Coed shower story

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When I heard the college I got accepted to still had coed dorms, I was pumped. I realize that the whole point of coed showers was to de-sexualize the human body, but to a guy fresh out of High School and with very little female experience under his belt no pun intendedthis was a dream come true.

I did all my paperwork, got ased my dorm Coed shower story moved in. I was ready to meet new people and get naked with them for what would become my most memorable, adventurous years of my life. Wild and scandalous fantasies raced through my mind faster than cars at the Indy My freshman year was the opposite of that.

While the dorms were coed, and I happened to live across the hall from a pair of cute girls, they kept to themselves, as did everyone on our floor. My roommate was a sports guy and never wanted to hang out. The showers were coed but there was an official schedule that most people adhered to.

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From 6am to 10am the women were scheduled for the top of the hour and men were scheduled at the thirty-minute mark. Any time after 10am was open to whoever. This meant that, unless you went during one of the transitional periods, your only shot at seeing someone of the opposite sex was during open shower time and most people were at class so that was a bust. Even if you were lucky enough to bump into someone worth looking at, they had almost always donned a towel by then. There was an unwritten rule that you stayed facing the showerhead so that your back faced the traffic areas.

As a horny teenager, I tried literally every time slot multiple times. In reality, there was no best time because things just never got crazy. The topic came up while my roommate and I were watching the infamous shower scene in Starship Troopers. We both agreed that it would be awesome to be as comfortable as they were, but neither of us had the guts to do much about it. Instead, we shifted to talking about the girls we thought were hot and would most like to see.

My roommate had nicknames for the girls he liked. Eventually, I adopted some of the nicknames too, just so we had something to talk about. A woman we called Triple B busty, blue-eyed brunette was my favorite. I had spotted her several times in the halls, a few times coming or going from the showers, but never had the nerve to talk to her.

I realize in hindsight how idiotic it is to want to have crazy, unabashed sex with someone but not having the courage to speak to them. Not that any of it mattered because it was all a dumb fantasy anyway, one that I was confident I would never experience. This allowed me to stay up late on Saturday and Sunday without worrying about being tired. That time would have been great for extra credit projects or additional studies but mostly I just played video games.

As such, I had gotten into the habit of waking up around am on Mondays and making use of the mostly empty am open shower time before I went to breakfast. Like many Mondays before, I woke up with my alarm at and crawled out of bed. The last of the am men were leaving as I arrived and I Coed shower story alone, as per usual. It was kinda nice being able to shower in peace like that without some dude making prison jokes.

The shower area had six stalls, three on each side of the room. Each stall had two walls about six feet high on either side and a shower Coed shower story at the back. Being as tall as I was, I could see over the stall walls, but just barely, and usually not enough to get a glance at anything worth looking at.

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I went to the stall on the far left because it had recently been replaced and had the best heat and water pressure. I was told they planned on replacing the others at some point but it had been over a month and there was no progress. I hung my dry towel on the hook outside the stall, pulled back the shower curtain and stepped in once the water was warm enough. I spent a few minutes just enjoying the heat as it poured over my body in a steady stream. To my surprise, I heard flip-flops plod in after a few minutes. The squeak of a turning shower handle echoed through the room.

About thirty seconds later it turned off. Odd, I thought. Maybe they forgot something in their dorm? I heard the flip-flops plod over, then another squeak, this time in the stall across from mine. My back was facing whoever it was, and I suddenly wondered if I shut the curtain all the way or if they would get a good look at my butt. Not that it mattered. That was kind of the point of a coed shower, to de-sexualize the human body. Roughly thirty seconds later the water behind me stopped and the flip-flops continued to the stall next to me. With a big glob of all-purpose man cleaner, I lathered my head and beard, using the excess soap to cover my body.

There was a squeak of a rotating shower handle and the rush of water in the stall next to me. As I lathered some soap dripped over my eyelids, forcing me to keep them closed. Did you take it all? I leaned forward and let the water splash over my face, trying to rinse the soap from my eyes. I felt a change in the water pressure and a faint spray on my face, as if someone had put their fingers in front of the showerhead. With my eyes still pressed shut I heard my shower curtain slide open behind me.

Whether or not it was parted open before, she definitely got a look at my butt now. I felt a small hand push against my back, gently pushing me toward the stall wall to make room for another human in the enclosed space. I heard the shower curtain slide back into place and finished wiping soap and water out of my eyes.

I was facing the stall wall with my back to whoever had just entered, but the fact that I knew it was a woman made my heart pound in my chest. Because of the close confines of the shower stall and my uncommonly round butt I felt us touching. It was brief, but we kept bumping into each other as we tried to fit together in the tiny stall. I still had no idea who it was but the fact that I was naked and lightly brushing against her was enough to send a rush Coed shower story blood down south. Mostly because I wanted Coed shower story see her naked.

Entirely because I wanted to see her naked. As I turned, my eyes went right over her head and looked over to the next stall because of how short she was. I looked down.

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Standing in front of me was none other than Busty Blue-eyed Brunette. She had a perfect hourglass figure. Large, firm breasts that hovered above a tiny waist that swooped into thick hips. Sir Mix-a-Lot would have been proud of me. She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and ran both of her hands through that long brown hair, pulling it all to one side. So hot. She looked down at her own chest. She looked down. I looked down and realized I was hard as a rock. I felt my face heat up with embarrassment.

Give or take?

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She kneeled down. Holy shit, was she going to blow me? This could not be happening, there was no way my life could be going this Coed shower story. She came face-to-face with my swollen shaft, the tip was pointed right at her and a few mere inches away, so close I could feel her breath. She stared into my eyes with the barest hint of a smirk on her face. With one of her delicate hands, she reached down between my legs and… grabbed the bottle of all-purpose man soap that was between my heels. Instead, I just watched. She spent a good deal of time on her hair, scrubbing her scalp thoroughly in a way that made her breasts jiggle ever so slightly.

I stared. Once she saw my eyes were fixated on her chest, her soapy hands moved down her neck and to them. She lathered the bright white foam over her creamy white breasts.

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I felt my pulse pounding in my cock. Her hands slid down her body further, following the line of her hips before sliding over and between her thighs.

Coed shower story

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