Crossdressing brother stories

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I sat at the breakfast bar eating my breakfast and sipping a cup of coffee, I had to admit I felt pretty lonely, really lonely for the first time in a long time. I was looking forward to my sister coming home, despite our academic differences we were two parts of a whole, as twins often are. The main difference was I wore the pants and she wore the dress.

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That reminded me of the fabulous long prom dress on her bed, it would probably fit me exactly the same as it fit her, we were that alike. When Mom got home and Ellen back from her holiday, at least the house would have some of its usual bustle.

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They were talking about some kind of terrorist attack in France, a coach full of tourists who were travelling towards Paris had been hijacked, some kind of ambush on a quiet road. Islamic terrorists as usual, how did we let them get away with it so often?

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The story went on and switched to a reporter in the area who gave a State Department for relatives to get more information. I was shaking as I rang the and the woman who answered was obviously harassed, but when I identified my relatives she quickly checked and confirmed that they had been taken by the kidnappers. She assured me they were doing everything they could to track down the bus and free the passengers, she took my name and contact details and I hung up.

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I immediately called Mom, twenty minutes later she was home and we were both watching the news for any developments. There was nothing new though, all we could do was wait. By the time I went to work that evening, Mom was looking pale and ill.

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She looked doubtful. I wish someone would deal with these terrorists once and for all. About Publish In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above.

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Crossdressing brother stories

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