Clitoris torture stories

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She stood before me straight-backed and proud. She wasn't about to slouch to lessen the ripeness of her breasts nor to hide the ampleness of her hips nor the contours of her crotch. She knew she was vulnerable but she wouldn't display it. She stood with her ankles two feet apart with her hip cocked and her hands on her hips like a vision of authority and resistance. Her face was cheeky and her chin was held high. She was a strong woman, a secure woman and one who could take care of herself in any situation.

She'd proven that once before when she beat off a potential rapist who ran off like a scalded cock with it between his legs after she'd shit booted the crap out of his testicles.

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She'd never told anyone, not even Clitoris torture stories closest girlfriends, how much she'd enjoyed doing it and how good it felt to hear them rupture and split under her vicious aims. He was never found but she'd be willing to bet he'd never try that cunt stunt again. So who was I to p the impossible? What nerve possessed me to target her? She was better than me and she'd be damned if she'd let me better her.

She was a force and a power for any man to be reckoned with. She had always believed that to be true but hadn't counted on being attached by the neck to a steel line which was threaded through a steel eyelet in the ceiling and attached to some kind of levering device which meant the line could be lengthened or shortened at my whim or will. As was my fancy, she could be made to hang or not. And she hadn't counted on a handgun jammed into the small of her back and then under her chin as she got out of her car in her attached garage with the door just closed.

She'd never seen herself as a kidnapping candidate but she couldn't have been more wrong.

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So I had her, and that was that, and she could move three feet in a circle but that was all and couldn't bend down far enough to touch the floor with her hands. All her clothes lay in a heap beside her save for her white satin, shiny panties covering her patch of black pubic hair which showed through clearly the perimeters of her neatly trimmed bush.

She didn't like how I had her. She didn't like being had at all, and especially not by an impotent, weasel-like specimen like me. At least that was how I appeared to her superior outlooks. If it hadn't been for the pistol, I'd've already been a ball-less wonder and a dick-less eunuch. I didn't feel like wasting much time letting her think she might escape being raped. So I wanted to talk about doing it, doing her, before I actually carried it out. The anticipation could be Clitoris torture stories as bad as the doing, the having it done to her.

She knew men liked her. She knew they were drawn to her and lusted after her so surely, almost naked like she was, she was putting it together anyway, but I wanted to end any hope she held out. So you know I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck and fuckin' rape you.

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I stared her right in the eyes and gazed down at her crotch and brought my eyes back up to her nipples. Not fucking bad. Quite spectacular, in fact. She didn't appreciate my complements nor appraisals of her vulnerable attributes. She clenched her jaw and ground her teeth, like already she was chewing on my balls for revenge and pushed her chin up higher and more out. She was truly an arrogant and spiteful one.

She squared her shoulders, like as if to confront me, like to intimidate me, and I could swear she jutted her chest out even more. Like she'd beat me off with her tits. Like a couple of juggernauts, she thought they were. Juggers, they were. Nuats, maybe. And certainly nots when they went missing because I'd cut them off. You bastard, if you think I'll let you. Go to Hell. Let me. I like that, let me. With you like that and me like Clitoris torture stories, with the gun and all, that's a good one. You'll let me.

Give me another laugh. I know who you think you are. You think you have power over me. You can make me scared and servile and beg and crawl to you, but you never will. That's not who I am and I won't become that person you want me to be. So just go off to Hell and stay there. No, go back to the slime you came from. But it is where I'm going. I gave her a wicked, lurid but totally self-satisfied grin.

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I swear. I swear I'll fight you. You really think you're indestructible? And I can be stronger when I have to be. I'm stronger than you. Yeah, I bet you can and that's just the thing. So you see, I not only like to fuck women, good looking women like you and rape them, I like to hurt, as in bust them too.

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I took hold of her face, squeezing her cheeks together and went in for my first kiss. She jerked her head violently away Clitoris torture stories spat it out at me. You keep your God damned filthy bastard hands off me. I gripped her hair at the side and twisted her eyes back to look at me. That I like to hurt beautiful women, a beautiful woman like you?

You have no fucking idea, do you? I mean, if I'm gonna hurt you and I wanna hurt you because you're beautiful, what does that mean? She glared at me with her resolve renewed as if she could stare me down from my lofty perch above her power. Like mean for you?

I don't know what you're getting at. You're talking in a riddle so how can I understand? Sure you do. You know what I mean is. And where? I knew she knew but she steeled herself not to show it. Not to give away the stabs of fear that shot up her spine, one vertebrae at a time into the base of her skull and on into her feminine brain.

She was no longer standing quite so erect and proud and slumped her frame forward to huddle her sexuality. Her neatly trimmed pussy was getting anxious. You know right where. I mean if I'm gonna hurt you and I can assure you I am, I might as well hurt the good stuff, eh.

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Private places. Deep places. Personal places. The bits that count? She fought and forced herself not to tremble. And nipple bits? I was fully dressed and drew an Italian, ivory-handled switch-blade knife from my pant's pocket and clicked it open in front of her nose. Her head jerked back and swiveled sideways. I touched it to her throat and she let out a tiny whimper and as I drew it down her front, down her valley between her slightly jiggling breasts, I just knew she was ready to start in with the bargaining. I knew she wouldn't plead so soon but was up for a few rounds of debating.

This isn't right. You have to give me a chance. I circled the knife tip under the cleavage Clitoris torture stories her breast, heart side. I dimpled it into her an inch up into her fatty fullness. She had to know her nipple was in my sights. I demand that you stop. You have no right. God damned it, you bastard, I swear I'll get you if you keep it up. I traced the point to within an inch of the lowest circle of her areola.

Clitoris torture stories

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