Cfnm party stories

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One common aspect about CFNM parties is, when at their best, they are created, controlled and organized by women. Many wonder, particularly men, how the rules and protocols are established for CFNM parties. One question inolves, what women really do want in a CFNM party. In this context, it should be remembered women vary considerably, but in the context of women willing to attend a CFNM party of some form or another, we have sought continuously to learn about their vision of a CFNM party. We've conducted a of polls and questionnaires seeking female responses.

These polls tell us there is indeed a variance among women interested in CFNM parties, although certain common attitudes exist. The average girl-next-door may never entertain the idea of going to a swinger or sex-oriented party, or a party where there may be anticipation of many getting naked.

But when she learns there is no sex at these parties, and, only the men are nude, they often become more interested; thus, a considerably higher percentage of women in our society would enjoy CFNM parties than what many might expect. But the variance comes to how "edgy" the party can get - hence, the need for polls so that we can host parties that provide the most enjoyment and satisfaction for women while also making sure they are comfortable with Cfnm party stories agenda.

In an attempt to make sure the women were not gender imposters after all, this is the Internet Many of these women were verified as to gender via webcam, personal knowledge of the moderators, phone conversations, etc. If one went by those polls, the women of that group indicated following: 1. The question was posed as to ascertain whether women wanted Cfnm party stories flashing and brief nudity, such as a "Full Monty" type of event, or alternatively, they wanted to be able to view the men nude in a much more prolonged situation.

The majority of women indicated the best rule is for the men to strip nude upon entering the party, and remain that way until they leave. A lesser believe that there should be a period of socializing while everyone is clothed, then, at a deated time, the hostess instructs all the men to strip, and remain that way thereafter. Finally, there was a small percentage that a full monty dance type of ceremony occur. Regardless of the process of the men getting nude, virtually all women would prefer that once the men were naked, they should stay that way for the remainder of the party.

About half the women indicating that a major reason they are coming is to see the guys' erections. As it pertains to the men conducting self gratification in front of the women at the party, this was the only surprise we had. We had thought the women would be bit more conservative indicating that it would be acceptable if done discretely.

Not this group. Looking at the naked butts on guys 28 ; 9 the enjoyment of the advantage the girls having an upper hand on the guys, the She's a closet voyeur, and this way she can fully enjoy her voyeurism in an environment that caters to just that 21 ; 16 and 17 she's a feminist and likes the empowerment of women putting them in a stronger position while turning the tables on the guys. She has a thing for men's balls and this way she can see Cfnm party stories all at once tie ; A possible place to meet a guy for romance In general, polls with different women show consistency in most of the above responses, with the exception of men masturbating at CFNM parties wherein the recent poll shows a much higher desire for men to openly masturbate for the women to watch.

As always, the group of women hosting the respective CFNM party will dictate the protocol, rules and agenda depending upon their own likes. However, these polls provide a better understanding as to Cfnm party stories thoughts and attitudes of women in what they want, and thus gives a great idea of how to organize and conduct a CFNM party absent specific input by those women attending. A Party Just for the Ladies. This is a club with a bar, dance area, stage and pool table that has as a permanent rule that all men must be completed naked whereas the woman do not have to disrobe; rather, women are encouraged to wear attractive, sexy clothing such and lingerie, a teddy or nighty, or even a two piece bathing suit is acceptable for women.

Consequently, the women are almost always clothed but all the men are always nude. The following is a true by one of our moderators:. Unlike other swing clubs, single males and out-of-towners are welcome. But my experience was different than what I've experienced at other swing clubs, ergo, a strong focus on sharing sex with others. That was obviously the draw for the guys coming, but ultimately a different experience for many guys resulted. The premises is a collection of various construction add-ons to what was once a home in an industrial area of SD.

Upon entering, I met an incredible girl in the foyer. She was dressed in a bikini with a body like one of the Hawaiian Tropic girls - awesome, with beautiful long blonde hair. She had a plain face and was probably pushing her mid 40s in age. But very friendly. She was just a guest checking in. A guy took my annual dues and I was lead by another girl down to the locker room. She was wearing hot pants and a shirt tied in front around the waist - not as attractive as the first, but was fairly young and halfway decent.

She told me she would show me the premises, but I had to strip naked first. She left and came back in a couple of minutes as I stood there in my underwear. I removed them standing stark naked in front of her, she quickly glanced at my cock, smiled and said, "Follow me".

She showed me the premises, which included several bedrooms, a Jacuzzi and ad hoc dining area, and the main clubroom. The main clubroom had various tables, stools around a bar and a pool table in the middle.

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It was filled with people, probably a dozen women and about 20 guys. And although women can go nude if they want, every woman was clothed. Some in something sexy like a teddy, lingerie or bikinis, but none were revealing anything. But the guys were all buck-naked. This never changed throughout the evening despite numerous more couples and singles coming and going.

It was clear some select swinging was going on, but it was not occurring in the main bar area. In the bar room, the atmosphere appeared to be an opportunity for women to have an upper hand in teasing and taunting the guys.

The guys, all very horny, were hoping in desperation to engage the women in sex, and the women loved the control this afforded them.

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At one point two guys introduced themselves to two girls and asked them to shoot pool, which included the attractive blonde in the bikini I met upon entering. The guys were obviously from a military base and were chiseled, and fairly well endowed. The girls happily accepted. There were other young guys standing around watching and another girl sitting on a bar stool next to me watching the game. These ladies were definitely flirting and prick teasing.

Being a little older than these guys I could see the game at play Girls in these types of venues that intend to take you to bed do not leave the outcome in such question for the guy, and they touch and sit with the guys in a different manner than how these girls were acting. I would catch glimpses of these girls eyeing the dicks Cfnm party stories the guys to see if there prick teasing was successfully producing an erection.

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For instance, when one guy was sitting waiting to shoot the blonde girl laid her hand on his lap just next to his cock, but not touching it. As he said something, she leaned over as though she didn't hear with her facing pointing down at his cock, letting him know she was staring at his dick and smiling while she listened. Her intended effect on him was successful as he began to get a semi hard-on.

The other two girls watched this smiling and knowing what was up. When he got up to shoot the same girl "accidentally" bumped into his cock with her leg and feeling her bare skin on his dick Cfnm party stories further excited him. She looked down at his cock and said with a smile "Oops". Finally, he was shooting and bending over the table trying to figure out the best angle when the pretty blonde pretending to help him analyze the shot kneeled onto one knee to get a straight on view of the balls on the table; but she did this next to him holding onto the inside of his leg and leaning over very far such that her face was just a few inches from his semi-erect cock.

She stayed there a long time acting like she was coaching him on the shot while the other two girls watched his penis throb until it was rock hard and fully erect and pointing straight up and out. I must say he was not the only one being affected by her flirtatious prick teasing.

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The coup de grace came when he was standing there a minute later with his fully erect shaft pointing at the three girls. He was oblivious to what was going on with his attention at that moment on the pool table, but the three girls were giggling at something. I looked at them and followed their gaze down to his hard and erect penis. The head of his penis was glistening and I then saw a big drop of precum oozing out of his penis hole and dripping to the floor leaving a long glistening strand of precum trailing the drop still attached to the tip of his penis.

As the girls giggled and stared at this he suddenly noticed their attention and looked down. You could see the embarrassment and total humiliation on his face despite his attempts to conceal it with a smile - and there was no where for him to hide and covering up was against the rules - he was forced to just stand there Cfnm party stories let the girls, and everyone else, look at it as it continued to ooze precum. Everyone watched this poor guy, fully knowing how very horny he was as he just stood their naked with an erection and precum dripping out for all the ladies to see - but also knowing he couldn't do anything at that moment being a victim and fool of the prick teasing trick the girl played on him giving him a major case of blue balls.

The confirmation of their intent came when the girls shortly left the party thereafter, laughing as they left. Although one might feel sorry for the guy, I believe having these flirtatious prick teasing women come, never disrobe, but just want to enjoy sexually Cfnm party stories the naked men and then leave add a wonderful touch to these CFNM parties, and good for them!

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There was no place guys could go for privacy to masturbate as even the men's rest room had a window opening to the main entrance. So some of the guys would sit at the bar and stroke themselves even though it was in clear view of everyone in the room. When this guy ended up masturbating, we all understood he needed the releases. Another woman would wait for her husband to go to the rest room or to get a drink and become very flirtatious with some of the guys. At one moment, she even had her hand wrapped around one of the guys' hard dick shaft as he sat next to her talking with her. But when her husband returned she left her hand on this guys dick squeezing it for her husband to see.

The husband got angry and told the guy to take a hike. The guy scurried off and the woman just laughed - it was clear she loved Cfnm party stories surrounded by a bunch of horny naked men so she could make her husband jealous. Of course, there was some sex going on in the back rooms, but certainly not enough to prevent an epidemic of blue balls in the club.

That was my experience there.

Cfnm party stories

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