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I was having a really bad day. Really lucky, as it turned out! The other girl was Julia Rodriguez — a brown skinned girl I only knew from soccer. We finished the extra laps as Coach sex stories the other girls were leaving, heading for home. Slater told us to hit the showers before we took off.

The showers were still plenty warm, and I stripped down along with Julia. She slipped into the shower next to mine and began to wash her body. I noticed she was well built, having beautiful breasts, easily a C cup compared to my barely B, with huge, dark nipples. She seemed to be watching me out of the corner of her eye, and she had a strange smile on her face as she slowly soaped her breasts, spending extra time rubbing her palms over her nipples until they hardened.

I have to admit, I was getting a little turned on watching her as I washed myself. It streamed down her body, sliding between her boobs and flowing down over her dark mound. She was trimmed with just a patch down the center in a strip. My nipples had gotten hard, too, and Julia could see because she was standing right next to me. Very sexy. It was weird to be in the showers all alone with another girl checking me out. But this feeling of her hands Coach sex stories my slick skin, it felt incredible.

My nipples hardened even more. She kissed my neck, and I shivered with the pleasure of it. Julia turned me around and I stepped closer. Her mouth met mine, and we kissed, sensually. Her mouth parted and the tip of her tongue teased at my lips, tempting me to open them. I did, and her tongue slid into my mouth, causing me to open wider as her tongue and mine played together. She pulled back, and pulled at my lower lip with her teeth. She was driving me wild!

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Her hard nipples flicked over mine, her large breasts pressing against my smaller ones, causing me all sorts of new, delicious sensations. Her thumb slid between the lips of my pussy, and teased the opening of my vagina. I totally forgot about everything else but how good this all felt, and parted my legs a little wider, giving Julia easier access to me.

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Julia laughed throatily, pulling me closer. Her left arm hugged me, helping me stand in the wet stream from the shower while she nudged my legs further apart. Her thumb began to pump in and out of my pussy.

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Julia smiled and took my shoulders and turned me to look down the showers. Slater stood naked, watching the two of us as she washed herself. She had a dreamy look on Coach sex stories face, and a half-smile on her lips, as she rinsed the soap off. She seemed to smile more, mischievously, as I watched her open her pussy with her left hand and play with her clit with her right.

She closed her eyes and slipped her middle finger deep into her pussy as I watched. I was too stunned, and turned on, to say anything, but stood there gaping as Ms. Slater withdrew her long, middle finger from her pussy and put it in her mouth, sucking on it like a little cock.

I could feel her press her pussy against my ass, her thigh slipping between my legs to press delightfully against my pussy, as we watched Ms. Slater play with herself. I always kind of thought Ms. Slater was hot for a woman in her late thirties.

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She had nice breasts that hung somewhat, probably a 36 C, but sagging some from age and gravity. But still, they were nice. But Ms. Slater pressed them together, and pushed her head down to lick them playfully while we watched. Julia began to massage my ass with her left hand, and slid a finger down the crack of my ass until it nearly reached my anus.

Slater watched Julia and I, and then turned off her shower and walked closer to us. She strolled like a panther, and I saw this incredibly sexy look in her eyes. Hungry, but like a meal was right at hand. Julia paused, and I felt her nipples harden against my back, and her breathing became more rapid. Slater took my face in her hand, and I noticed she had very long, slender hands.

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She smiled and tipped my face up so that she could kiss me. She was taller than either of us, almost six feet I guess — leggy. I noticed her legs now, too, which were very muscular and sexy. Her pussy was shaved completely, and her pussy lips were swollen and dark purple. Her clit stood out like a little penis, and I imagined she could practically fuck me with it.

We kissed, and she was surprisingly gentle. I could feel her hands as they floated down the front of my body. Her palms passed over my nipples, sending electric shocks straight to my pussy, which began to pulse, almost in anticipation of her touch. I found myself wanting, almost needing, her fingers inside me, fucking me. Her long middle finger slipped inside, and I came almost immediately, leaning into Julia who held me and kissed my neck. Julia pressed her finger against my ass, ready to go in.

I could barely stand, and Ms. Slater gave Julia a small nod as she slid her finger in and out in long, slow strokes. Julia pushed the tip of her finger into my anus, and stopped. It felt incredible! My ass actually seemed to pucker around her finger as if it was drawing her in, slowly. And Julia slid it further, incrementally, until her middle finger was in my ass up to the second knuckle. I was in heaven as Ms. Slater slid a second finger inside me, opening me wider, more fully.

I had to sit. Without pausing, Ms. Slater and Julia helped me lay down. Julia finally, reluctantly, slipping her finger from my ass as Coach sex stories lay on the wet shower floor.

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Slater began to fuck me harder once I was down on my back. All I could do was moan and toss my head with pleasure. Then I felt something so delicious, I nearly passed out: Ms. Slater had her face down between my thighs, lapping at my clit as she finger fucked me. The feel of her mouth on my wet pussy was Coach sex stories and delicious at the same time. She sucked on my clit, and I gasped, grasping her head to keep her pressed right there! I came hard, squirting as I did so. Another first! Slater smiled, licking up my juices with her tongue. Julia knelt down, and the two of them kissed.

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Coach sex stories

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