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for Free! Office - Caught "Guy gets caught by work colleague wearing tights" 14 Votes Score 4. Famous Story. Published 5 years ago. My name is Peter. I'm twenty three and I'm a member of the small internal IT team at a large corporation. It's a typical office setup and our small team of three were kept busy with the day to day tasks; failures, PCs and printers and general support.

I'm generally pretty quiet and unassuming and, whilst polite and good at small talk, I'm pretty shy, so just keep my head down and do my job. I ed as a junior aged twenty one straight from University. The office was full of people of all ages doing the various roles you'd expect. One of my main joys working here is seeing the girls wearing nylons and heels. As a closet crossdresser I've always loved sheer tights and stockings and both Crossdress pantyhose stories and admired the women at work who dressed their legs in a dazzling array or nylon delight, so much so that I regularly wore sheer tights underneath my trousers.

It was my way of trying to in with the girls and longing to share the girl talk of, "I like your tights, you've a ladder" etc that I would hear from time to time whilst passing through the office floors attending to various IT problems. Other than my kink I'm just your average guy. I'm not really effeminate despite having longer hair than the trend.

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My mousey brown locks are not quite shoulder length. I was in reasonable shape, not muscle bound, and its fair to say I could do with losing a few pounds. Who can't? It was a typical dull Monday morning and I'd chosen to liven things up by wearing some natural coloured ten denier tights to work, figuring that should anyone glance at them if my trouser legs rose, they'd assume it was just bare flesh and think nothing more. A ten am meeting was called for Management and IT to discuss the upcoming upgrade plans and I was there with my boss.

Sat next to me was Helen, a stunning girl in her mid twenties who had already risen to a junior management role within the Marketing department.

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I knew her purely to say hi to from having to fix her PC from time to time. We didn't really chat other than the odd hello when passing. Helen was the ultimate professional, very organised and business like in her approach and always was immaculately dressed, favouring smart skirt suits and very rarely wore trousers. Helen always wore sheer tights, at least I assume they were tights, when wearing a skirt or dress in the office. Crossdress pantyhose stories, like probably all the other guys in the office, admired her from a distance.

I was trying hard to pay attention in the meeting, the usual comments around how the planned work will hit each departments systems, any downtime blah blah I was just there for s. My boss was doing all the talking and I was having a very difficult time not to look at Helen's nylon clad legs. As I'd chosen to wear tights myself today this was proving impossible. Nothing could keep my mind on the meeting and away from tights, stockings, heels and Helen!

She caught me looking once or twice and I forced myself to focus on the meeting and take a few notes. When she dropped her pen, which landed at her feet, I had the perfect excuse to glance again at her heels as she bent to pick it up. Making the minimum fuss she seemed to pause and glance ay my ankles.

Shit did she just look at my ankles and see my tights? No, I'm confident my socks are covering all from view. As she sat back in her chair she caught my eye and mouthed "boring" at me and faked a yawn telling me she was as bored as I was. After another twenty minutes the Crossdress pantyhose stories ended and we all returned to our desks and got on with our work. The rest of the day was non eventful apart from the odd moment of enjoying seeing a few of the office girls in tights.

The next day I had a support request come in from Helen. Any excuse to see her wonderful legs I thought and quickly responded, despatching myself to her desk on the third floor. Helen's monitor wasn't working she told me, so she had to make room for me to crawl under her desk and check the connections. I spotted the monitor cable had come out of the back of her PC and quickly reconnected it, stealing another quick look at her heels and nylon covered calves.

I was amazed she hadn't left her desk for me to fix things as she usually did. I noted her tights appeared to be the same type as mine today, guessing at ten denier gloss, and they looked a similar natural colour to my own. Wow, I wondered if we wore the same brand? That two minutes with Helen turned out to be the highlight of my week, with the usual printer jams and PC crashes to deal with, until late Friday afternoon.

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I was returning to my floor and as I entered the lift Helen walked in behind me. She smiled and we exchanged "Hi's. As the lift moved, she turned to face me. She didn't speak but a thoughtful look appeared on her face as if she was about to ask me something. Stopping herself, she quickly reached out and pinched the back of my knee, pulling the material of my trousers away from me, with my sheer tights being pulled Crossdress pantyhose stories, followed by a small but audible "snap" as the lycra nylon sprung back into my flesh.

Without looking at me the lift stopped and Helen turned on her heels and went to her desk. As the doors closed and the lift carried on to the basement IT dept I, in a state of shock, realised what had just happened. Helen had just proved I was wearing tights. My eyes widened, my head span and I hurried to my desk in a blind panic. This was huge.

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She could crush me. I could lose my job, my world. A female colleague had just discovered I was wearing tights! Cross-dressing office colleague tights crossdressing.

Crossdress pantyhose stories

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