Chastity punishment stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I was out of town on business, bored just sitting in my room, so I went down to the hotel Chastity punishment stories just for something to do. I saw her sitting at the bar and remembered her from the conference that day.

As I sat next to her we talked business, and hometowns while we drank ourselves into oblivion. Somehow, we ended up in her room tearing each other's clothes off and climbing into her bed. The next morning I woke up, hung-over with only vague memories of what we did the night before.

When she opened her eyes, she saw me and then her face turned red with embarrassment. She jumped up and locked herself in the bathroom; I mumbled a good bye at her door and let myself out. That day we avoided each other and we never talked again. On the flight home, I thought about it and just dismissed it as a drunken mistake. I vowed to myself never to think of it again and that had been my plain until my key wouldn't fit in my front door.

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I called my wife to see if she knew what was going on with the door locks and her curt Chastity punishment stories was I was no longer welcome there and to make an appointment with her attorney to retrieve my stuff. She then hung up the phone without another word.

I knew it had to be about the woman at the conference, but how did she find out and more important how could I fix this if she wouldn't talk to me. I went to stay at my cousin's while my life crumpled around me. Meg had blocked all the bank s and credit cards, leaving me nothing but the clothes on my back. Two days later my wife's sister, Jill called and said that Meg would talk to me at our house at seven Friday night.

She said if I were late, she wouldn't open the door. I knew this was my only chance and I got there early with flowers and my hat in my hand, so to speak, I was left standing on the porch until precisely seven. Jill opened the door and without a word motioned me to come in, I could see I was going Chastity punishment stories be outed but I was determined to do what it took to get back into Meg's good graces again. In the parlor, she sat there in our big wing back chair looking almost as a queen on her throne. I bent to kiss her and she turned her head to avoid my lips.

When Meg asked for my help, I told her I knew just the thing to keep you true. She produced a plastic bag from somewhere and sat it on the coffee table in front of me. When I pulled it from the bag although I'd never seen one I knew what it was. It was a chastity device, a tube that is put on your willie and then locked in place.

The choice is up to you, now drop you pants or turn around and walk out that door.

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I stared at it in silence, what would this mean to me, it was like handing my manhood over to my wife. Yet it would be worse to leave, not only did I love my wife I have been lost without her these past few days. I knew I couldn't handle never being with her again, so I nodded my head in defeat and let my pants drop to Chastity punishment stories floor.

I did as instructed and as I faced the two sisters, I felt the humiliation building in me, as I knew I was defeated. Jill picked up my limp dick and twirled it in her hand. I had made up my mind to take my medicine so I stood there taking their abuse without saying a word. First Jill picked up my balls and then put a ring around them it felt tight and uncomfortable.

Next came the tube for my dick and once it was fitted on me I pointed down in a slight curve. Jill laughed as she shook me up and down. Well buddy that was your last chance, I want you to watch as I put this lock through here. Now if you get an erection it will bend like a pretzel locked up in this thing. She handed the key to Meg who tucked it in a pocket. Jill pushed me over for her to inspect her handiwork. Meg grabbed the cage and pulled hard. Believe me things are going to be different in this marriage for as long as it lasts.

Now go up stairs and put your stuff in the spare bedroom that's where you'll be sleeping. Now, three months later I feel as if I'm turning into a slave for my wife as she realizes I will do anything to be released from my cage. Every Saturday is supposed to be the day she frees me Chastity punishment stories sanitation. After I'm washed she then lets me masturbate into the bathroom sink as she watches over my shoulder, Then it is back into captivity until the next time.

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However if I displease her in some way she refuses to unlock me. She never tells me when this is going to happen it is only after I beg her to take it off that I find out if I'm deserving or not. The pressure of not knowing is beginning to get to me and I've started bowing before her when I ask for freedom. I'm not sure if it helps but it does bring a wry smile to her lips so I keep it up. The only sex we've had is me giving her oral and she makes it as hard as she can for me to get her off. She never tells me to lick Chastity punishment stories but I know it makes her happy so I ask her all the time if I may do it to her.

Often while I'm down on my knees with my face between her legs, she will lean back and read a magazine. Sometimes she will reach over and turn the TV on and yet if I start to pull my head away she will grab it to hold it where she wants it. When she finally cums she never says things like good job or even thank you, she just pushes my head away when she's done with me. I can't explain it but all this humiliation really excites me and it makes me throb inside my cage.

I can't tell how long this prison I'm in will last but it's plain to see my wife is quite comfortable with it. As for me, I guess I am getting use to it as I find myself going out of my way to make sure Meg is happy. I have learned to respect my wife and that her happiness has become my main goal.

I have also found that to live your life as your wife wishes le to peace for both of you and to tell the truth if she offered me permanent freedom from my cage I might turn her down. I know this is supposed to be fantasy but at least try to be close to reality. Neither spouse can lock you out of your house, name on the deed means access. Kick the fucking door down. That is what I did, cops showed up, security tapes showed I did not threaten her and the house was empty.

She could bitch and moan but could do nothing. Cops asked me to leave and I did. Called my boss and took a transfer out of state, then changed jobs and names. Bitch got nothing from me but a fuck load of credit card debt one call to Visa and the card was restored after all I was on the. Fuck the bitch, and the. I can always make more. Because writing about someone Chastity punishment stories in a cage is so silly it's laughable. A simple tool cuts it off and if your wife treats you like that instead of talking to you, then you need a divorce and a new wife that might actually have some real love and respect for you instead of a bitch that treats you like an object.

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Default Font Spacing. Default Font Face. Detect Automatically. Default Theme White. Bakeboss Works. Jill laughed as she shook me up and down, "I thought we would have to let him jack off to get him soft enough to fit but he can't even get a hard-on. Meg grabbed the cage and pulled hard, "This little thing now belongs to me, do you understand? Please rate Chastity punishment stories story. Bookmark Story.

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Chastity punishment stories

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