Cheating on my boyfriend story

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I cheated on my boyfriend. Seven years to be precise. We met in college and he wooed me for a few months before I finally gave him the nod. We even ed the same workplace and shared every moment happily with each other. But about six months ago, I ed another organization with a better paycheck. If you would have asked me then if I would have ever cheated on my boyfriend, you would have heard me banish the thought in a flash.

But within a couple of weeks, I fit right into my new workplace and everything was perfect. The people were great and a lot of fun. At the same time, I met a great guy in my new workplace who had a huge crush on me. He constantly asked me out and flirted with me. It was a laugh at first, and soon enough, I was having a lot of fun flirting back with him. My boyfriend and I wanted to move in together, but we put that thought away for a few more months because of my new job and its schedule. He started asking me a lot of questions about my workplace and I started getting annoyed with his constant calls during my busy work hours.

When I missed him, he was busy. Cheating on my boyfriend story he missed me, I was busy. It was very frustrating. Eventually, I started to believe that my boyfriend had been taking me for granted all this while. And in the midst of all this confusion in my love life, the guy from office who had a crush on me started asking me out more often. I had such a nice time with this guy who was such a charmer and smooth talker.

Soon enough, this guy who liked me started wooing me. He took me out to fancy dinners and splurged on extravagant gifts and diamonds. We watched movies and had candle light dinners.

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He drove to my place immediately and we went to get a few drinks. I liked this guy a lot because he was always there for me. He cared for me and pampered me, something my boyfriend seemed to have forgotten recently. And on the way back home, we shared our first kiss. I really liked it. I invited him back to my place and the next thing I knew, we were making drunken love on my bed.

I felt better than I felt for the last seven years with my boyfriend. I felt weak and passionate, like a fire that has awakened within me. I loved every single emotion I was feeling. But each time I made love with this guy who had a crush on me, it made me feel good because I felt like I was getting back at my boyfriend for treating me badly. Instead, I felt bold and empowered. I even felt powerful. I wanted more. There was a guy from my university who used to like me. And he knew that.

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I called him up and started flirting with him. Soon enough, we planned a date that evening. That very night, I got him into my bed and had the best sex of my life, for the second time in a week! I was having so much fun juggling three guys in bed, my boyfriend, a guy from work and a guy from college. It felt like a dream come true. At that point, I knew I only loved my boyfriend and no other guy, but the buffet of sex I was having was making me delirious. All of a sudden, I loved my life.

I told my boyfriend I wanted a break from the relationship. He thought I was upset about the petty fights. My boyfriend had no idea it was because I hated getting his calls while I was having sex with my new lovers. He tried to woo me back. He came to me in tears and asked me if we could work on our relationship. I loved him, but I was confused.

Did I really want to go back to that lifestyle again? I liked my life.

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It was too frisky at times, and soon, I started getting bored of all the fake dates and the sex. It started to feel just the same again. It was just sex after all.

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But it was still better than staying with just one guy all your life! I was annoyed at first. But then, I realized who I had become. I was a behaving like a whore, jumping from one bed to another. I had great sex, but I felt empty all the time. The door bell rang and I saw my boyfriend. As soon as I saw him, I was filled with happiness and gratitude. For the first time in several months, I felt loved and safe.

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I felt so good just resting my weight on his shoulders. It felt like nothing could harm me or trouble me anymore. It was a moment that I can never forget. We got back together and made things up again. I ended my illicit affairs with the other men in my life, and realized that nothing really was worth the love that my boyfriend has for me. I never told my boyfriend anything about those few months. It would only hurt him more.

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My boyfriend has no idea I cheated on him with two guys in no time. It just creates a lusty confusion that magnifies any void in your head, and confuses you further. And the cycle goes on and on forever. You can be a serial cheater.

Or you can work on a relationship and make it better. A lasting relationship can lose the zest of infatuation and the sizzle of lust eventually. But it can give new meaning to your life and to togetherness. I experienced a whole new life and now I know that what I have is special and magical. Perhaps, it takes losing something to really understand its value.

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But the final decision to stray still lies in your own mind. And your life can spiral out of control at any time. Or you can try to work on your own relationship and make it better. I cheated on my boyfriend and have learnt what really matters in my life. Did this article help you better yourself or your relationship?

Cheating on my boyfriend story

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True Story: I Cheated on My Boyfriend