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This story from Knifer has been read 6 2 2 6 times. Sexy Family Christmas Part 1 Written by Kniferongenre incest For the first time since graduating high school I was returning home for Christmas. Christmas break had just started and I was eager to head home to see my family. My sister was 20 just a year older. She Christmas incest stories built similarly to my mother. She had long blonde hair with light blue eyes.

Her skin was pale but so perfect and shiny. She had long legs that she showed whenever she wore her little running shorts. She had a huge ass. It was firm Christmas incest stories round and bubbly. She was definitely hotter than hot. We had always been close. We had a tight bond. Before I left we even had gone into a bit of a romance. One night she noticed me watching a movie alone so she ed me and we kissed. The day after we made out on the couch while my mom was at work.

Then she blew me and we slept in the same bed until I left. It never went past touching and BJs. My mother was similarly built but bigger where it counted. A rounder bigger ass that never stopped showing off. A rack that constantly looked bigger then the day before. Her lips were thick and made her mouth look like a BJ machine. Her long legs had thick thighs that I thought of a lot. I had developed a small crush on my mom. It kept me distracted but I think she felt the same way about me. I never tried to go further with her. I arrived back at my house. It seemed completely different but somehow the same.

I parked my car in the garage. No one seemed to have heard me yet.

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I grabbed my bags from the trunk and headed inside. I opened the door. When I walked further into the house I noticed my mother and sister sitting on the couch in the living room. They were accompanied by two other beauties. My aunt and cousin. My aunt was almost a clone of my mother but her ass and tits were a wee bit smaller but seemed firmer. As a kid I spent a lot of time with my aunt. As I grew up I still did but our relationship went further. One night while I stayed at her house she sucked me off but she never mentioned it after. My cousin had darker blonde hair with darker blue eyes.

She was quite striking. She had just turned 18 about a month ago. She had medium tits with a round ass. She and I had been close like siblings. We had similar relationships to me and my sister except we just made out a lot in secret. Everyone shot up upon noticing me. She ran over and trapped me in her bear hug. Her rack hit my chest first. Her tits surrounded me as I we embraced. The rest ed trapping me in a vacuum of huge tits. Is that alright? My Christmas incest stories winked. I waved and headed up with all my things and set them in my room.

Everyone else went back to their couch conversation. Everyone but my sister. She followed me to my room. She came and sat down on the bed behind me while I unpacked.

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She sat impatiently waiting for me to do something entertaining. Then I heard a clicking noise. Then something hit the floor. I turned around to see my sister with her shirt off and her breasts exposed. She smiled at the sight. She giggled a bit. She put one hand on the bottom. It was still semi soft. She licked the length to the tip and started stroking it with her soft hand. She kept stroking.

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My dick was now rock solid. She put her mouth on my dick. She slowly moved her head back and forth. She bobbed her head up and down. Her tongue worked my head while she ducked on it. I grabbed the back of her head forcing her to deep theoat. She sputtered as I did. She could barely fit all of it inside of her throat. She released and pulled away. She tried again getting more in her mouth. She pulled off and smiled brightly as she wiped spit from her face. She nodded as she laid down on the bed with her tits up.

I put my knees around her body and my rod between her tits. She smiled as I thrust my hips into her big breasts. I kept going increasing in speed while she waited. I stood up and she got on her knees.

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She opened her mouth wide. I put it in and let my load in her mouth. She wiped cum from her lips. Part 2 Coming Soon. Reader comments on the erotic story. By using this website you consent the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.

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