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Originally posted by isohiko. Inuyasha glared down at her from the tall trees. He watched her closely as she fiddled with a wonky pot she bought from a town a ways. Her face scrunched up in a way he thought was cute, but would never admit. At least not out loud.

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She annoyed him. Okay, maybe not that much especially when she looks at him with that sweet smile.

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Unlike Kagome, it was really difficult to upset her even with the harshness to his tone. It was like she saw past his emotional barrier. Her head cocked to the side slightly, looking at him, clearly thinking deeply.

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They were always slightly chapped and the half-demon often got on her about it. He claimed it annoyed him but she knew it was his way of helping her stay healthy. The wind gently blew and her clothes rustled with the light breeze as she explained her thoughts to the half-dog who pretended to not care. But he did. In fact, he thought her idea was quite… Charming. Of course… Not all humans are like that… But I know I am. Pack Bonding Inuyasha x chubby! Reader Originally posted by isohiko Inuyasha glared down at her from the tall trees. Or else you would have left by now.

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Humans are strange creatures.

Chubby reader insert

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