of glass.

His face was still recognizably his, though the muscles had been toned up and he seemed to have lost a few years. In fact, he thought he looked quite good. He knew that the inside of his human looking torso had been mostly replaced by muscles, but he wasn't bothered because its exterior hadn't changed that much.

With renewed confidence he returned to the small pile of food left after his transformation. He found the meat strangely unappetising, but he tucked into the vegetables with gusto. By the time his hunger was satisfied, it was getting near midnight. Robert didn't feel steady enough on his feet to walk any great distance and he knew he'd have great difficulty reaching his seventh floor apartment. So he decided to remain in the abandoned warehouse for the night. Now, how the hell were you supposed to sleep? Robert was pretty sure some horses slept standing up, but he wouldn't be able to get his human half comfortable doing that.

Eventually he stretched out on his side on the blankets, and while he wasn't that comfortable he soon fell asleep. Wait here. One of them was the centaur of his dreams. He got a funny tingling in his hindquarters just thinking about her. He had stayed at the warehouse for a further day trying to get used to his new body. He still didn't feel entirely certain with it, but he had to get to the building site where the object of his affections worked as soon as he could. His car was now useless to him and he had abandoned it and had walked across town to get to the building site. He had been very conscious of people looking at him as he walked.

Robert had started to worry if he had done the right thing. Reversing most DNA viruses was extremely risky, but one that had changed him as extensively as this was as good as permanent. He had became slightly paranoid and wondered if they knew he had been transformed illegally. He had tried to calm himself down, reminding himself that centaurs were still fairly uncommon. The foreman headed back over to Robert and he brought Robert's angel with him.

Show him the ropes, will you?

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Her name is Sarah, he thought. He belatedly realized what she said, "Hi. The computer in the office seemed to accept his doctored identity card. Robert was still afraid that the authorities would catch up with what he had done. So far, however, everything seemed to be going well.

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His huge gamble was paying off. He was going to be working alongside the woman of his dreams. Now that he was on a level playing field, he would have a fair shot at Sarah. Her name kept rolling around his head and he had a hard time concentrating on what she was telling him. As he finished filling out the forms he felt a need to go to the bathroom.

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That was something that was rather different for a centaur than a normal unchanged person. He had been shocked by the amount of mess he had produced the first time he had gone to the toilet as a centaur. Follow me. She led him over to a secluded corner where some straw had been spread out.

Robert's nose told him it had been used. Obviously, a chemical toilet would be pretty useless to us here. You haven't been a centaur long, have you? Robert realized his error, but he could hardly change his story now. How long have you been a centaur, if you don't mind me asking. I was among the first batch of people to undergo the process, four years ago.

Best decision I ever made. Then Sarah asked, "Are you going to have a shit or are we going to stand here all day? But just this once, I'll give you some space. She was even more beautiful close-up, and in perfect physical condition. He sighed and lifted his tail. The feelings were fairly similar, though he had to shift a far higher volume than he was used to. Even though he knew a centaur needed more food, he was still surprised by the amount he had to eat. A centaur's food bill must be enormous.

When he had finished, he walked over to where Sarah was waiting. Now, all you need is a physical," she told him, "and you'll be able to start work. I'll give you the name of my doc. Robert stopped Centaur transformation stories. He felt a chill run right down his spine. She knew. All his plans were going to fall apart. She would turn him in and then all this would have been Centaur transformation stories nothing. He looked up at her face and desperately tried to think of something to say.

He lifted his tail and peered into the mirror.

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It was difficult to get a clear view, but he could see enough. His head span as his worst fears were confirmed. As he staggered upright he stepped on the mirror and it cracked. Robert didn't care, he already had far more than just seven years bad luck. He was stuck with this body for life, and it wasn't the body of a stallion. From his waist down he was completely female.

He was a mare! Robert collapsed Centaur transformation stories the bed. His great gamble had backfired totally. He was stuck in this form and what chance did he have with Sarah now? She wouldn't want to have anything to do with him as he was the same gender as her! He was going to be stuck as a female for the rest of his life! Return to Stories Menu. Centaur transformation stories aren't nearly as common as full equine stories.

Stephanie's work is not only a great story, but I love her invention of Gifford's Syndrome - a genetic disorder unique to artificially-created centaurs. He had first seen her a week before, when work had started on clearing an area of woodland he passed on his way to work. He had been utterly entranced from the first moment he had seen her. Every day, he'd slow his car as he passed by on his way to work to catch a glimpse of her.

She would still be working as he returned home from his dull office job every evening.

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