Circumcision fetish stories

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Growing up, I always got on well with my brother, who was three years younger than I, and my only sibling. We were always pretty comfortable around each other, and often when we were home alone, we would just walk around the house naked, although it had never actually occurred to us to do anything together, even when my brother had started masturbating too.

We simply enjoyed the feeling and took the opportunity. He and I always looked Circumcision fetish stories similar, both with blue eyes, though he's blonde and I have brown hair. More importantly, though, we were both uncircumcised. However, this changed when I was 16 and he was 13, and our parents called us into the kitchen to have a chat during Summer break. Though we're American, we were born in Europe, where we lived briefly until just after my brother was born when my parents returned to the States.

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They were always very pro-circumcision, but Circumcision fetish stories know they had difficulty finding a doctor who would circumcise us at birth, and so it was delayed. Therefore, they opted to wait until we were both teenagers, and they decided that they wanted us both done now.

Truthfully, I had always preferred the look of a cut penis, but I had grown accustomed to my foreskin and I was a bit skeptical about losing it. My brother, who was rather scared of the operation, was even more reluctant, but we were told that it was not up for discussion and that we had a consultation with the doctor that weekend, and so it was left at that.

Shortly after, we were both taken in and circumcised under local anaesthetic. Although I was numbed to pain, I still felt the blade slice through my foreskin, and while it didn't hurt, it was rather unnerving to say the least. However, we both came out with what turned out to be pristine high and tight circumcisions, though we were told we couldn't touch them until they healed. The ificant part of the story is what happened afterwards, when the bandages finally came off and we could play with them after weeks of blue balls.

As fate would have it, my parents were due to go to a work function that evening and so my brother and I had agreed to compare end once we were alone, which couldn't come soon enough. Finally, our parents left and we decided to strip off in our rooms and meet in the living room.

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We sat side by side on the couch, both eyeing up each other's erections. He was about five inches long, compared to my seven, and I recall making a mental note and how cute his penis now looked pointing towards his stomach, head fully exposed. However, they really did look quite similar, and yet my brother looked at me and shyly asked: "Can I touch it? I believe I suppressed a chuckle, then I grabbed his hand and placed it on my glans, closing his fingers around it.

He started examining it carefully, and I gingerly made for his penis as he did so, holding it for the first time.

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He jumped a little at my touch but did not react otherwise, seemingly absorbed in his brother's larger replica. He was touching it rather tenderly, turning it over in his hand and holding his face close to it, studying the light scar, and after only a few minutes, I was starting to get really horny to the point where I was perhaps a light breeze away from squirting right in his face.

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I promptly noticed that from the way my brother's dick was also twitching, he wasn't exactly far away himself, and so I enthusiastically gave his new penis a few short tugs, running my forefinger along his frenulum which caused him to shudder and curse under his breath as he tipped over the edge. For the first time in weeks, Circumcision fetish stories started to come, his semen dribbling down my hand as he thrusted towards it.

His orgasm caused him to squeeze my own dick in ecstasy and I also lost it too, and I recall narrowly missing his face as he arched his body, causing me to erupt on his chest instead. My toes curled as I shot rope after rope, showering my brother's body in my cum. It was undoubtedly the best and most intense orgasm of my life. Once it ended, we just lay there next to each other, letting my semen dribble down his abs and into his belly button as we recovered.

I lifted my hand towards my face and licked off my brother's translucent seed, savouring the sweet taste as he watched, wide-eyed. I laughed, nodding along, and after a few minutes we finally got up so we could clean the evidence. We decided to just get into the shower together, both still erect. Truth be told, I found the whole ordeal of discovering my newly cut penis so very exhilarating, much with the same excitement that possesses upon receiving a new toy. The best part, however, was getting to share this with my brother, who was quickly coming round himself.

While we were showering, we decided to go again, this time exploring our own equipment. I quickly learned that it was much more pleasurable to gently stroke my bare head, applying light pressure to my intact frenulum in the process, than I formerly got from my foreskin. I shared this with my brother and Circumcision fetish stories threw his head back, letting out a small moan as his hands tenderly groped at his exposed skin, copying my own movements.

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We both continued stroking ourselves under the water, watching each other as we got closer and closer, climaxing almost simultaneously: his light pubescent dribble and my full explosion against the shower wall. We finished washing ourselves and got out of the shower, remaining nude until our parents got home.

As it happens, this experience paved the way for many more to come, and the mutual exploration we shared following our circumcisions blossomed into full masturbation sessions almost every time we were left alone. Strange as it may sound, I'm actually glad that I was cut, yet Circumcision fetish stories even happier to have gotten to share this with my brother I bet that's not exactly a common thing.

Ultimately, it brought us closer together, and the fact is that experiencing such a thing with someone else is something that I secretly find rather erotic to this day. Although I have recently moved out, I still make sure to schedule these sessions with my brother every once in a while.

I'm currently in college, doing things and people in a way that only college students do, and while the start of this may have involved mutual discovery--not just in this story, but gradually afterwards too--I now have plenty to teach my little brother. However, these are whole other stories for another time. You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please or up free.

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