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I was looking forward to it. The days off had been meant for something else, but those plans fell through. Now, I had the weekend plus several extra days. I could barely contain myself as I was excited to try out the new toy I had recently purchased. As soon as I got to my apartment, I checked with the management building and Chastity keyholder stories enough, the package was there.

Before I could do anything Chastity keyholder stories, I had the package opened on my table and trying to decipher the many parts of this contraption. I had seen it used on a few male submissives on several websites in the recent weeks and it sparked my interest. In a matter of minutes I had the assembly figured out, but the sizing part would be difficult. I had read about this and knew it could take a while.

Opening a bottle of whisky and turning on the TV, I decided to make an evening out of it. Hopefully I hadn't spent all the money on this thing for nothing. After several attempts, I finally started getting the hang of how to judge which ring was small enough and which spacers allowed just enough room to not be uncomfortable.

Surprisingly, the latest configuration didn't feel too bad at all I hadn't known what to expect, but this was both incredibly awesome and scary. At the moment of my arousal, it felt like a hand with superhuman strength was keeping my cock from getting any type of erection while at the same time tightening a cock right around my balls. The sensation was arousing, but the device prevented any relief of erection or actual pleasure. It was hard to believe that anyone could really endure this type of device for more than a few hours, although I had read several s of male submissives claiming to have been locked up for weeks and even months.

How much of this was fantasy or reality, I had no idea. But, it did encourage my own curiosity to see what it might feel like to have your manhood securely locked away and no longer have the ability to masturbate. Suddenly, my phone vibrated to life. It was an ex-girlfriend of mine, the only ex-girlfriend I still talked to on occasion. The only ex-girlfriend who knew of my kinky secrets and I hers, which was why we still remained friends.

But, I thought you might like it. There's no return policy so it's I give it to someone else or I trash it. You interested? This device had been so difficult putting on that I didn't want to take it off, but it was focusing all my sexual energies on the cock I couldn't, at the moment, pleasure or get an erection with. Before I could think, I said, "Of course. What do you got? Can I come over?

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I just got off work and your place is on my way. I've had a couple drinks so I'm buzzed a bit. That'd be fine for you to stop out, no worries. Rationally, I knew what need to be done. The device needed to be unlocked immediately and I needed to get dressed quickly. Instead, I took a large sip of my drink and placed the keys on top of the fridge. Not wanting to be completely naked, I put on some loose pajamas and started flipping the channels. Where did she work that was right on the way home? Last she had said, she was doing doubles at a local bar and grill.

I shrugged it off and took another sip. Minutes later, I heard a knocking at my door. Without thinking twice, I leapt from my couch and unlocked the door. And what I saw was completely unexpected. There she was, standing there Chastity keyholder stories a bright orange jumpsuit with the logo of a particularly famous bar and grill chain on her chest.

You look like you were comfortable. She was a petite thing, standing maybe 5'2 with light brown hair. Her skin was pleasantly colored light brown like her hair with a well proportioned little frame to match. In that moment I wondered why on earth I had decided breaking up with her was a good idea. Her eyes rolled to the side and she said, "Um, are you actually gawking at me? I didn't- It's just- Well-" "You can't stop thinking about what I'm wearing under this. Pantyhose was always kryptonite to you. And of course, I love the feeling of nylons which is why this job is so much fun.

You wouldn't realize how many guys have huge nylon fetishes out there. Yours is just unnaturally huge! You're seriously ogling way more than I had thought you would," she said with hands on her hips. My cock was raging in its cage by now.

I could feel it throbbing with each heart beat. The ring around my balls had tightened so much I feared I had used a ring size too small, Chastity keyholder stories I couldn't change it now. How I desperately wished my cock could just get hard.

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If it could be hard, then at least I would have the relief of an erection and could carry on like normal. But, it was helplessly trapped and in the presence of my extremely hot ex-girlfriend in her uniform, painfully trying to escape. It was all I could do to keep from gasping and moaning. I could almost feel the warmth of her skin. Your cock would be so hard, you'd be begging to jack off while kissing my feet. Leaving this device on had definitely been a bad idea. This cock cage had left me paralyzed, trying to process the intense surge of sensations coursing through my locked up cock.

I had no idea just having one's genital's kept under lock and key would have this kind of reaction. Time to start coming up with an exit plan. But before I could even start to think of a way to grab the keys and run to the bathroom, her hand had swiftly grabbed my crotch. Her eyes went wide with shock and utter confusion. She had expected to grab an erect, rock hard cock. Instead, she had grabbed something entirely foreign. Crap, just let go and I'll show you!

Kicking myself, I slowly lowered my pajama bottoms to reveal the chastity device I had locked on my cock. Her surprised look soon turned into a smile. I noticed something I couldn't quite describe in her eye, but knew she was instantly Chastity keyholder stories. Just a little too big, but then I thought it might work on you since you're skinny.

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Besides, you'd look totally hot in it," she said holding a black corset up to me. My cock twitched inside it cage, causing her to grin even more. Before I knew it, I was tied into a tightly constricting, black satin corset. Don't you have any nylons? I bet you do," she said smiling evilly. I'd been caught. At least she didn't know where the keys were. Maybe after some playing around, she'd call it a night and head home. After all, she did just get off work. With some difficulty, I strapped the garters to a fresh pair of nylons I had been waiting to use. She knew that in addition to my nylons fetish, I was also into crossdressing.

Chastity keyholder stories

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